330 – Blurred past events

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Chapter 330 – Blurred past events

At this time, listening to Lang Zhong mention the origin of the Two River Gang, Ye Qingu found it difficult to connect the image of his mother from his memory and the former leader of the Two River Gang.

His mother was such a mysterious woman?

Ye Qingyu’s heart swelled with pride but there were also bursts of sadness.

From that letter, and the tone of his mother’s words, he believed that before his parents went into battle they must have sensed something and felt that the battle of defending the city pointed to disaster. Therefore, they hastily left behind a letter.

What sort of danger was it, that his extremely powerful parents knew that they would die, but still courageously proceeded ahead?

Among this, there must be something extremely strange behind everything.

What was it that his parents sensed back then?

“Brother Lang, please continue.” Ye Qingyu composed his emotions.

“Yes, it was five years ago. The sixth day of the demonic beasts outbreak, and also the first half of the month when lady and master were called to guard the city walls. Lady suddenly went against the opinion of the masses and handed down the position of the leader of the Two River Gang to me. Because Lady had secretly arranged for me to make great achievements in several group operations, everything seemed natural, but I had always felt that Lady’s plan was strange and that something would happen. As expected, half a month later, I received two letters secretly sent by the lady, one for you young master and the other was addressed to me…”

Lang Zhong recounted what happened back then, one by one, without hiding anything.

After that, he took out another letter from his bosom.

This was the letter that Mother Ye, Li Ying, wrote to him.

Without hesitation, Ye Qingyu received the letter and immediately began reading.

The letter generally explained some things to Lang Zhong, but mainly repeatedly urged Lang Zhong that, no matter what, he must not reveal the relationship between the Two River Gang and the Ye Family. No matter what kind of attacks the Ye Family suffered, no matter the degree the Ye family deteriorated to, no matter how much difficulty Ye Qingyu experienced, and even if he became a beggar on the streets, he must absolutely not help him.

She also requested that he go try his best to grow and expand the Two River Gang and not to have any contact with the Ye residence.

Even taking away young master’s sword was also part of her arrangements.

Finally, she requested Lang Zhong that, if one day, Ye Qingyu could soar to the sky, has the power to defend himself, and the very Jianghu trembles at his name, then that was the time he could give the second letter to Ye Qingyu. It was also at that time that the Two River Gang could officially reveal its relationship with the Ye family and listen to Ye Qingyu’s commands.

When Ye Qingyu finished reading the letter, he felt as though there were mountainous waves tumbling in his heart.

There was so much more to this matter.

Mother Ye’s arrangements were seemingly cold-blooded, but with careful understanding, it felt as though it was some sort of last resort, like there was some kind of undefendable force in front and she had no other option but to take such a path.

Having read the two letters, Ye Qingyu was more confused than before.

What actually happened back then?

Why would his mother have such arrangements?

And secretly establishing a faction like the Two River Gang did not seem to be like his mother’s character and interest. All the evidence pointed to the fact that his parents were secretly preparing for something, silently planning and preparing for the arrival of something. Unfortunately the city defense battle, which was something they had not anticipated, completely disrupted their plans.

“Brother Lang, do you know anything else?” Ye Qingyu asked, passing the letter back.

Lang Zhong shook his head. “The way Lady handles matters was cautious, not one drop of water leaked out. Although I was secretly brought up by the lady, but things that should not be asked, I never asked. After the city defense battle, I abided by Lady’s arrangement and dared not to expose anything. All these years, I had not investigated what happened in the past, and instead, according to Lady’s command, I had been trying my best to expand the Two River Gang, so…”

Ye Qingyu listened carefully, nodding along.

It could be assumed that Lang Zhong didn’t know much, with his strength he could have participated in the affairs back then. Moreover, the existence of the Two River Gang should be a choice that his mother made back then in preparation for a time in the future when it might be needed. Unfortunately, the city defense battle had disrupted everything.

Since his mother wrote to him that Lang Zhong can be trusted and the Two River Gang was founded by his mother, they would be a great help to him in entering the imperial capital this time.

Ye Qingyu’s emotions calmed down a little. “The coverage of the Two River Gang, how big is it now?”

“Young master, ever since five years ago, the Two River Gang had begun to extend beyond Deer City. Now, in the northwest martial arts community, we have 38 information sentry posts and my younger sister has set out for the imperial capital of Snow Empire five years ago. Today, it can be said that we have a stable position in the central area of the imperial capital of the Snow Empire. We lack military strength, but we are adequate in the collection of information. As for the southwest and northwest areas, we have not yet had the time to expand to there.”

“Such a wide area?”

Ye Qingyu was shocked.

Was it not said that the Two River Gang only operates within the area of Deer City?

They had reached their hands into the area of snow capital without anyone noticing?

This made Ye Qingyu greatly surprised.

It seemed that all these years, Lang Zhong had put in a lot of effort.

But this was actually good news.

He planned to enter the Imperial Snow Capital, and the situation that he would face there was unpredictable. Although the Dugu Group and the Ouyang family, such powerful forces, were there to help him, but he still needed external forces. Also, the Two River Gang can be regarded as the Ye’s family direct subordinate. For some secretive matters, as well as the tedious collection of information, they could prove to be of assistance.

On the other side, Tang San stood dumbfounded, terrifying waves setting off in his heart.

He knew that he had inadvertently become aware of the largest secret of the Ye family.

He was an intelligent person, and the implied information he could gather from just this one exchange was very many.

Father and Mother Ye did not seem so simple on the surface, and this young master was most likely not an ordinary descendant of an average martial arts family of Deer City.

“It has been hard on Brother Lang all these years,” Ye Qingyu said, bowing respectfully.

Lang Zhong quickly interrupted, “This is what a subordinate should do. Even if I was beaten till my bones are broken, I still cannot repay Lady’s kindness back then. Not only me, the number of people of the Two River Gang that was able to survive because of Lady’s and Master’s kindness are countless. Everybody has been waiting eagerly all these years.”

“I understand.” Ye Qingyu nodded.

He invited Tang Sand and Lang Zhang to take a seat, and asked the beautiful servant outside to come in, set up the table, and to serve up the food.

Because of his relationship with Father and Mother Ye, Ye Qingyu’s feelings and opinion of Lang Zhong were also very good. The atmosphere turned lively and he did not ask about the past anymore. Instead, he carefully inquired about the current internal situation of the Two River Gang.

Lang Zhong told all he knew without any reservation.

Very quickly, an hour of time had passed.

On the other table, both the silly dog and little silver dragon were already drunk and in deep sleep.

Calculating the time, it was time to drop by White Deer Academy. Since he had promised Qin Wushuang, he should be punctual. Ye Qingyu asked Lang Zhong to take care of a few things. Lang Zhong wanted to make the best use of his time and so left the feast early.

Lang Zhong rose and said goodbye, before turning around and leaving.

Ye Qingyu and Tang San stayed for a short period of time before also leaving.

The beautiful little servant was so excited that her little face was blushing red as she led the way in front.

“Ah that’s right, pretty girl, please do not tell any of the matter of seeing Lang Zhong today.” Ye Qingyu warned with a smile.

The more people, the more gossip. The nosiness of girls this age was the most strong. If she bragged to her friends later, then the fact that he had met Lang Zhong would soon spread across the whole Deer City and cause an uproar.

“Ah?” The beautiful little servant was surprised for a moment, before she realized that Marquis Ye was talking to her, and her heart suddenly fluttered. “Marquis Ye don’t worry, even if I have to face a mountain of swords or sea of fire, I will not say half a word.”

“Haha, it’s not that serious. It’s enough if you just don’t deliberately mention it in public, if someone really forced you to say it with a sword, then say it,” Ye Qingyu teased her.

The little girl blushed red.

After leaving [Heavenly Fragrance Restaurant], Ye Qingyu headed towards the intersection at the far corner and took a glance at the street stalls.

Wen Wan the [Crazed Noodle Demon] was still there.

Ye Qingyu covered his face, leaving from the other side, taking a farther route towards White Deer Academy to avoid Wen Wan. He was really afraid that this maniac would see him and greet him from afar, which would cause his good reputation of a lifetime to be ruined instantaneously.

With a grin on his face, Tang San carried the drunk silly dog and little silver dragon, and closely followed behind.

[Heavenly Fragrance Restaurant] was not far from White Deer Academy.

In the time needed to burn half an incense, the two people arrived at the entrance of the academy.

This was the first time that Ye Qingyu came to White Deer Academy ever since he returned to Deer City. Looking at the familiar but somewhat foreign school gate, Ye Qingyu also could not gather how he felt, thousands of thoughts crowding his mind. The scene four years ago of him participating in the academy’s entrance examination once again emerged in the forefront of his mind.

The guards naturally had to come to inspect his pass.

Fortunately, Ye Qingyu’s student status had not expired. He handed over the identity plate, the guard checked it as usual, and let him through.

Ye Qingyu went in by himself.

Tang San carried the silly dog and little silver dragon and went back to the Ye Mansion directly.

That guard stared at Ye Qingyu’s back view as he entered into Academy, murmuring, “This student, he looks unfamiliar. I haven’t seen him before, but there wasn’t a problem with the identity plate… Hey? Wait, the nameplate, what’s his name? It was…Ye Qingyu?

The guard’s pupils shrank.

He suddenly realized something.

Ye-Ye-Ye-Ye-Ye Qingyu?

Is that not… Marquis Ye’s name?

The young man… he was Marquis Ye?

The guard suddenly screamed, jumping straight up like crazy.

The others, with the gaze like looking at an idiot, stared at him.


The place that Qin Wushuang and the others decided on was the Residence of Heaven’s Will.

This was the most magnificent and prestigious independent villa situated in the fourth year area, a place that only the top noble White Deer Academy students were allowed to enter, and also the place that countless White Deer Academy students dreamed to be eligible to enter.

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