IGE – 290 -295

Here are the six chapters from last week. Sorry for posting it late – this week should hopefully be better. Once again, my thanks goes to Joey, who has been a massive help in helping me proofread everything and getting rid of those pesky typos 🙂


Chapter 291 also marks the end of arc 2, the Fire Beacon of Youyan. We are about to embark on Arc 3, which is entitled “The Leaf travelling.”

Chapter 290

Chapter 291


Arc 3

Chapter 292

Chapter 293

Chapter 294

Chapter 295


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  1. I must say i prefer a 6/6 release on the same day. That way im not waiting around in hopes every other day 😉 .
    I would like to suggest this becomes a thing, it would be like a Cultivation Party Tuesday (or Wednesday depending on where you are).

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