287 – Your friend is not simple

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287 – Your friend is not simple

Ye Qingyu’s hopes of treating Bai Yuanxing all rested on the [Pill God of Snow Empire], Dugu Quan’s shoulders.

But the result made him disappointed.

According to what Dugu Quan had said, those space thunder fragments were exceedingly sinister. It had the destructive power of space. If there were any injuries caused by it, treasure class medicinal pills needed to be used for there to be any possibility of recovery. But it was too late now. The space thunder fragments had already completely destroyed the pair of eyeballs within Bai Yuanxing. Even his brain had received some damage. It was utterly impossible for him to recover his eyesight.

It was not only that his eyesight could not recover, even Bai Yuanxing’s normal lifestyle would be affected.

“I’ve already done my best. Whether this child can survive will depend on himself and fate. if his will is strong enough, and he can withstand for ten more days, then perhaps he can survive. if he cant, then…” Dugu Quan shook his head with a sigh.

He could tell that Ye Qingyu regarded this youth with mediocre talent importantly, so he had done his utmost.

“It’s that serious?” Ye Qingyu’s mood was heavy. “Thank you brother.”

“What are you saying, you don’t have to be polite with me.” Dugu Quan fell silent for a brief moment. “How about this, I’ll go back to the Capital today and find several of my old friends. There are specialists among them. I have an old friend called Ouyang Buping, and he specializes in the medicinal arts. Perhaps he will have a way.”

Ye Qingyu’s eye brightened. “Could it be that it is the Ouyang Buping who is known as the [White Browed Divine Doctor]?”

“Haha, it’s namely that old bastard.” Dugu Quan smiled. “You’ve heard of his name?”

“It’s rumoured that elder [White Browed Divine Doctor] has the power to bring people back from the dead. His medical arts have already stepped into the stage of the divine. There is no one that has not heard of his fame within the boundaries of Snow Empire.”Ye Qingyu did not refuse anymore, saying, “Then thank you brother for making such a trip.”

“You little kid, you don’t need to be so polite with me,” Dugu Quan said with a somewhat angry tone. “We are brothers, there’s no need to worry about the hassle. The matters in Youyan Pass are settled and the matters regarding the Dugu family will be taken care of by my two grandsons. You just wait here patiently. I will definitely bring Ouyang Buping, that old thing back. At the most it will take ten days!”

As he said this, Dugu Quan bid his farewell, heading to the Capital.

Ye Qingyu saw him away from the Vanguard camp, then returned.

“Little Ye, it’s my…” Wen Wan came over with a guilty face, his head lowered as he came over, a complete picture of someone who had done something wrong.

Ye Qingyu was exasperated by him. Shaking his head, “It’s fine, I’ll count this as one of the crimes of the Dragon Tiger Sect. One day, they will definitely pay for this… Oh that’s right, you were once my teacher so stop pretending. if others saw it, they might accuse me of not respecting my teacher.”

“That’s more like it.” Wen Wan began grinning. “That’s right, what do you plan to do after? The White Horse tower is destroyed, so most likely you will have to temporarily remain in the Vanguard.“

Ye Qingyu looked at the sunset in the West.

The Pass and the snowy peaks, under the illumination of the sunlight, was like it were gilded. It was absolutely beautiful and filled with an aura of mystery.

After falling silent for a moment, he opened his mouth, “The urgent matter right now is to treat Yuanxing’s injuries. As for other matters… After the martial alliance, I do not have any other affairs that concern me for the time being. The [War God of Youyan Pass] should be pulling the net in right now. Everything will become ordered again, and I am not suitable for making the Jianghu people stand in line. This time, I have gained greatly from the battles between Zhao Shanhe and Li Qiushui. I have to remain in isolation and cultivate, to solidify my gains. As for the spring time offence of the Youyan army, it should begin a month later. At that time, the entire army will be mobilized. Me and you, we are both people of the Vanguard, so we naturally have to follow them out on their expedition.”

Wen Wan nodded his head, and said in a rare serious moment, “That’s right, you are a violent person so you’re suitable for violent tasks. If we made you do the task of making them stand in line, this is tantamount to killing you. I heard that when you were in Deer City, you handed over the entire matter of the Ye Household to a young servant.”

Ye Qingyu smiled when he heard this.

Although the way Wen Wan described it was a little hard to hear, but he was completely right.

“That’s right, how do you plan to handle Gao Han and the others?” Wen Wan gave him a winking smile. “I feel, we should accept them under our wing with such an opportunity. This is especially so for Gao Han. His martial talent is extremely high, and his personality and mentality are all top grade. If we keep him by our side, he will definitely be of great assistance.”

Ye Qingyu gave a warning glance to Mad Tiger Wen, and said, “How could you care about benefits so much?”

“You little brat, you don’t recognize my good intentions,” Wen Wan said in frustration. “I only do this because of you. The Jianghu is massive and the world is immense. It is hard to succeed alone in this world. Even the Three Sovereigns and Five Emperors of the Human Race, needed countless followers so they could step towards the absolutely pinnacle. It is hard to support everything with just a single pole of wood.”

Ye Qingyu nodded his head without saying anything.



In the next couple of days, Youyan Pass was fairly quiet.

The Proud Sky Center and martial meeting had ended two days ago, but the resounding effects it had towards Snow Empire would slowly become evident.

For the Empire, they could be said to have been completely satisfied by this martial meeting.

For the sects, it was a scenario where they could not steal the chicken but also lost the grain used to bait the chicken. It was said that on the rankings of the young generation of the Human Race of Heaven Wasteland Domain, [The Leaf of Youyan], Ye Qingyu’s name, jumped from an unknown number to number eight. This was really too shocking.

The martial scene of the Empire, in this period of time, kept discussing Ye Qingyu’s deeds.

There were countless young geniuses of the sects that swore they wanted to challenge Ye Qingyu and regain the might of the Jianghu.

Even some supreme forces of the Empire, and even the Imperial family began to regard the young man called [The Leaf of Youyan] seriously. The birth of a supreme genius of the martial way had significant meaning for many people.

From the rumours coming out of the capital, Ye Qingyu was seen as the opportunity that would break apart the exquisite balance of the Empire.

Hidden currents began surging in all directions.

10 years of strenuous study and became famous throughout the world through the Imperial examinations.

Such tales did not only describe the civil officers of the Empire, it could also be applied to the Jianghu.

In such a bustling large environment, Ye Qingyu remained separate and rarely went out. He erected a large tent within the grounds of the Vanguard, and apart from checking on the unconscious Bai Yuanxing every day, he spent a large majority of time cultivating in isolation.

Mother Wu and her children followed him within the army, so they could more conveniently take care of Bai Yuanxing.

Jin Ling’er also became much more mature.

Perhaps he had been greatly shocked, but this little fellow began training in his martial arts with bitter effort. He had gone in search of Ye Qingyu several times, requesting that he wanted to cultivate in the [Flowing Shadow Kill] cultivation technique, he did not need to consider any further. His mother Huang Zhen also agreed with the decision of her son.

Thankfully, with the considerate company of Li Qi and Li Ying, Jin Ling’er did not dwell on this matter too greatly.

As for Gao Han, the Three Ghosts Of the Bitter River and the others, they also willingly stayed behind to follow Ye Qingyu.

Gao Han, because of the gratefulness he felt when Ye Qingyu provided his assistance and mercy, had asked to stay behind. Even the [South West Robber King] Xiao Buliu had asked to remain, wanting to follow beside Ye Qingyu.

As for his reason…

“The old bastard Gao Han is here, so I of course have to follow him. I have to find an opportunity, and take revenge for my parents,” the Robber King said with a completely serious face.

This reason.

Ye Qingyu accepted.

In truth, after this matter, Xiao Buliu naturally knew that Gao Han nearly died because he wanted to find some way to right the wrong. In truth, his desire for vengeance had already grown faint, but there was a knot in his heart that could not be undone.

His mind was extremely nimble. After the battle at Proud Sky Center, there were many people that wanted to follow Ye Qingyu. Since there was such an opportunity now, he would definitely not let it pass by.

In this period of time, the Youyan Pass was under the process of incorporating the people of the Jianghu. The transformation of the Youyan army was extremely successful.

For Gao Han and the others to be given an official military post, only a word needed to be said.

After Wen Wan’s proposal, Gao Han and the others were successfully allocated to the military post of the White Horse tower. They can be counted as Ye Qingyu’s private subordinates.

In these ten days, Ye Qingyu was constantly in a high state of anxiousness as he inspected Bai Yuanxing’s wounds. Every days he would insert pure and precious yuan power into his body to help him extend his life and keep his blood flowing. But it was a pity that Bai Yuanxing did not wake up.

On the tenth day, Dugu Quan brought the [White Browed Divine Doctor], Ouyang Buping.

“The will of this child is shocking. to think he would be able to endure for so long.” Ouyang Buping had completely white hair, like a young man with a childish face. He seemed to be extremely amiable, with a slight smile always on his face. After inspecting Bai Yuanxing’s wounds, he seemed to have discovered something. With slight shock, “Eh? Such a method… who was it that previously treated this child’s wounds?”

Ye Qingyu was taken aback, “It’s a old friend. Could it be that something is wrong?”

Ouyang Buping shook his head. “there’s no issue. Marquis, your friend has extreme skill. For someone with average strength to live on after being injured by the space thunder. This is all thanks to your friend. If not for his skillful way of treating the injuries, it is most likely that the injured person would not be able to survive till today.”


Ye Qingyu was greatly shocked as he heard this.

Bai Yuanxing’s wound were treated by Li Shizen. This was something that Ye Qingyu was certain of.

But who would have thought, the great and famous [White Browed Divine Doctor] would have such an evaluation of Li Shizen. This really took Ye Qingyu by surprise.

At that instant, Ye Qingyu finally realized he had overlooked something.

For Li Shizen’s medical arts to be so skillful, his background must not be as simple as he had previously thought. How could he be a simple person if he was someone that even the [White Browed Divine Doctor] complimented?

In other words, the pill formula that Li Shizen gave him did not really have a history as he described.

He even thought that the formula for the [Mysterious Heaven Pellet] was something that Li Shizen had created himself. How could it be so coincidental?

“Since your friend has handled the injury, then the following matters will become much simpler. I have confidence that I will be able to make him regain consciousness after ten days.” After the [White Browed Divine Doctor] had inspected Bai Yuanxing’s situation, he slowly became confident.

Ye Qingyu snapped back to the situation, hurrying to say, “Then thank you elder Ouyang.”

Ouyang Buping gave him a glare. “Don’t be a stranger Marquis. You are sworn brothers with this immoral Dugu old bastard, then how can you be estranged with me. We are all brothers. I will be presumptous, how ‘bout you call me brother Ouyang?”

Ye Qingyu was delighted, “I would be overjoyed to do so. thank you brother Ouyang.”

Ouyang Buping laughed loudly.



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