294 – Call me Xiaosan

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Chapter 294 – Call me Xiaosan

Once they reached the city, there were obviously many social activities and feasts.

All the nobles of Deer City came—— except Ding Kaixuan. The little nobleman who formerly occupied the Ye Mansion had heard early on that Ye Qingyu would come and was scared out of his wits. The entire city had known about their former grudges and no one dared to associate themselves with him. A few days ago, Ding Kaixuan was holed up in his own mansion, praying that Marquis Ye had forgiven him or had long forgotten about him. Just how would he dare to appear in front Ye Qingyu.

Ye Qingyu had to deal with the somewhat excessively enthusiastic nobles before he could return to the Ye Mansion. This took until the evening.

Those that arrived in Ye Mansion ahead of him, besides Ye Qingyu’s ten soldiers of Youyan Pass, were Wen Wan, Li Shizhen, and of course the big headed glutton dog.

As for Mother Wu and her family, they stayed with Bai Yuanxing on the [Bright Sword Ship].

Ye Qingyu wanted to bring Bai Yuanxing to the Ye mansion so that he could relax and let go of his worries in Deer City. But Bai Yuanxing had always felt that he was a cripple. If he returned with Ye Qingyu, he would look like a burden even more so he repeatedly refused. Ye Qingyu knew there was still a knot in his heart and did not want to force him.

Lanterns were lit.

Within Ye mansion, there was a festive and joyous atmosphere, It was decorated with lanterns and colourful banners everywhere.

“Big brother Xiaoyu!” Little Grass rushed out excitedly.

“Young master!” Tang San stood at one side, an excited smile curving his lips. He looked in high spirits.

After a year of self-discipline, Tang San was no longer the timid servant. Qin Lan rarely cared about the estate outside of the Ye mansion and it was Tang San who had took care of it. Compared to one year ago, Tang San seemed more confident, more handsome and although his strength had not changed much, but he looked radiant and energetic.

“Yes, you have worked hard this past year.” Ye Qingyu patted Tang San on the shoulder.

“It wasn’t hard.” Tang San was so excited that he could feel his heart jumping out his chest, the usually very shy boy was now too excited to speak.

This one year had felt like a complete dream. His own fate had completely changed ever since the day that year when Ye Qingyu had broken into the Ye household.

However, at that time when Tang San was promoted as the supervisor to take care of the outer courtyard of Ye Mansion, he did not think that in just one year of time, his young master would turn the world upside down. The saying ‘when a man achieves the Dao, his poultry and dogs will also ascend to Heaven’ applied completely to this situation. He had absolutely followed the right person, even Heavens itself had taken pity on him.

“Is the Dean invited?” Ye Qingyu held the small hand of Little Grass, walking toward the inner garden.

“I personally invited him, the Dean said he would be on time,” Tang San respectfully answered.

“Well, that’s good.” Ye Qingyu nodded, smiling. “Pass on my words: everyone in the household will all be rewarded with a gold ingot. After today’s banquet, everyone except the servants of Aunt Qin can all take a day off. You’ve been busy this year, take a good rest.”

“Yes, Xiaosan must thank Marquis Ye on behalf of the servants.” Tang San smiled, bowing repeatedly.

“Xiaosan?” Ye Qingyu glanced at him and could not help but laugh. “Or Xiaotang, the name Xiaosan sounds strange and awkward… Yes, tell people to prepare the food, and do not forget to reward the soldiers outside the city with food and drink.”

“I’ve already sent people over there. Marquis Ye is really nice to his subordinates.” Tang San smiled.

“I have not seen you in a year, and now you make no errors in what you do.” Ye Qingyu nodded satisfactorily. “Well, you have worked hard. I haven’t been in the city for a year and the entire Ye mansion relied on you to support. It must have been difficult. At dinner later, we should sit together. ”

“It was all because of Aunt Qin, I just run errands.” Tangsan had a modest look but did not refute the compliment. “Thank you Marquis Ye, hehe.”

As they talked, they had already arrived at the inner courtyard.

The courtyard was brightly lit and full of laughter.

Ye Qingyu returned home in glory,. Not only were his relatives excited, even the maids and servants of Ye Mansion had a joyful expression spreading all over their face. As the saying goes ‘when a man achieves the Dao, his poultry and dogs ascend to the heaven’; the more illustrious and noble the master of the Ye Mansion was, the more superior the servants would feel walking in the streets of Deer City. These days, when they go outside to do the shopping, the instant the people know that they were from the Ye Mansion, people would be awed into silence and their tone would suddenly fill with envy and awe.

Under the light of the rune airship, the courtyard looked as though it was sprinkled with moonlight.

The banquet was held in the courtyard, as per Ye Qingyu’s request. Five or six large tables and chairs were placed carefully, and basically all the people of the entire Ye mansion were eligible to attend tonight’s banquet. The plants in the courtyard were lush green and thick, and several new green shoots were growing from the apricot trees. Because of the formation, the temperature here was more humid and warmer than the outside, so the vegetation sprouted early.

The aroma of wine and meat filled the courtyard.

“Young master.”

Seeing Ye Qingyu come in, the busy servants all bowed down, one after another.

“Hahaha, Marquis Ye, you grabbed the limelight today…” After a while, a hearty laughter came from the outside. The Dean of White Deer Academy had finally arrived.

“Headmaster Hon, it’s been a while.” Ye Qingyu bowed respectfully.

“Well, the changes seems to be quite large.” Hon Kong was still the same old Hon Kong; a robe draped over his shoulder like a maniac. He came over, looked up and down at Ye Qingyu, then nodded and smiled. “A year of military training has helped you a lot. You possess quite the elegant demeanor of the soldiers of Youyan Pass. When I sent you to Youyan Pass, I did not think that you were capable of doing such earth-shattering things, and now you’re an outstanding alumnus of my White Deer Academy.

“Dean is good at joking.” Ye Qingyu smiled and motioned for Hon Kong to sit down.

“What about the fool Wen Wan? I heard he also came back with you this time.” Hon Kong sat down at the main table, greeted Qin Lan and the others, then smiled and asked Ye Qingyu.

“Well, Wen disappeared the instant we arrived in the city. He said that he is going to catch up with some old friends, and I haven’t seen him after. It’s been almost two or three hours, he should be back soon,” Ye Qingyu said.

“Catch up with old friends?” Hon Kong repeated and then suddenly laughed. “That madman, there are only enemies of his in Deer City, what old friend… Hmm, but there are a few famous beauties in the city’s money squandering establishments that have a good relationship with old Wen. This guy has probably gone to appreciate the taste of affection and gentleness, and most likely won’t be back tonight. ”

“Your mother, I’ll kill you madman Kong. I haven’t seen you for a year, but you speak bad about me behind my back. I want to end our friendship,” an enraged shout sounded.

Wen Wan, with glowing ruddy cheeks, a small white dog squatted on his left shoulder, and a small white rabbit on his right, strode in and erupted in anger at Hon Kong.

“When did I talk behind your back? I was open and honest, but you were the one that eavesdropped.” Hon Kong disdainfully countered, glancing at Wen Wan and was slightly taken aback. “That’s strange. You only use brute force. When did your personality change and why would you raise so many small animals? Are you planning to make them into soup tonight? Dog and rabbit soup?”

Before his voice died away.

“Squeak, squeak, squeak!”

The red-eyed little white rabbit screamed sharply as it leaped over, attempting to bite Hon Kong’s hand with its shiny white teeth.

Ye Qingyu jumped up in panic and immediately caught the little white rabbit leaping across the air. He held it for a moment against his chest, explaining, “Uh… this rabbit is mine, it has a bad temper and likes biting people. I’m still trying to train it.”

Hon Kong was taken aback but then laughed, “interesting, but you gave the rabbit to be trained by mad Wen, can it be trained well?”

“Hey, old Hon, long time no see.” The puppy Little Nine jumped onto the table, wagging its tail and it’s tongue panting. “The bottles of wine in the cellar of Dean’s room are really good. I’m almost drunk. Thank you for looking after it for me for such a long time.”

“What?” Hon Kong’s complexion abruptly changed. “You went to my underground wine cellar to steal my wine, you…”

“What is this? We’re old friends so don’t speak so harshly. What do you mean steal wine. Wen came to pay you a visit, but you were not in so Wen could only wait for you there and drink some of the good wine that you prepared. I only drank a little…” Little Nine laughed.

“I…” Hon Kong rubbed his temple, looking frustrated. After a long moment, his complexion grew pale as he grumbled, “I’m so stupid, I should have known, you thief. One year ago you’ve already been thinking about my bottles of wine. I hid it so well and finally avoided the danger, but before you came back I should have hid them again. I’m too careless, too careless!”

“Hahaha, I only drank a little too.” Wan Wen gloated over his misfortune. “It tasted pretty good, just there was too little of it. Madman Hon, next time remember to prepare a little more.”

Ye Qingyu sat at the side and did not say anything, smiling secretly inside.

In this one year at the military frontlines, he had to face enormous pressure every day. Even if he had not participated in battles, he was still tense like a bowstring. Now that he had returned to his hometown, seeing so many friends and family bickering, he felt unprecedentedly relaxed and comfortable.

The banquet soon began.

Although Qin Lan repeatedly declined, but upon the insistence of Ye Qingyu, she sat at the main table, next to Hon Kong and then it was Ye Qingyu.

Since it was a private family banquet, there was no need to be seated according to official position or title.

At the other tables, everyone in the mansion sat down, raising their cups to celebrate the occasion.

The entire Ye Mansion was immersed in a joyous and festive atmosphere.

At that time, outside of the Ye Mansion, under the hazy moonlight at the main entrance of the mansion, there were three figures heading inside. They stopped at the door of the mansion, accidentally bumping into each other.


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