295 – Not seeing

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“It’s you?”

Song Qingluo stood there, looking at Jiang Xiaojan by the door, somewhat surprised.

Jiang Xiaohan, seeing the appearance of Song Qingluo and her father, was somewhat awkward and embarrassed.

She originally thought that it was already late in the evening, and there should be no one there to see Ye Qingyu anymore. That was why she had mustered up her courage and came to outside the Ye household, wanting to see him, and to see if she could still repair their relationship.

After returning from the opening ceremony, Han Xiaofei began treating her very coldly, wanting to distance himself away from her. This senior brother disciple that she had already managed to capture, and would originally have brought her to the circle of nobles in the city, seemed to have already been scared witless by Ye Qingyu’s might. He was like a little bird shivering behind a boulder in the face of a torrential storm.

Jiang Xiaohan’s intellect was able to guess Han Xiaofei’s inner thoughts instantly.

She felt anger as well as sadness.

She originally wanted to pay a visit during the night to avoid other people so she would not be a laughing stock. But she did not imagine her fears would come true so quickly. She had deliberately avoided Song Qingluo and her father. One must know that in this period of time when the Song family had fallen, when Song Qingluo had suffered isolation and bullying within the academy, Jiang Xiaohan had never treated Song Qingluo well.


Song Qingluo gave a glance to Jiang Xiaohan, looking away. Coming to the entrance of the Ye household, she knocked, smiling and greeting the old guard at the door and asking him to notify Ye Qingyu.

“So it was Miss Song, please wait.”

The old guard had drank some wine, so he was in a good mood.

Song Qingluo and her father stood respectfully at the door.

Jiang Xiaohan wanted to say something, but she ultimately did not take a step forward in the end.

She covered her face, retreating step by step. When the shadows covered her figure, she turned and fled. When she had disappeared from the view of Song Qingluo and the others, she could not help but slowly halt her footsteps. Letting out a long sigh, she returned step by step, her feet like it was rooted to the ground. She walked past a weeping willow, returning to where she once stood.

The moonlight was like water, passing through and shining on the ground through the supple and thin branches of the willow.

The wind blew.

The shadows danced like a crowd of demons.

Jiang Xiaohan stood there silently. She saw the entrance of the Ye household opening and Song Qingluo being invited in. Then with a bang, the entrance was shut again.

“They’ve entered? Song Qingluo and her father entered?”

Jiang Xiaohan was greatly shocked.

One must be aware that they were the first pair who was allowed to enter into the Ye household ever since Ye Qingyu had returned to Deer City. Even nobles like the City Lord did not have such an opportunity.

Perhaps even I have a chance?

We were once classmates after all.

Hope burned in Jiang Xiaohan’s heart.



“Thank you for your aid within Youyan Pass. You have helped the Song family endure their tribulation. I’ve heard that Marquis has returned, so I don’t dare tarry and brought Qingluo to come here to specially thank your help. If you had not acted, I fear the Song family may already have…”

Song Jiannan had a face filled with emotions.

Ye Qingyu had a faint smile. He gave a glance to the Song Qingluo with a lowered head by the side, and said with clasped hands, “You are being courteous. Me and junior sister Song were once classmates, so I naturally could not stand and watch. Furthermore, this matter was largely due to the Dugu young masters who helped. I was largely busy with military matters, so I could not pay a visit. By the time I was free, I had already received news that you had brought junior sister Song to Deer City. Please forgive me for not paying you a visit in Youyan Pass.”

“You are being too polite.” Seeing that Ye Qingyu had such an attitude, Song Jiannan was overjoyed. He quickly said, “You have already helped the Song family too much, I really cannot express my gratitude. This is a small present, you must accept…”

Ye Qingyu waved his hands. “You are being too courteous. If you have any troubles, you can find me at any time. But I cannot accept any gifts, please take it back.”

Song Jiannan hesitated, but seeing that Ye Qingyu had made up his mind, he felt somewhat regretful but could not insist anymore.

If the large majority of people in Deer City were all abuzz because of the tales and his position of Marquis, and felt fear and respect towards this newly rising star of the military, Song Jiannan was the person who truly saw the terrifying scene of Ye Qingyu slaughtering all parties within Proud Sky Center.

Those who had not seen the scene of the Proud Sky Center, those who had not witnessed his icy mercilessness on the Water Ray Arena, would not understand. At that moment, he had decided the life and death of Li Qiushui and the other geniuses with just one of his words. Song Jiannan came from a merchant background and had always believed in the power of his relationships and contacts, so he had never realized that a person’s strength could be terrifying to such a degree. Only those who were at Youyan Pass would truly know just what sort of position Ye Qingyu occupied in the hearts of the Youyan army. Only they would truly comprehend, just what sort of weight [The Leaf of Youyan] had within the martial world.

Song Jiannan had deep respect for Ye Qingyu.

He knew deeply that this young third class military Marquis was not as amiable as what he showed. There was a powerful surge of pride and self confidence within his bones. Once someone went passed any of his bottom lines, he would counterattack like a thunderous enraged storm.

“Since you have come, please come in and have a drink.” Ye Qingyu smiled. “Junior sister Qingluo, you also have a seat. I’ve heard that you’ve withdrawn from the academy, this is too great a pity. Today, Headmaster Kong is also here. Why don’t you have a discussion with Headmaster Kong. Perhaps you can recover your academic identity, and return to the academy to cultivate and practice. Don’t divert your attention to common affairs and waste your talent.

Song Qingluo was deeply moved as she looked gratefully at Ye Qingyu.

Ever since leaving Youyan Pass, Song Qingluo had yearned for the martial path.

Seeing his father, a mercantile genius, hitting wall upon wall in Youyan Pass, seeing the power of those martial geniuses, Song Qingluo did not even have the slightest of desire towards the business of the family anymore. But it was not that simple to return to White Deer Academy. There had never been a precedent to return to the academy after you had been withdrawn.

Hon Kong smiled.

He knew what Ye Qingyu wanted, and cooperated with him. “Marquis Ye is right; why don’t you return, Qingluo. Since even Marquis has spoken, it’s very easy to reinstate your academic position. Come find me at the academy tomorrow.”

Song Qingluo was overjoyed. “Thank you, Headmaster.”

Song Jiannan also had a delighted face. “Thank you, Headmaster Kong.”

“You have thanked the wrong person.” Hon Kong gave a glance to Ye Qingyu. “Since the Marquis has spoken, how can a tiny little Headmaster like me refuse. if you want to thank someone, thank the Marquis.”

“As long as you speak well, you can remain here and eat dinner.” Ye Qingyu said, both angrily and laughingly.

At this time, there were servants who brought over extra chopsticks, chairs and bowls.

Song Jiannan disguised his excitement as he and his daughter sat at the table.

In the entire Deer City today, just how many people could eat at the same table as Marquis Ye? if this matter was spread out, just who would dare look down upon the Song family within the city? Those who had once made things difficult for the Song family, would instantly turn back and try to repair their relationship. Even if the people of the Dugu Organization did not provide aid, the danger of the Song family would be completely solved.

Seeing his daughter next to him, Song Jiannan’s heart was moved.

Could it be that Marquis Ye liked his own daughter?

Previously, Song Jiannan already had such a thought within Youyan Pass. But seeing how Ye Qingyu did not express anything at that time, Song Jiannan felt that perhaps it was really their classmate relationship that made Ye Qingyu provide some aid. But from the situation right now, Marquis Ye seemed to place great attention on Song Qingluo…

If his daughter was able to marry Marquis Ye, then…

As he thought to here, Song Jiannan’s heart could not help but fiercely beat.

He came from a merchant background, so the thing he was most skilled at was conversing, knowing someone else thoughts and cultivating the atmosphere. The conversation on the table quickly became lively with everyone in the courtyard laughing and talking.

After Qin Lan talked for a while, she brought Little Grass and the other female servants away from the table.

Song Qingluo always felt somewhat constricted and uneasy while sitting at the table, her head lowering and not speaking. Ye Qingyu said something with a smile to Tang San, and after a while Little Grass and Qing Qing came over, dragging Song Qingluo to play and talk. Song Qingluo carefully rose and left the table, going to play with the two little girls.

Song Jiannan had been in business within the city for many years. Therefore, he knew everything about the people within Deer City, and the interesting stories that recently occurred like the back of his hands. He was also an exceedingly clever person, and knew very well what he should say and not say. He caused someone to feel very comfortable. Furthermore he was one of the major forces within the city, and could be counted as someone with status. Very quickly, he was immersed within the social gathering.

He seemed to be very satisfied with such a result.

When they spoke, someone came from the outside to give a report.

The old guard, with a breath smelling somewhat of alcohol, reported that the Western and Eastern military leaders of the city had asked to see him and was currently waiting outside the door.

Song Jiannan was shocked as he heard this.

These two great persons, were true tyrant class existences within Deer City.

To ask to see Ye Qingyu so late, the meaning within such a request was clear. Most likely they wanted to be placed under the wing of Marquis Ye, and this was a prime opportunity to establish a faction within Deer City. Furthermore, there was true power within the hands of these two military commanders. It was not something a normal noble could be compared to. This was absolutely a key opportunity.

Song Jiannan became excited for Ye Qingyu.


“The day is late already, I will not receive guests. Tell them to return.”

Ye Qingyu calmly waved his hands.

The old servant gave an acknowledging sound, and turned around to give his reply.

“I did not think that some people would be so impatient so quickly.” Hon Kong smiled. “But it’s only that, their appearances are somewhat unsightly. If the wind is blowing, there will be waves. Little Ye, you must be careful. There are already people digging holes, waiting for you to jump into it!”

“Peh, two tiny little military commanders. Are they fit?” Wen Wan spat out a bone from his mouth, laughing with disdain. “The little fish and prawns of Deer City want to fall under Little Ye’s wings. Haha, they’ve really overestimated themselves.“

“Woof, woof, yummy!” Little Nine also agreed.

Next to the silly dog was a bowl filled with alcohol. Little Silver was already submerged within. As he heard this, he waved his tail in agreement

Song Jiannan was shocked and stunned by the side.

He would not even see the military commanders?

With shock, he suddenly realized something.

Cold sweat began to drip from his forehead.

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