Imperial God Emperor(御天神帝) – Index

Imperial God Emperor is a novel written by Warring Blades (乱世狂刀).

Summary: Ye Qingyu, since the death of his parents four years ago, has been laughed at by the entire Deer city. Little does people know, he has just been biding his time for the entire four years. With the White Deer academy selection just around the corner, can he shut the mouths of all those who have laughed at him? Join Ye Qingyu in his journey to solve the mystery behind his family death and to reclaim the Ye family property!

Table of Contents

Prologue – The young boy in the cemetery

001 – Four year champion

002 – Shock: Hero’s badge

003 – Does my decision need an explanation?

004 – The phoenix and the loach

005 – Golden meridians

006 – The shadow of the divine ancient mountain

007 – Before, I was just having a joke with you

008 – No compromise

009 – Bai Yuqing

010 – It’s not that he can’t, but it’s that he won’t

011 – Entering the academy

012 – The first lesson

013 – Song Xiaojun

014 – The second evaluation

015 – My temper is not that good

016 – The serpentine form of the eight divine stances

017 – Terrifying talent

018 – Bear form

019 – Liu Lei

020 – Direct confrontation

021 – The battle to defend the city

022 – Selecting a weapon

023 – Inexorable Spear

024 – The first trip outside

025 – Training till the limits

026 – Golden clam

027 – Bronze book

028 – I’ll wait for you in the yellow river

029 – Waves spreading

030 – Characters from the God Devil age

031 – Endless Title Chart

032 – Falling monthly examinations

033 – The plot behind the matches

034 – Humiliated loli

035 – Challenging matches

036 – Continuous victory

037 – The number one stage

038 – Sharing the limelight

039 – Raising the arena with a single spear

040 – Breaking through in the midst of battle

041 – Defeat of Wushuang

042 – The failure of the yuan qi kindling

043 – Such a punishment

044 – Excavating a Spirit spring

045 – Repayment of the ancient book

046 – The four stances of the golden armoured king

047 – Some news

048 – Cheap mouth

049 – Heavy handed

050 – Is he not afraid that I’ll break the legs of his dogs?

051 – Azure phoenix academy, is merely this

052 – White Deer without talent has lost his antlers, the Azure Phoenix intends to subdue the Heavens

053 – The Ye mansion

054 – Why are you still here?

055 – This all belongs to the Ye family

056 – The corners of her mouth curved slightly upwards

057 – Fatty, be gentler

058 – Dead fatty

059 – The consequences of taking the initiative

060 – Returning Heavenly fragrance restaurant

061 – Little Shang sword

062 – The first Spirit weapon

063 – Going in search of the little loli

064 – The world’s best brother

065 – Being beaten again

066 – The second booklet

067 – Three Sovereigns and Five Emperors

068 – The first round

069 – The first kill

070 – Five consecutive kills

071 – Entering into the battlefield

072 – Choosing to enter the wilderness

073 – Not allowed to leave

074 – Sentry guard

075 – Double kill (1)

076 – Double kill (2)

077 – He possesses a rare treasure?

078 – Spear broken

079 – A true genius

080 – The enhancement power of fire

081 – The last risk

082 – The blood pool of the dragon’s den

083 – A dog?

084 – Four versus four

085 – Blood red gaze

086 – I have something more important to do

087 – The final move

088 – He wants to murder someone

089 – Word reverberating throughout Ascending heaven pavilion

090 – It doesn’t matter

091 – He can eat more than me

092 – I admit defeat

093 – Third Spirit spring

094 – The four moves of the unmatched general

095 – The change within the city

096 – The female sword immortal, Wang Jianru

097 – The curses emitting from the Taoxuan pavilion

098 – One must pay for a murder with their life

099 – A spear

100 – Go back and ask

101- Three days

102 – The back of that silhouette…

103 – The city of unmoving darkness

104 – I will come find you

105 – Surrounded in all directions

106 – Enemies on a narrow road

107 – The four military leaders

108 – An unexpected invitation

109 – A shy youth

110 – A letter coming from the front lines

111 – Before leaving (1)

112- The shadow of the bronze Asura

113 – The useless words are finished; Go on your way

114 – Before leaving (2)

Arc: Youyan Pass

115 – The sudden change in the watchpost

116 – A type of belief

117 – Snow ground dragon ape

118 – Just what is this

119 – The chessboard in the air

120 – Treating the injuries

121 – Chase

122 – Human pill

123 – The fourth Spirit spring

124 – Sole will of the Heaven Earth copper cauldron

125 – Being kicked

126 – I’ll take revenge for them

127 – Accordance treasure

128 – Path in Heaven that you didn’t go

129 – Flash

130 – Lu Zhaoge

131-132 – Guerilla warfare officer

133 – White Horse sword slave

134 – Soldiers on duty

135 – A technique that was invincible in theory

136 – The person walking in the setting sun

137 – Just who do you think you are?

138 – Hang him for six hours

139 – Suspicion

140 – The notoriety of a tool

141 – Let’s negotiate

142 – Two great lists

143 – A place with many visitors

144 – News regarding Li Shizen

145 – Everything was slightly strange

146 – Attempt to spirit raise

147 – Someone wants to see you

148 – Drinking some tea and having a conversation

149 – Will of the martial path

150 – Turning of the snow dragon

151 – Fate in the moonlit night

152 – Return journey

153 – Snow ground boar bat

154 – White Horse battle armour

155 – Demon race battleship

156 – Bizarre matter

157 – Yan Buhui

158 – He stays behind

159 – Scum

160 – See you

161 – Eat…..Yummy!

162 – Furious Wen Wan

163 – The awakened Snow dragon

164 – Increase in strength

165 – Dragon’s tomb

166 – The cemetary of the Snow dragons

167 – Ice sealed coffin

168 – True Will of the Martial Path

169 – A strand of consciousness from millions of years ago

170 – A person with no fate

171 – Returning to Youyan Pass

172 – Title of Marquis

173 – Give me an accounting

174 – Speak, just what is this

175 – Let’s discuss things first

176 – Borrow him for me to play with for a couple of days

177 – I’ve come to give an accounting

178 – Table and mud

179 – People may be afraid of you, but I’m not

180 – Shock and suspicions

181 – Evaluation

182 – Strangers in the Pass

183 – The situation of the sects

184 – Provocation

185 – You are the trash

186 – A phrase, a sword stroke

187 – Imperial court and the sects

188 – The suddenly arrived demonic qi

189 – A dragon amongst men

190 – Just who was he?

191 – Let me stab you once

192 – The reappearance of the Unmoving City of Darkness

193 – The reappearance of Yan Buhui

194 – Invincible

195 – Perhaps it was I who was wrong

196 – Have you seen my littler bear?

197 – Another person

198 – A drop of fresh blood

199 – A familiar face

200 – Saving people

201 – Do you have the requirements?

202 – Who else do you have in your family?

203 – Refining the Origin Crystal

204 – The three levels to the Pill mantra

205 – Within the Pass Lord’s Residence

206 – Chaotic signs

207 – Gilded invitation

208 – Thirty percent off

209 – You deserved to be hit

210 – Spread these words

211 – The first person recruited into White Horse tower

212 – We meet again

213 – Can we be friends?

214 – Did you went to have a secret love affair?

215 – Could it be he was Marquis Ye?

216 – Drinking some alcohol and killing some people

217 – It’s time for them to be tidied up

218 – Ice tombstone

219 – This is Youyan Pass

220 – Flowing Shadow Kill

221 – Forcefully refining the blood

222 – Six days of time

223 – Meeting again

224 (1) – Bad drunk!

224 (2) – Killer weapon against the female species

225 – Tears and a faint smile

226 – Refining a pill in the quiet room

227 – The power to change his destiny

228 – Impossible

229 – An opportunity

230 – New recruit training camp

231 – Interrogation Rack

232 – Torture

233 – Frost

234 – Killing people like cutting grass

235 – I am called Ye Congyun

236 – Ice sculpture

237 – White Browed Yu

238 – Break apart the legend

239 – Tremors

240 – Airship

241 – You are not a good soldier

242 – Tearing apart space

243 – Come and do battle

244 – Pass lord is looking for you

245 – I believe in you

246 – Come back from Death’s Door

247 – There’s only one person

248 – This is a fake pill



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    1. Im… going to go check Qidian real quick. Although RWX explicitly stated it was fully licensed, I wouldn’t put it past Qidian to copy paste regardless.

    2. I don’t think Qidian International dare to steal novel that not licensed from Qidian… but i think someone still need to make sure to check it out in Qidian International. Qidian International might contact the original author / china webhost (sorry forgot the name.. zongheng???) to gain license to “Dual host” english translation… maybe said to the china webhost they will translate by themself… but then don’t bother to translate by themself and just steal translator’s work…

  1. Welcome!!
    I forgot where i did last read so it doesn’t hurt to reread it again specially with the new edited chapters
    Btw if possible try to separate the arcs of the novel (school, army, ect.) and hide in tags it will be more cleaner than just looking for x-chapter

  2. Nice, Ive been reading this but unfortunately had to stop because the releases all of a sudden became really slow. Hopefully it picks up again, I really love this novel.

    Welcome Aran, glad you’re finally here.

  3. Welcome… Can’t wait to start binging on this… And I don’t want to sound like I’m nitpicking, but shouldn’t the introduction have “Little ‘do’ people know” instead of “Little does people know”?

    1. “Little does people know” I know about this, he ^ knows about this, even Grammarly keeps trying to correct this! Please, please, please save yourself from embarrassment and fix

  4. Welcome and have fun translating this novel. Haven’t started yet but will start soon on weekends. I want to read non-stop.

    1. Your name says ” Immortal Mortal “….. I’m rather confused, and intrigued about how that works. Would you kindly explain to me how that works? Also it’s not considered a blade if it’s blunt, right? I’m pretty sure it’s not called a blade at least, if you can explain that also, I’d appreciate it.

  5. Welcome ! (or welcome back) Can’t wait to try and read this but aren’t there arcs or volumes to compress the chapter links into a more orderly fashion? Just curious, thanks!

  6. Did they mention the planned release schedule for this story? I don’t want to get into a potentially great story only for it to become like TDG (1 chapter a month…).

  7. For anyone on the fence about this story…DON’T BE! This story is super badass. Once I began reading I read non stop for like 3 days until I caught up to the current chapter (255). The main character is realistically displayed even though he is a genius you don’t really get a sense of invincibility from him like in some of these other wuxia. Yeah he’s a genius in the younger generation but there are countless people more powerful than him in the older generation and this story does a good job of providing those suspenseful situations that you can only get when reading about a character whose life really seems to be in danger.

    If there is any downside it’s the slow releases, I got to 255 about 3 days ago and there is still no 256 >_<

  8. Hello, already finish reading this in 2 days (not that fast, i know) do you guys can recommend any LN similar to this? give me list if possible and do you know where is the 3 picture coming from(from which movie)

    Btw ty for translating this awesome LN.. can’t wait for more

  9. Finally.. been waiting for a long time.. have read it in wattpad for about 300 chapters more or less then it stopped.. then practically been reading through machine translation which is not good… thanks for this

  10. This one seems great…
    Just one question… what does “imperial god emperor” mean?
    All the other novels on this site have names that, although ridicolous, at least means something. Ancient Godly Monarch is an ancient monarch that is godly.
    But “imperial god emperor” is like “Popcorn Chips Cheesedoodle”. Are there supposed to be commas between the words? Is it a popcorn&chips cheesedoodle?
    What is an imperial god emperor?

    (There. This is where this comment belongs.)

    1. Imperial- relevant to an empire
      God- divine entity above mortals, may or may not rule over
      Emperor- the ruler of an empire

      So… I’m pretty sure it means Imperial God Emperor.

      Regarding the use of both Imperial and Emperor, I suspect Imperial refers to his hidden origins while Emperor refers to the title he will be claiming. Which would make this a story about the legitimate emperor reclaiming his birthright while becoming a god.

  11. This novel is disgrace for all the other novels here and everywhere else, some people might be ok with this type of novel, but I believe that even they understand that this is poor written novel by uninspired author, I read many novels and stopped reading many of them when I got disintrested and I never blamed author or something similar, we just didn’t connect. But I believe this novel’s ”success” is an accident and statistical error. I have nothing against the translator, except maybe his taste, but tastes are not to be discussted. I can just marvel that so many people enjoy this novel, although it’s absoluty repulsive with elements of LOL(which i enjoy) and unlogical and just pure stupid plot elements. The sad thing is beginning is relativly good and you star to believe in a new novel and then they just start throwing piles of crap on you, chapter after chapter and you can only watch as your hopes start sinking to the bottom of the ocean. I just want to give a WARNING to all the wuxia/xianxia readers who want to try their luck on this one that they might lose much more nerves on this novel than they expected.

    1. unfortunately for your opinion you’ve spouted a bunch of nonsense where no one will follow you, clearly you posted this thinking someone will agree with you, however if thats the case you need to talk about what was stupid. Can’t have a healthy community if your spouting nonsense.

      1. Well. I can agree with the feeling he got.
        This is more like a LoL fan-fiction than a stand-alone novel.
        And while that is fine in itself, for me, it makes the story loose the majority of its charm.
        In the early chapters of the story, we got content, creative weapons, characters and etc.
        However the further into the story you get, the more prevalent the league references becomes. It goes to a point where everything just feels like a rip-off.
        We’ve heard the jokes and we know the characters, the items and the characters weaknesses and strength.
        Everything is just so forced into making the characters stop being what they were and become the league characters.
        Often the rules of the world that the author himself has built up are broken just to allow the league champions to be.

        And dont get me wrong. Some aspects of this novel are really well written. The fights are epic and the events that the mc has to face are more often than not interesting. I also think that the environments are very well described, allowing me to really sink into the story…
        However, forcing the limit of four abilities 100 chapters into the story, and the like, simply doesn’t sit well with me. It feels like the author started writing a xianxia and then 40 chapters in decided to slap league onto it. Making the two concepts far from seamlessly fused.

        The author goes to such lengths as to wipe the mind and memory of his characters to allow them to become league characters.

        I dropped this novel. However, for those whom have nothing against a LoL fanfic full of lol champion one-liners then I absolutely do recommend this novel.
        If you’d think that it’d be fun to read about lol characters in a xianxia setting then this is probably a great read.

      2. To be honest, I would have to agree in some part with what Rexlong is saying. Not the ambiguous portions but the fact that the author has clearly “stolen”, if that is the right term to use here, elements of League of Legends in his story. I will be the first to admit that it was a interesting concept but I would say that for myself each time I read a new portion of the novel where a character or situation is taken from LoL I become disenchanted and am removed from the universe a little bit. I would say this is due to the fact that I have played so much LoL. To see elements of it pop up in the story causes me to breakout of the fantasy world that I am in and be taken back to reality, in which this novel makes no claims of trying to intertwine with as far as I have seen. That being said it is an interesting concept which I believe has been nominally executed. If the writer had taken a somewhat SAO /.Hack approach it would have made for a better story and more immersive story.

    2. Speaking as someone who has never played LOL, I really enjoyed it.

      I certainly got an lol out of people in the comments dumping on the novel for borrowing elements from LOL though, that was hilarious. Poor pitiful people have eyes but cannot see mount Tai.

  12. Love this book. Kind of a wakeup call though the speed of translation if abysmally slow compared to some of the other books on this site :/

    The way this is updated I’ll probably just have to swing back in a year or so.

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