Chapter 250 – A sparrow transforming into an eagle

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250 – A Sparrow Transforming into an Eagle

Many children of wealthy families and nobles, everyone of them either rich or noble, wanted to become Lu Zhaoge’s student. They sought out the help of countless people and tried to utilize countless connections. All sorts of methods were used to become the disciple of Lu Zhaoge.

According to the rumours, it was even said that the Emperor himself personally requested Lu Zhaoge to accept one of the princes as his disciple, but they were also rejected.

The geniuses that wanted to become Lu Zhaoge’s disciple were as numerous as the fishes of the river, too numerous to mention individually.

As long as Lu Zhaoge opened his mouth, there would be countless youths bowing down with a cry to become his disciple.

This was not only because of the fact that Lu Zhaoge was one of the few extreme level experts in the Empire, but also the fact that he occupied a special position. Commander Lu Zhaoge had been within the Youyan army for tens or years, contributing significantly in battles. No matter whether it was respect, power or status, there was no one at all who could compare to him in the army.

Therefore, becoming Lu Zhaoge’s disciple not only meant they could inherit the excellent martial way of Lu Zhaoge, becoming a power within the martial world, they could also inherit the prestige and respect that Lu Zhaoge had constructed throughout the years. Even a beggar, by becoming Lu Zhaoge’s disciple, would ascend to the heavens in one fell swoop, instantly becoming an important character that the forces of the entire empire would have to pay special attention to.

No one could have imagined that Lu Zhaoge, a person who had never accepted a disciple, would personally offer to accept an unknown little military officer.

Everyone jolted, their fiery, shocked gazes instantly concentrating on Ye Congyun.

After this, no matter how stable and calm Ye Congyun’s heart was, even it could not avoid becoming panicky and stunned.

In truth, he would not even dare to imagine such great things happening to him.

But right now… fortune descended far too quickly. His entire person was thrown into a state of confusion, not knowing what to say. His mind was completely blank. Only after a short while did he recover, looking towards Ye Qingyu subconsciously.

Because previously, he had aready said, he would treat Ye Qingyu as his leader. It was Ye Qingyu who gave him his new life.

Ye Qingyu, who had finally recovered from his shock at this time, became overjoyed. With a laugh, “Haha, what are you looking at me for? Quickly accept such a great honour… Hey, hey, please don’t be stupid at such a time. Why are you still hesitating, quickly bow down to your master.”

In truth, Ye Qingyu was truly sincerely happy for Ye Congyun.

Originally, he was still considering how he could aid the Ye Congyun who had been reborn. He had even considered whether to pass on the techniques from the ancient Bronze book to Ye Congyun, but these techniques may not be entirely suitable for his training. If he could not pass on the cultivation techniques, then, for the other methods, he had to find a qualified teacher, which was somewhat difficult.

He had not imagined Lu Zhaoge would personally offer to accept Ye Congyun as his disciple.

Ye Congyun’s fortune, was really far too fantastic.

“But, but… I…” Ye Congyun gasped breathlessly, forcing himself to calm his emotions down.

Then he respectfully and sincerely bowed in front of Lu Zhaoge, “To be able to become Pass Lord Lu’s disciple is something that I would not even dare to dream about. But I… my foundation is too poor. I’m already twenty-one years old, I’ve already wasted the ideal training age. I fear that my slow speed of cultivation will bring shame to you.”

There was a trace of admiration that passed by in Lu Zhaoge’s eyes as he heard these words.

“As a disciple of me, Lu Zhaoge, how can you be afraid of losing face? Furthermore, you have already incorporated my blood essence into your body, we are of the same origin. You are the best candidate to inherit my martial path. Although you have passed by the optimum cultivation age, Marquis Ye has refined your body with his special technique. The you today can already be regarded as someone who has been completely reborn, as if you have been given a new life. This is namely the most ideal stage to start training. And because of my blood essence, you practicing my martial way will have twice the effect with half the effort… Haha, don’t think too hard about unnecessary and muddled thoughts. A martial artist should step forward without fear and charge forward bravely. Don’t hesitate and doubt because of such minor matters.”

After hearing Lu Zhaoge’s words, Ye Congyun did not hesitate anymore.

“Disciple, Ye Congyun, bows to his master.”

The young military officer did a full bow to the ground, respectfully undergoing the full ceremony of becoming Lu Zhaoge’s disciple.

Lu Zhaoge nodded his head. “Good, stand up. The matters today will be settled like so. After a short while, I will arrange an official master-disciple ceremony to let the entire world know that from now on, Congyun, you are my disciple. I naturally cannot let the matter of me accepting a disciple pass by in such a casual fashion.”

“Thank you, master.”

He slowly recovered. His strong personality and will, gradually made Ye Congyun more and more stable.

Everyone around him knew that the dust had finally settled around this matter at this time. Everyones gaze was filled with curiosity and envy as they evaluated Ye Congyun.

Everyone understood that from today onward, the fate of this young man would completely change. If it was him before, he was only a little sparrow pecking at food in the mud. But from now on, he was an eagle that would affect countless forces in the entire Empire.

The name of Ye Congyun would not take too long before it started to affect the upper echelons of the Empire.

But Liu Siufeng and the others still had something they did not understand.

With their understanding of Lu Zhaoge, their sworn brother, he was not someone who did something purely according to his whims. For him to unexpectedly say, without any prior planning, that he would accept a young man he had only just met as his disciple, it was likely that there were other reasons apart from the fact that Ye Congyun had assimilated with his martial blood essence. It was not just due to the excitement he may have felt when he managed to recover and stave off death. There must be a deeper meaning contained within his actions.

Liu Yuqing had a thoughtful expression as he pondered, his gaze flickering past Ye Qingyu’s body.

There was extreme curiousness in his heart.

The injury that even the Pass Lord was helpless against, just what kind of method did Ye Qingyu used to heal him?

Also, when the Pass Lord was within the isolation room, just what were Ye Qingyu’s conditions?



Hundred Herb Hall.

“He’s still not here yet.”

Lin Qingyi absolutely no longer had his calm composure from before.

He was like an ant on a hot wok. He impatiently paced back and forth at the entrance to the first floor of the Hundred Herb Hall, occasionally heading towards the window to look at the crowd. A look of yearning and desire was on his face.

His three students stood beside him, not even daring to say a single word, sitting silently there.

“There’s still two or three more hours until the appointed time. Master Lin, don’t be impatient. He should arrive very shortly…” Shopkeeper Sui wiped away the sweat on his forehead, respectfully following behind Lin Qingyi and constantly reassuring him with a smile.

Ever since the young student had crushed a [Mysterious Heaven Pellet], the situation had completely flipped around.

The [Mysterious Heaven Pellet] that was originally evaluated as a fake pill, emitted a wondrous fragrance that Shopkeeper Sui had never experienced before when the outer surface cracked. It was a smell that was hard to describe using words, with an effect that was hard to believe. Shopkeeper Sui was not an expert with great strength, but when he breathed it in, he felt an unprecedented comfort within his body.

In that instant, Shopkeeper Sui knew what was about to happen.

As expected, the originally disappointed Lin Qingyi who was sitting on the chair was like a rabbit that had it’s tail stood upon, suddenly jumping up. Wresting away the cracked [Mysterious Heaven Pellet] he stared in disbelief at the pill, as if he saw a ghost in broad daylight.

The three students that were calmly discussing the pill between them, also stood there in shock, dumbfounded.

Shopkeeper Sui could still clearly remember even right now, the expression of Lin Qingyi when he was looking at that cracked pill. His arms began trembling. First, it was shock and disbelief in his face, then mad joy and confusion, and there was also an unclear emotion within…

And the Lin Qingyi right now who was holding the cracked pill was absolutely like someone carrying a holy item.

Everything was decided just like that.

Lin Qingyi used himself as an experiment to test the pill, ingesting half the [Mysterious Heaven Pellet] inside himself.


“People, prepare a hot bath…” Lin Qingyi’s expression, at this instant, was both saintly and serious.

Using a near pious tone, he said very seriously, “I need to cleanse and purify my body to receive this unbelievable pill master… Shopkeeper Sui, you must carefully preserve the intact [Mysterious Heaven Pellet]… It doesn’t matter. It’s best if I look after it myself. Also, hand over the leftover remnants of that pill, just give it all to me.”


After Lin Qingyi had purified and cleansed his body, he was like a devout believer, waiting at the entrance to the first floor of the Hundred Herb Hall.

According to the information that mysterious person left behind, today should be the day he came to the Hundred Herb Hall to inquire over the situation of the [Mysterious Heaven Pellet] and ask about the progress on its sale.

Shopkeeper Sui’s heart had experienced plummeting to the depths of the abyss as well as soaring to the clouds along with the changes in the situation. Previously, he had silently cursed that mysterious person to the extremes, but right now he was wildly praying that the mysterious person would quickly arrive.

He was really worried. What should he do if that mysterious person did not arrive.

And his worry slowly and gradually turned into reality.

Lin Qingyi was still waiting with desire in his eyes. But even until sunset, the white-clothed mysterious person did not arrive.

“What’s happening? Why isn’t he here yet?”

Lin Qingyi gripped his own arms impatiently.

As a genius pill master, as someone who followed beside his master ever since he was young, he knew better than anyone the significance behind the [Mysterious Heaven Pellet]. It was absolutely a top class pill that could entirely transform the cultivation speed of the entire domain. Although the level of the pill still largely remained in the classification of [Medicine Pills], but without the slightest bit of exaggeration, this pill was even more valuable and precious than many [Spirit Pills].

To be able to increase a martial artist’s cultivation without any side effects.

Just by this point alone, it was enough to make the entire Empire go crazy.

What did this represent?

If this [Mysterious Heaven Pellet] could be mass produced, then in a very short time, one could create a large army composed of experts only. This represented that Spirit spring experts would be akin to carrots and potatoes, able to be endlessly cultivated in a short period of time.

In the long period of history, just how many pill masters, just how many geniuses, wanted to turn this dream into reality.

But they had all failed.

Ultimately, the pill master society had publicly admitted that such a pill did not exist.

But right now, such a method had really appeared.

Lin Qingyi had personally tested the medicinal properties of the [Mysterious Heaven Pellet] himself.

Although only eight hours had passed since he had first tested the pill, but he could already faintly sense and confirm that the [Mysterious Heaven Pellet] really had no side effects whatsoever. Furthermore, the growth in his cultivation was clear and distinct. Lin Qingyi himself was originally an expert at the fifty Spirit springs stage, so he had deeper insight into this aspect.

He had attempted to dissect and analyse the ingredients and composition of the [Mysterious Heaven Pellet].

But with his skills and mastery of the pill arts, he could not obtain any conclusive results.

He had no way of determining just what ingredients went into the [Mysterious Heaven Pellet]. He didn’t even have a method to determine just one ingredient of those that had gone into making the pill.

This made him understand that unless they found the creator of the [Mysterious Heaven Pellet], it would be nigh impossible for them to infer the pill formula and ingredients from the one and a half pill they had left.

“Just what kind of peerless genius, could create such a pill?”

Lin Qingyi’s heart was extremely curious.


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