IGE 273-2, 274, 275

Here we go, the final three chapters of the week. Yes it seems like there has been another numbering error in the list of chapters as there are two 273’s, so one has become 273-1, and one has become 273-2 xD


Chapter 273-2

Chapter 274

Chapter 275


I’m sorry about the irregular schedule, but that’s simply the way I work. I do things mostly in batches – I might not touch the computer at all Monday to Wednesday then translate/edit 4 chapters Thursday and then post it. I work a full time job which involves a lot of travelling so it’s my best way of working to fit things around in a schedule.

I understand it’s a frustration for some people who want regular daily releases, but my work/lifestyle makes this unrealistic to be honest. Sometimes, even logging on and formatting the chapters so that it is fit for release is an effort that can be minimised if I do two or three chapters at once. I will try my best from now on to ensure that releases are released in a daily fashion if that’s what people wants, but no promises.  What I can promise, is that six chapters will be released every week.

Hope that everyone understands,



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  1. i don´t know if this is possible with your life style. but if you manage to get a backlog of a week you can translate the chapters of the next week the week before. then you only have to come online to post them on a daily basis and you can still translate in your own schedule.
    i dont really mind because i know i can expect at least the remaining chapters of the 6 you promise on sunday.
    btw i love the story and thanks for translating it.

  2. thank you Aran for the chapter! and thanks for explaining your situation , i have been angry about the irregular releases but now that i know the reason i can understand. my main concern was we were promised something and not getting it and we didnt even know the reason but its cool now , since i know, i will only read the six chapters on Sunday from now on.

  3. Irregular schedule shouldn’t be a problem since there are 6 chapter per week but what is worrying is that you don’t have much free time and are very busy so there is a certain danger that this could be dropped sometime in the future 😀 But then again, there is always this risk regarding each novel/translator so …

  4. Thanks Aran! Ignore those people always whining about daily chapters. You never promised a daily release but rather 6/week as long as you get to meet that (albeit a little late sometimes) then you shouldn’t feel bad or be affected by them

    1. There’s nothing wrong with people wanting to know whats next. If you look at the most successful translators on here, they care about their readers and make sure that they’re happy. If he starts not caring about his readers, he’s going to lose his audience. No matter how good a story is, people will drop it because they lose interest in it due to slow releases. He can’t just rely on a handful of people reading his work. What would be the point of translating anything if only a few people read it.

      1. That’s the same concept that you people try to apply with rxw in DE. The promised release is 6 a WEEK not daily or under a specific schedule. Just like rwx’s 10/WEEK. Sometimes he posts 2 sometimes 4 and heck he even posted 7 (was it 7?) when his laptop got stolen. So stop whining

        1. I don’t know who you’re talking to, but if you want me to take you seriously, better talk like you have some sense. I don’t know who was whining but it sure as hell wasn’t me, and for one thing I never mentioned RWX. If you wanna know, Deathblade was the one I had in mind. You’re advice for him to not care about his readers will be his downfall, and is completely asinine. You must be a kid, or really ignorant.

  5. Maybe you can find someone to help you, you translate and let someone else edit, format and post it. If you ask on here, Im pretty sure someone will volunteer their help. Either way, it wont hurt to ask. I see most translators on here have other people helping them. This way you wont get burnt out, at the same time make your readers happy.

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