326 – Bitter Sea stage

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At the same time, the news of the demonic beasts disappearing, was like it had grown wings. It spread out madly throughout the entire Deer City. They were able to hear all sorts of cheers and applause, and then the sound of fireworks madly exploding in the streets all around unendingly. The smell of sulphur caused the entire city to seem to be undergoing a festival, the aura incomparably festive.

There were more and more people appearing on the streets.

Those civilians who hid in their houses afraid to come out, were already in the streets, celebrating and running with joy.

At the entrance to the Ye household.

“Brother Xiaoyu…” Little Grass was the first person who rushed forward.

Tang San and Qin Lan brought all the people of the Ye household and waited there silently at the entrance. Evidently, the military had already sent someone to notify them. When Ye Qingyu and the others were on the street, news of this had already arrived in the household.

Seeing that Ye Qingyu had returned safely, Qin Lan’s worried heart could finally return back to her chest.

The household instantly became bustling.

Bai Yuanxing, with Little Grass’s support, came to the courtyard. His eyes were still covered by a cloth, and herbs had been applied. His entire person seemed much more vigorous than before, and spoke and laughed with several children of the household. His entire vitality seemed much better.

Qin Zhishui only remained in the Ye household briefly. After attending the evening meal, he rose and said his farewell.

Ximen Yeshui acted as if he was friends with everyone. Quite soon, he and the entire household became extremely familiar.

When Qin Zhishui had not left for long, Wen Wan excitedly came running, carrying two bowls of noodles. When he was outside the courtyard, he screamed loudly, “I hear that Marquis has returned. Wahahaha, is there any change in Deer Mountain? Did you discover anything? The demonic beasts have retreated, and the rumours amongst the military and civilians is that you have killed the king of the demonic beasts, and scared away the demonic beasts…”

“Brother Xiaoyu is in closed isolation.” Little Grass guarded the courtyard, blocking Wen Wan.

“Isolation?” Wen Wan was taken aback. Could it be that he has had some new breakthrough in the battle within Deer Mountain?

He turned his head and saw a young person with dark skin and wearing a strange and quirky scholarly outfit hiding under the desk. On the other side, there were several little children of the household excitedly playing hide and seek. Stunned, he pressed his lips together, “Who is this idiot? I haven’t seen him before…”

“You’re the idiot, who are you insulting?” Ximen Yeshui said angrily.

But once he spoke, the little kids instantly found him. He could only act as a horse, and let the little kids ride him as they held his neck.

“His ears are quite sensitive.” Wen Wan was shocked, and carefully inspected. The more he looked, the more stunned he was. He discovered that even he himself could not discover what Ximen Yeshui’s cultivation was. He could not help but be taken aback; could it be that this fellow’s cultivation was even greater than himself?“

As he thought of this, he saw a maid bringing people to enter.

“Uncle Wen, this auntie said you haven’t paid for your food yet, and you’ve also taken away two of her bowls,” the little maid said sweetly.

Wen Wan’s face was filled with embarrassment.

These days he had walked the streets of Deer City and found a noodle stand that he had fallen in love with. He went to eat noodles everyday. It was like when he was at Youyan Pass, he ate tens of bowls everyday. Hearing the news that Ye Qingyu had returned, he was so moved he went straight to the Ye household without paying…

Seeing the owner of the stand with an expression that said ‘I’ll be able to find you no matter where you flee, so don’t think you can get away’, Wen Wan’s face was a bit red. He turned to ask Little Grass, “Girl, do you have any money, I forgot to bring any…”

Little Grass found some little change from within her little pouch.

“Who is this grandson? He wants to scam a little girl’s money? He’s that shameless?” Ximen Yeshui watched this scene unfold, his face filled with contempt.

Wen Wan nearly spat out blood.

This was his first time meeting Ximen Yeshui. They both did not seem to like each other too much.

This caused the way that Wen Wan and Ximen Yeshui interacted in the future, to have a strange foundation.



The next few days, it could be said that Deer City had completely calmed down and restored its former activities.

In the outbreak of the demonic beast horde, there were injuries and death, but compared to five years ago, they could largely be ignored. Apart from those explorer groups and merchant companies who died without warning to the beasts, the civilians were nearly unharmed. As for the great loss for the military, it was the death of a military leader.

The entire Deer City began talking about Marquis Ye’s contribution.

That day, when he appeared at the head of the city, he had already confirmed this entire matter. No matter how the government would later explain this matter, all the commoners agreed conclusively that it must be because the Marquis Ye who came from the Youyan Pass had demonstrated his might. He had killed the demonic beast king and scared away all the demonic beasts. At this time, there were many civilians who even erected a plaque in worship of Ye Qingyu in their home.

The people asking to see him at the Ye household became more and more.

At the entrance to the Ye household, there were many people carrying gifts and many items, causing it to be completely saturated with people.

It was only that in these days, Ye Qingyu had always remained in isolation training, not leaving to see anyone.

Even the City Lord Qin Ying had brought his youngest son Qin Wushuang twice. Although he was allowed through the gate of the Ye household, he was ultimately not able to see Ye Qingyu.

The rear courtyard of the Ye household.

Within the wooden building, Ye Qingyu sat in a meditative position with his legs crossed.

There was a formation around the little house that hid away all aura, isolating his aura when he cultivated.
A hundred yuan qi silver dragons encircled around Ye Qingyu’s body, light glowing everywhere. It completely submerged him from within. Within his dantian world, the hundred yuan qi springs were boiling over .The clear yuan qi springs were like water pillars that spurted out, nourishing the grains of sands of the desert.

Ye Qingyu’s entire person was immersed in cultivating, not paying the slightest attention to anything else.

The cultivation of the yuan qi martial path began with refining one’s body as the foundation. Then it would excavate a yuan qi spring. This was a slow and drawn out process that transformed the lifeless and desolate world. Using the yuan qi spring, it would bring about life. This was the second stage of the yuan qi martial path. When the yuan qi springs had reached a certain level, and reached the limit of a person, this would be when the Spirit spring stage was fully completed.

What was above the Spirit spring stage, was the Bitter Sea stage.

The so called Bitter Sea stage was to create a sea, an ocean within one’s dantian world, The ancient people had called this the Bitter Sea. This was referring to the ocean within the dantian world. This was the sea of bitterness within a martial artist, but also the sea of hope. Only after traversing this Bitter Sea could you reach the other shore.

According to the experienced classification of those ancient people, the Bitter Sea stage could be separated into five great stages; Streams, Rivers, Lakes, Sea, and Ocean. This was referring to the process in which the Bitter Sea was formed.

The [Stream] stage was referring to the yuan qi springs overflowing from the desert martial world of a martial artist. As it flowed throughout the dessert, it would form stream after stream. When this progressed a step further and the streams became roaring yuan qi rivers, and the yuan qi became fuller and fuller, this was the [River] stage.

Above the [River] stage, was when yuan qi would become vaster and vaster. Within the dantian world, it would turn into yuan qi lakes, this was the [Lake]. The yuan qi lake would continue to grow bigger and bigger, turning into a yuan qi sea, and begin connecting with each other. This was known as the [Sea] stage. The last stage was the [Ocean] stage, and this was when the great seas connected and became one. It turned the entire dantian world into an endless ocean, turning one into a true Bitter Sea stage expert. this was one’s largest achievement within the Bitter Sea stage.

Ye Qingyu had been able to obtain the exquisite Spirit qi from the books of is Majesty Luo So. He was able to complete a feat that other martial artists would not even dare to dream of. He had created a hundred yuan qi Spirit springs within his dantian world.

Normally speaking, the number of Sprit springs one could create, apart from one’s will determining it, it was also limited by one’s talent. Not every person could always suppress their strength and not enter the Bitter Sea stage. Creating a hundred Spirit springs was something that exceeded the number of springs one could have. People would either fail to suppress it and go on towards the next cultivation stage, or suppress it and ultimately explode, dying.

Ye Qingyu had dragon blood within his body. He was known as the [Holy Body of the Dragon’s Blood], and had numerous fortuitous encounters. The [Supreme Ice Flame] and the [Body Refining Lightning] had refined his body. That day, when he had absorbed the Spirit qi from the books of His Majesty Luo So, the power and toughness of his body could already be compared to a typical Bitter Sea stage expert. With the mysterious person protecting him, as well as the miraculous of the nameless breathing technique, he was able to accomplish a feat no one had been able to do.

But he had only just created a hundred Spirit springs. At that time, yuan qi was surging around Ye Qingyu’s body and it was extremely unstable. Therefore, he had returned to the Ye household immediately and entered closed door training. He began organizing and stabilizing the yuan qi within his body, shoring up his foundation.

At this time, the hundred Spirit springs were distributed extremely evenly around his dantian world.

The clear yuan qi springs spurted, like water pillars hooting to the sky. It emitted clear yuan qi springs everywhere around it.

This time, when Ye Qingyu had entered isolation, he wanted to use this opportunity to cause the yuan qi springs to overflow and spill into the the area outside of the eye of the Spring. He wanted to make it form stream after stream, and completely enter the first stage of the Bitter Sea level, the [Stream] stage.

Last time, he used the leftover Origin crystal from when he had cultivated in Youyan Pass. In these three days, he had completely refined it and absorbed it.。

Even the Origin crystal sent by the Lin family was nearly entirely absorbed by him.

Such an expenditure of Origin crystal was the same as burning paper money for fuel. Even those great families and sects with extreme resources would not be able to withstand such a course.

But Ye Qingyu did not care about such things currently.

Within his body, the yuan qi madly surged and flickered. There was yuan qi constantly rumbling everywhere throughout his body. His muscles became as translucent as jade, his body already reaching his most optimal stage. Within his dantian world, every one of his yuan qi springs were madly spurting everywhere, like divine dragons soaring into the heavens…

But a mysterious power suppressed these clear Spirit springs. Ye Qingyu activated his mysterious breathing techniquea, trying many times. But he had no way of causing the yuan qi Spirit springs to flow outside its area and form a river, spreading it about the depths of this desert world.

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