290 – Don’t be worried about me

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290 – Don’t be worried about me

“Oh? In other words, the Pass Lord agrees that I should go to the capital?” Ye Qingyu was able to grasp the meaning in Ye Congyun’s words.

Ye Congyun nodded his head. “That’s what master should mean. He once said that you are a hidden dragon. Now that the time has come, you no longer need to hide your claws. The capital is a place of soaring dragons, you should go and temper yourself. The current situation of the capital is dark and dim, like a dead pool of water. It needs someone as brutal and as direct as you to stimulate it, Marquis.”

“Brutal and direct” Ye Qingyu bit his teeth. “Did Pass Lord Lu use such a description in his original words?”

There was an embarrassed smile on Ye Congyun’s face, but he nodded his head.

Ye Qingyu cursed in his heart powerlessly. He remembered that these were also the words that Wen Wan used to describe him, but who would have thought Lu Zhaoge would also say such things. Should be happy or overjoyed? No matter how you put it, brutal and direct were not words used to compliment someone.

“Fine, I understand what Pass Lord Lu means. Thank the Pass Lord for me. I will definitely consider this matter,” Ye Qingyu said seriously.

Ye Congyun stood up and said his farewell.

After he saw him off, Ye Qingyu stood at the entrance to the Vanguard, his heart uncertain.

He saw the bustling and busy camp. He saw the neat and orderly rows of soldiers marching onto the formation airships, heading towards the front lines of the Explosive Snow Glacier. There was vitality and passion on every young face, filled with ambition and yearning for a better future. Ye Qingyu could not help but feel somewhat sentimental. After the Springtime offence, no matter what the result of it would be, some of these young men would end up buried on the battlefield of the Demon Race. Just how many would return alive, to enjoy the admiration and rewards of the Empire?

Originally, Ye Qingyu had imagined that he would be together with these young people and head towards the front line. He would also contribute towards the Human Race of Heaven Wasteland Domain to resist against the invaders. He could also polish his martial heart at such a place…

But from the current situation, this seemed impossible.

The call of the Empire, the order of the Imperial family, was a command he could not refuse because he possessed a military position. Unless he deserted his military duty. But this was not a suitable time for such an action. No matter what, he could not humiliate the military badge his parents had left behind when they died. Furthermore, his father’s last words was for him to head towards the Imperial Palace of the Capital holding the badge, and search for the so called truth…

“My cultivation right now has not yet reached the Bitter Sea stage, but when talking solely about battle power alone, it can already be compared to the early stages of the Bitter Sea stage. I should be able to meet my father’s requirements, I can head towards the capital.”

Ye Qingyu calmly had such thoughts.

Furthermore, if it was possible, perhaps he could do even more for these passionate and loyal young soldiers of the Human Race by being within the capital. The things he could do for them should be much more than if he remained within Youyan Pass.

As he thought of this, he had already largely accepted the duty of the Imperial family’s command, and take up a new post in the capital. But before he truly headed towards the capital, he still needed to make some preparations.

The capital of Snow Empire was known as the Snow Capital. It was one of the most famous cities in Heaven Wasteland Domain. Calling it a dragon’s pond or a tiger’s den would be well deserved. Ye Qingyu was confident, but even he would not charge in blindly. He naturally had to plan before entering the capital.



Three days later.

A matter caused the entire Youyan Pass to shake.

The Snow Emperor of the Empire had passed a decree.

The Imperial decree announced that Ye Qingyu was promoted to the position of a Third Class Military Marquis, raising his rank by one. The voice that announced it was like a giant bronze bell that resounded throughout Youyan Pass, the light of the Empire shining throughout the sky, like a deity had arrived. He would leave behind the position of Patrolling Sword Envoy of White Horse tower in Youyan Pass, and leave Youyan Pass, taking up a new position within Snow Capital.

After the Imperial decree was read, it transformed into two rays of light.

One ray of light descended on Youyan Pass, landing directly in Ye Qingyu’s hands. Another headed directly back to the Capital, tearing through the sky and disappearing towards the South West.

Once news of this spread, all parties were shaken.

Ye Qingyu had already expected this, but he was still surprised.

He had not imagined that his title of nobility would raise by one rank. He had only been granted nobility for three or four months. The speed at which he got promoted was rare in the entire history of the Empire. The explanation as to why he got promoted could be attributed to his achievements in battle at the martial alliance meeting but this reasoning was somewhat forceful. After all, to ascend the ranking by one was something that some people could not manage to even do after trying their entire life.

In this period of time, there were many people arriving to say their congratulations.

The commanders of the four great camps all held a feast to see Ye Qingyu off.

The [War God of Youyan Pass], Lu Zhaoge also summoned Ye Qingyu to see him alone.

All those who were friendly within Ye Qingyu in the entire Youyan army came to present their congratulations at the first instance. Everyone could see that Ye Qingyu’s opportunity had arrived. Although he was sent away from the Youyan army and would not have too much interaction with them in the future, but Ye Qingyu was mobilized to the Snow Capital of the Empire. If there was anything they needed to request of this Marquis in the future, it would be good to make a positive impression on him right now, so they could ask for assistance more easily in the future.

Ye Qingyu did not refuse any of such good intentions.

In the next three of four days, he attended many feasts and meetings, seeming to be very busy.

There was less than three days left till he would leave Youyan Pass.

That day, the sky was somewhat dim and dark and the temperature somewhat cold.

Ye Qingyu exited the feast held by the Hundred Herb Hall and Shopkeeper Sui, somewhat busy. He wandered about aimlessly throughout the little streets of Youyan Pass and unintentionally passed by a familiar street. A familiar little inn appeared at the right side of the street.

Common Liquor House.

Ye Qingyu smiled, thinking of the scenery of him competing in drinking with the men of the escort companies inside. He was somewhat expectant in his heart. Taking a step forward, he came to the entrance of the liquor house and prepared to open the signature wooden door. With a creaking sound, Ye Qingyu entered.

After Youyan Pass returned to normal, the business of the large and small shops and stands within the city had recovered somewhat.

There was the hustle and bustle and clamour of old within the Common Liquor House.

At the most central part of the liquor house, a white-haired storyteller was currently saying something passionately Next to him was a young boy that carried a tray familiarly, to collect the money of those that were listening to the storyteller recounting the story. Hearing the sound of the coins clattering on the tray, the little kid had a delighted grin…

On the other side, there were tens of muscular men that were currently competing in drinking. There were one or two familiar people within this group. They were namely the mercenaries of the escort company on the opposite street. After being dragged to the abandoned new recruit training camp, they were nearly killed, but thankfully they had managed to escape in the end.

The female owner with a figure like a water bucket was behind the counter. She was flipping through her accounting book while chewing on melon seeds, evidently extremely worried about something. The server of the shop was covered with oil and grease, as he wriggled back and forth throughout the crowd carrying a tray laden with meat and alcohol…

Seeing someone entering, the female owner instinctively greeted them. But after seeing it was Ye Qingyu, she hesitated. After being dumbfounded, a signature flattering smile appeared on her face. She was about to say something, but Ye Qingyu shook his head.

The female owner could only suppress the excitement in her heart, and ordered the server to prepare good alcohol.

Ye Qingyu evaluated his surroundings, his eyes brightening.

At the familiar place, the table next to the window, there was a girl wearing a dark red tight fitting martial outfit. Her figure was slim and lean, her hair like a dark flame. A golden patterned strange mask covered her delicate little face, complimenting her skin that was as luscious as jade. Under the sunlight, she emitted a splendour that caused one not to dare regard her directly.

For her to be here?

Ye Qingyu’s lips curved up, heading towards the direction of the table.

As he passed by the central area, he could hear the white haired storyteller recounting his tale. The story he told was the legendary tale of [The Leaf of Youyan] killing everyone at the martial alliance meeting of Proud Sky Center. Of how he had killed Zhao Shanhe, Li Qiushui. Through his exaggerated description and the exquisite and unique movements the storyteller possessed, the surrounding crowd was enraptured…

“Can I sit here?”

As he said these words, Ye Qingyu had already sat opposite the young girl.

The young girl gave him a glance, not saying anything.

“Do you want to eat something? Drink something? I’ll pay,” Ye Qingyu said with a faint smile.

The young girl was still silent.

After a brief moment, she suddenly opened her mouth. “I hear you’re about to leave?”

Ye Qingyu nodded his head. “En, in three days.”

“Oh,” the young girl said quietly, not saying thing.

She was evidently somewhat distracted and restless.

The server came over, placing two vegetarian cold dishes and a jar of coarse alcohol. There was a flattering on the smile on his face as he said, “The owner told me to bring it over. It’s free, hehe, it’s free…”

He naturally knew Ye Qingyu’s true identity.

Ye Qingyu turned around and saw the familiar flattering smile of the female owner behind the counter. He knew that this was a type of respect and admiration normal civilians had towards him. This was not any sort of bribery or anything like that, it was only them expressing their sincere gratitude.

The alcohol was still rough and coarse.

Compared to the delicate wines he had in the feasts, the alcohol in the jar was somewhat piercing to his throat. But it made Ye Qingyu feel very comfortable, because the Song Xiaojun in front of him had poured herself a bowl. Like a little deer drinking water, she drank through a large bowl little by little. There was a sparkling translucent droplet of alcohol at the corner of her red lips.

“Are you still going to remain in the city?” Ye Qingyu asked.

“En.” Song Xiaojun nodded her head, her tone becoming somewhat emotionless. “I am still waiting.”

“But there will be danger if you stay behind in the city.”

“It is also dangerous outside.”

“Then what are you waiting for?”

“I’m waiting for the item I require to arrive at Youyan Pass.”

Ye Qingyu deeply breathed in. “But you don’t even have any channels of information. Even if the item you want arrives, you won’t know about it. You can’t just go in search for it every night at the Pass Lord’s Residence. According to what I know, Pass Lord Lu has already recovered from his injuries.”

The young girl did not say anything.

When the sunlight shone into the hole of the golden laced mask, shone into her autumn water-like eyes, there was a trace of confusion and indecisiveness. She was like a lost child who could not find her own home, filled with helplessness and fear…

There was a piercing pain in Ye Qingyu’s heart.

“Although I don’t know why you must take such a risk in obtaining the [Lotus Fire of the Black Moon], but there must be a better way, so that you didn’t have to come to ambush the [War God of Youyan Pass]. Cooperating with Yan Buhui is like working with a tiger to take it’s own fur.” Ye Qingyu’ tone was somewhat strict and serious. With a thought, he took out the crystal orb from the Cloud Top Cauldron.

I’ll give it to you. Leave this dangerous place, don’t make me worried anymore.” Ye Qingyu faintly smiled.


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