4 thoughts on “IGE – 309 310” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

  1. I really hate crap like this. What’s the point of translating this shit if you’re not going to do it consistently? I don’t even remember the main character’s name for this story, forget about what happened in the last 300 chapter.

    Why are you translating this?? I expected better from Wuxiaworld.

    If you’ve got stuff going on, put this on hold or give it to somebody who can do it justice. Your half-assed attempt is doing nothing but ruining a good story for people.

    1. Do you realize how entitled you’re being? Aran is doing some amazing translating this novel that no one else is doing, for free and in his free time. He doesn’t need to translate yet he takes valuable time of his to translate this for US since he doesn’t need it for himself.
      If you don’t like the translation speed the one to put in hold should be you, not Aran.

      1. Lol dubzero, you can tell that this is a good story because aran is translating it, why the hell he should put this story on hold for letting other people to translating it, when there is no one who is translating it except him, and even if there is some delay it’s still 6 chapters for week and the quality is pretty good. If you need so much to read the whole story without waiting for a good translation, go read it on LNMTL.

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