IGE Chapter 409 – 423

I’ve finally caught up!  I owe no more chapters, woooo (well, except for the 6 chapters for the end of this week xD). It’s been a long time, but I’ve finally upheld my promise to catch up to all chapters missed in my period of absence a couple of months ago. Thank you guys for the patience, and my apologies once again.


Here’s fourteen chapters friends 🙂

Note that there is a original raw numbering error again, where chapter 419 is skipped – i’ve double checked this is correct, there’s not much I can do :/

Chapter 409

Chapter 410

Chapter 411

Chapter 412

Chapter 413

Chapter 414

Chapter 415

Chapter 416

Chapter 417

Chapter 419

Chapter 420

Chapter 421

Chapter 422

Chapter 423


PS: Unrelated note: For those guys wondering about my other translation IDS and why I haven’t released any chapters yet for it – I’m currently in holiday in Japan for three weeks. Somehow it refuses to let me log onto the website from a non UK ip address – I’ve probably altered something in the security profile which has that setting Anyway, I won’t be able to release until I get back – which will be around 20th feb. However, expect all the chapters to be caught up – it’s done and edited, just can’t release it.


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    1. Fixed wrong link issue.

      Chapter 418 is a raw chapter numbering issue – it just skips in the raws so I’ve just kept it consistent.

      Thanks for pointing it out 🙂

      1. I think he was referring to ur info with missing chapter nr 418

        ‘Note that there is a original raw numbering error again, where chapter 419 is skipped(…)’

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