257 – Battle will soaring to the clouds

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Lin Qingyi after seeing his Shishu Ye away, returned to the main room.

Dugu Quan was still completely frozen, sitting silently next to the table. His eyes were fixated on the surface of the table, as if he had been possessed, not moving the slightest. His eyes did not even blink, like he was a silent sculpture.

Lin Qingyi did not dare disturb his master.

He curiously looked at the table.

On the smooth mahogany table, there was nothing at all. It was completely clean, without any signs or marking.

The warm wine on the table had already cooled down, losing it’s fragrance.

“Just what did Shishu Ye do when he left, that he turned master into such a state?”

Lin Qingyi’s heart was currently itching with curiosity like a little kitten was continuously scratching it.

Lin Qingyi had only seen his master in such a state once before.

This was when he and a group of Pill Masters were exchanging ideas. He suddenly completely comprehend the intricacies of an ancient Pill Formula, and stood there like he was a sculpture for ten minutes…..could it be this time, his master and his Shishu was discussing something and he had once again comprehended something from the Pill Dao?

As he thought of this, Lin Qingyi would definitely not dare disturb Dugu Quan.

He stood outside the door, respectfully guarding from the outside, not allowing anyone to disturb him.



Autumn Water Pavilion.

The temporary residence of the Crepe Myrtle sect.

At the top layer of the building, there were open style pavilions.

A young white clothed man sat silently at the most central pavilion. On a white jade prayer mat, wearing silk clothing, the pure and bright moonlight shone on the clearly defined features of the handsome young man. He emitted a radiance that made one not dare to regard him directly, as if he was the incarnation of the moon in the sky, holy and handsome.

A long blade that was like rippling autumn waters, floated above his head.

Autumn Water Blade.

The man with clearly defined facial features, was namely the leader of the younger generation in Crepe Myrtle sect, Li Qiushui.

A person known as the most handsome man in the Crepe Myrtle for thousands of years. A genius that had the most outstanding talent in the Crepe Myrtle in the last hundred years.

A blade will that was as gentle as autumn waters, emanated around him. Mist and smoke revolved around him, as well the sounds of autumn water flowing that was beautiful like the songs of night sprites. It made his entire person seem even more saintly. As if he was not part of the this world, he did not belong to the mortal world.

Along with the rhythmic rise and fall of his chest, the white blade will coming from his mouth became more and more dense.

It was as if the essence of the moonlight was also absorbed into the blade will mist.

The Autumn Water blade above his head, gradually grew less and less distinct, as if it was a stream of water that began flowing.

Time flowed by.

The fingers of Li Qiushui’s palms hurriedly moved, leaving illusory seal after illusory seal in the air. It was as if there were silver snow lotuses blossoming in the air, breathtakingly beautiful. Every time he changed his hands into a different seal, the Autumn Water blade above his head became less and less corporeal.

“Blade Will is indistinct, the long blade is like water…….seal!”

A light exclamation.

The seals were completed.

Li Qiushui opened his eyes.

The Autumn Water blade above his head had grown so indistinct it had disappeared.

The faint blade will mist that encircled around his body suddenly became lively, emitting the true vibration of blades. A blindingly bright silver light flickered, that swirled around the white as jade fingers of Li Qiushui, as nimble as a little snake, meandering around his fingers.

“Finally succeeded.”

Li Qiushui slowly stood up.

In the centre of his palm, was a smear of silver light. A sudden move and it transformed into a long blade, the blade will clear and distinct, the body of the blade glistening. It was namely the shape of the Autumn Water blade, it had transformed according to his will. The length of the blade constantly changed, sometimes long some times short, sometimes hard and sometimes flexible. At this time, there was a flow of water around his body, that transformed into his armour. There were a myriad of forms and possibilities it could take as long as he willed it, as if it was alive.

“The Autumn Water blade is finally at the greater stages. I’ve finally completed it before the Martial alliance meeting begun….with this blade in my hand, the world is mine.”

There was a strong surge of confidence that emitted from the eyes of Li Qiushui.

“Three sects and three schools, Snow Empire. Haha, it’s time to decide who is superior.”

The Autumn Water blade turned into mist that was absorbed through his mouth and nostrils.

Under the shine of the moonlight, this white dressed handsome man, was imposing like a demon.



Dragon Tiger Inn.

This was the temporary residence of the disciples of the Dragon Tiger Sect.

The [Tiger Saint] Zhao Shanhe was a young man with a muscular and burly build, possessing thick eyebrows and large eyes. His natural born appearance was peculiar, with a massive skeleton frame and thick hands. There was a natural born pattern on his forehead head, with three horizontal stripes and a vertical stripe. His appearance was definitely hard to forget.

It was said that when he was born, his parents thought he was a demonic child and nearly drowned him. They barely managed to raise him, and as he grew up, the patterns on his head became clearer and clearer. Because of his eccentric appearance, he had received much cruelty and bullying when he was small, resulting in a reclusive personality. He had experienced all sorts of pain and suffering.

Afterwards when Zhao Shanhe was roughly about ten, one of the two patriarchs of the Dragon Tiger Sect was travelling and encountered Zhao Shanhe. He was startled, as if he had met with a celestial being, because he believed that this youth was an ancient Tiger Deity from the ancient ages reborn into the mortal world. He accepted him as his personal disciple, and did his utmost to bring him up.

Reality demonstrated that Zhao Shanhe really did possess martial cultivation talent.

Having cultivated within the Tiger sect for less than ten years, he had already soared into the Heavens. He had cultivated the pinnacle arts of the Tiger Sect, [Mantra of the Silver Tiger Moon] into the tenth stages and had taken half a step into the Bitter Sea stage. He was at the very forefront of the younger generation of Snow Empire.

At this time, Zhao Shanhe sat on top of a bed.

There were two pretty and young female disciples of the Tiger sect next to him, wearing thin clothing that exposed their shoulders. They seductively fed him alcohol and fruits.

Zhao Shanhe thick and large palms caressed the smooth and supple skin of the two female disciples. His eyes were faintly closed, but there was not the slightest hint of desire emitting from his eyes whatsoever.

On the opposite of the bed, on the snow white wall there were two wooden signs.

Ye Qingyu’s name was engraved upon it on the left sign.

Liu Siufeng’s name was engraved on on the right wooden sign.

“A bunch of ants that doesn’t fear death. A bunch of coyotes that is a stronger than usual, dares to interrupt the business of the Tiger King.”

Zhao Shanhes gaze was sinister, as if he was a fierce tiger that was descending from the mountains to hunt. It caused one to shiver in fear.

“Lu Zhaoge is about to die. At that time it is unknown which hands Youyan pass will fall into. [The Butcher of Youyan] has exceptional strength but there will definitely be a day where he will lose support. I only need to wait a period of time…..But this Ye Qingyu…….” With a flick of his palm, the wood plate containing Ye Qingyu’s name, fell into his hand. “I’ll first take care of this ant. Even if I can’t kill you, I will completely cause your name to be ruined, and your will towards the martial path to be completely destroyed!”


The wooden sign transformed into sawdust.



The dome of the sky was completely dark.

The moonlight was like a blade.

30 miles north of Youyan pass.

This was an area that neared the Origin Ice region. Both the sky and earth was as cold and freezing as heavy winter.

A three foot high giant bronze cauldron, were hidden within the gloomy clouds.

The Holy Child of the Deer Cauldron, Wang Yifeng sat underneath this giant bronze cauldron in a meditative position. His long black hair like a black waterfall that lay at the horizon, completely wrapping himself within his own hair. As the night wind blew past, it would occasionally shroud his face. The air was filled with a peculiar atmosphere.

The giant bronze cauldron soundlessly rotated.

On it, all sorts for formations were glowing and there was the faint sound of a divine, righteous ringing out. The golden splendour constantly flickered.

Within the cauldron, it was as if the galaxy was swirling inside. There were dim lights flickering within, as if it had absorbed the entire sky. A strange vast power emitted from within the entrance of the cauldron, surrounding all space within a thousand metres of the cauldron. It tore apart the spirit qi within the air and stirred it all around, constantly and unendingly absorbing it into the large bronze cauldron.

Every time the cauldron finished a rotation, Wang Yifeng’s chest would rise and fall once.

As time flowed by, his surrounding aura became stronger and stronger, vaster and vaster.

The Deer Cauldron was his life tied tool. It could absorb the energies of the stars in the world, it was the cultivation technique of the Deer cauldron sect.

As the holy child of the Deer cauldron sect, Wang Yifeng naturally cultivated in the heart mantra that was the most profound in the sect. The bronze cauldron was also a rare Dao tool, with limitless power. He had turned it into his life tied tool, and when he cultivated, the surrounding stars would be moved and absorbed into the large cauldron, entering his own body. His cultivation speed exceeded that of a normal person by far as a result of this.

Time flowed by.

The gloomy clouds in the sky suddenly cleared.

In the dim green horizon of the sky, an alarming star suddenly descending from the sky. It caused the surrounding land to be as bright as daylight for tens of miles. Wang Yifeng was at the centre of this starlight, and the bronze cauldron, under the radiance of this starlight, emitted an endless dazzling light, completely covering Wang Yifeng.

Communicating with the star light to create a connection with great stars.

This was namely one of the signs that the cultivation technique of the Deer cauldron sect was about to breakthrough.

The holy child of the Deer Cauldron once again had a breakthrough.

Under the baptism of the starlight, his body was like it was transparent. There was not the slightest trace of impurity, his skin as white as jade, as if he had obtained an entirely new life.



White Horse tower.

Ye Qingyu turned his head with surprise towards the horizon.

There was suddenly a sign in the stars of the night. Starlight shot through the night sky. Even from far away, one was able to witness this scene.

At this instant, Ye Qingyu was able to sense a surge of power energy.

There was an expert breaking through!

A new top level expert had been born.

Only after you had entered into the Bitter Sea stage could you be called as a top level expert.

Under the Bitter Sea stage, you could as most be known as a normal expert. Even those who were at the fake Bitter Sea stage, could not be known as top level experts.

In other words, that strong pillar of star light, represented a new Bitter Sea stage expert had been born.

There were countless thoughts flickering through Ye Qingyu’s head at this moment. Judging from the distance, it should be outside Youyan Pass. From such signs, it should not be a new Bitter Sea stage expert that was born within the army. Furthermore, that vast starlight was clear and pure, not belonging to demonic qi. Naturally, it was not an expert of the demon race breaking through. Considering all factors, it should be someone from the sects that had suddenly broken through at this time.

“Previously, in the direction of the Crepe Myrtle, there was another extremely hidden surge of energy that emitted. It obviously was someone of the Crepe Myrtle that broke through to the next level, and right now there was a pillar of light that descended…..tonight, is destined not to be a peaceful night, there are people continuously breaking through. Furthermore, they are all people that belongs to the sects.”

Ye Qingyu was suddenly surprised in the heart.

No wonder the sects were the holy martial grounds where thousands of years of cultivation history had been passed down. There were countless of disciples in their sects, and they did not lack for prodigies.

The people he had killed and erased previously, were but a bunch of clowns. They were not the best of the leading generation. Even White browed Yu, at most could only be counted as above average. Ye Qingyu seemed to occupy a incomparably strong position, but in truth, he had not yet met blows with the true geniuses of the sects.

Apart from feeling faintly alarmed, Ye Qingyu could not suppress a surge of battle will that shot to the clouds within him.

There was only a couple of days till they clashed. Only at that time, could true sparks be created by their encounter.

“I will make them know, the experts of the army are not any lesser of those of the sects at all. Compared to those independent sects, a powerful and flourishing Empire, is more able to protect the continued survival of the human race in Heaven Wasteland domain. “



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