ICDS: Chapter 251

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Chapter 251. Above the Frozen Land (2)

The giant Skeleton Wolf certainly looked like the fusion of a Giant Wolf and a Wendigo. It emitted freezing energy, was huge, and carried immense power. However, no matter how powerful he was, as long as it was within my expectation, it wasn’t of any threat to me.


It was also incredibly fast. Yet, I was faster. Its freezing energy was powerful, but weaker than Ruyue’s. It could enlarge its head or front paw, but I didn’t allow myself to get hit even once. Compared to the Hermit King who could completely erase his presence, the Skeleton Wolf’s presence was just too big.

When it enlarged a part of its body, the energy gathering in that area was too large for me not to notice it. The only way I would be hit is if I purposely let myself be hit. I couldn’t even understand why I couldn’t notice it in the past.

“This older brother has other things to do today! I don’t have time to play around with you! Overlord!”

Since I didn’t plan on fighting after this, I used Overlord without hesitation. There was no way Beyond’s 25th Floor Master could withstand a power that could kill worlds’ enemies. When the Skeleton Wolf saw the energy inside me expanding, it howled.


[Frost Skeleton Wolf’s ‘Collapsing Roar’ rings out. Everything with form begins to collapse. Everything being collapsed will freeze with the Frost Skeleton Wolf’s mana and will attack you!]

I see, so this was the reason the Floor Master room was a snowy mountain! After hearing message noona’s report, I quickly summoned Sharana, infusing her into me and flying up. The ground below me was the first to collapse, while the peak of the snowy mountain followed suit. Then, controlled by the Frost Skeleton Wolf’s mana, they all began to fly towards me. After using Collapsing Roar, the Frost Skeleton Wolf also froze parts of the air and charged towards me in the sky.

Watching everything shooting towards me with intent to kill, I smirked. It was like watching a bigger version of Gaia Buster! With my current stats, even if I couldn’t perform the same feat, I would probably be able to do half of what the Skeleton Wolf could do.

Although there wasn’t anywhere for me to use Gaia Buster at the moment, once I got back to Antarctica, there would be more than enough land.

“Ruyue, I’ll leave the defense to you! Peika, let’s go full power!”


[Show that doggy Master’s power!]

Ruyue flew up and reached forward towards the incoming boulders of ice. After taking over 20% of my mana, she enclosed them all with her own ice and put them under her control.

Noting that I was safe from attacks, I accelerated in an instant and pointed my golden lightning covered spear towards the Frost Skeleton Wolf. Peika’s lightning was heightened by Lightning God’s power and mixed with Heroic Aura to transform into a platinum colored lightning. Even after being concentrated into a single point, streaks of lightning crackled outward. Though a bit embarrassing, it was a scene worthy of the name Lightning God.

“You’re not strong enough! The height I’m envisioning is higher and farther, the pinnacle of the dungeon!”

[I’ll return it to you! Take it!]

At the same time I thrust forward with my spear, Ruyue’s shout also rang out. The countless chunks of frozen land and boulders in the air all shot towards the Skeleton Wolf following her command. The Skeleton Wolf could only howl and face them head on, but his howling was beginning to sound like screams.

[You cleared Beyond’s 25th floor. You obtained the qualification to challenge the First Dungeon’s 76th floor.]

[Your maximum HP and MP increase by 2%. You obtained 5 bonus stats.]

[Experience has been added to skills you frequently used to progress through Beyond’s 25th floor.]

[You defeated Beyond’s fifth Floor Master, Frost Skeleton Wolf! You obtained the title ‘Frost Skeleton Wolf Slayer.’ All stats increase by 1.]

[Choose your reward.]
[1. Collapsing Ring.]

[He was weak!]

“Even Beyond’s Floor Master is nothing to Ruyue. Amazing.”


Although Skeleton Wolf was weaker than the Dragon Zombie, its ability to collapse and control land was truly terrifying. If I didn’t have my elementals, I might have had more trouble.

Still, to seize the control of those huge boulders… Did the terrain boost Ruyue’s ability? In any case, since I knew she had the highest contribution, I praised her wholeheartedly as I patted her. Then, I read the messages I just received.

It somewhat made sense that I wasn’t the first to defeat the Frost Skeleton Wolf solo, but I was still surprised. It meant there was someone else that climbed to Beyond’s 25th floor.

The seniors before me, just how far in Beyond did they go? What about in the First Dungeon? What about that man in Beyond’s Residential Area? Although I was full of questions, I buried them inside. I knew it was only a matter of time until I found out.

Next, the Collapsing Ring’s effect was beyond my expectations. Just like how the Echo Ring from Beyond’s Floor Master amplified roar type skills, the Collapsing Ring had a terrifying effect of doubling the range of all skills that crumbled land.

I immediately thought of earthquake magic that magicians used, but what I had was Gaia Buster. I wanted to test it out immediately, but the snowy mountain ruined by the Frost Skeleton Wolf’s Collapsing Roar wasn’t a place I could stay leisurely. When I left, I saw a completely unexpected customer at the Floor Shop.

“Oh, it’s that Hero in Double Crisis.”


“Hold on, what’s up with that sound like a frog that just got stepped on with a high-heel?”

“Oh, Shin-nim. That was really fast.”

The one talking to Loretta was none other than Eleine, Lost Valley’s master. As the last talk I had about her wasn’t particularly joyful, it felt awkward seeing her face. I silently looked at Loretta, asking her with my face why she was here.

“Ah, she said she had to talk about work. I didn’t know when Shin-nim would return, so I couldn’t leave the Floor Shop.”

“You should do things in moderation, Loretta. If you fall too deep, you won’t know how to climb back up.”

“Be quiet before you fall too deep to climb back, Eleine.”

Eleine pouted and went silent. With a wry smile, I waved goodbye and was about to leave when Loretta stopped me.

“I’ll be done soon, so stay and play with me, please?”

“If an administrative guild master came all the way to discuss something, it can’t be simple. I’ll come back later, we can play then.”

Eleine nodded seriously while still staying quiet. Loretta glared at Eleine with killing intent, but in the end, she sighed and took out an axe from the… Wait, that wasn’t a sigh of resignation!?
Eleine, who didn’t notice Loretta’s axe, suddenly looked at me with sparkling eyes. When I was wondering what was up, she spoke rather unexpected words.

“Hero, I already heard you defeated two worlds’ enemies! Then can you take care of our business too?”

Before I could respond, Loretta fixed her grip on her axe and spoke.

“Eleine… Cut it out.”

“Isn’t it natural to give quests to qualified explorers? That’s the administrative guild members’ job.”

“But he’s already busy! If you keep bothering my Shin-nim, I’ll make you regret it!”

Even after hearing Loretta’s threat, Eleine continued to look at me with great interest. I shook my head with a wry smile.

“Sorry, but I can’t right now. There are too many things I have to do on Earth.”

“Really? We still have some time so contact me when you’re done with… Hiik!”

Loretta’s giant axe struck the dungeon floor, making a thunder roar that rang out with Eleine’s shriek.

“L-Loretta, are you really doing this!?”

“Shin-nim, I’m sorry but we’ll have to play later. I have something else to take care of now.”

“Uh, mm… Okay. Try to avoid murder, Loretta.”

At my advice, Loretta retorted lightly, as if she was about to catch an annoying mosquito flying around in the room.

“I’ll consider it.”

“Hey, Hero! You’re running away! I’ll get my revenge!”

“Loretta, I won’t mind even if Loretta becomes a criminal. Just saying.”

“Yes, Shin-nim! I understand!”

“Hero, you! That’s assisting murder! A crime! Hey!”

With that, I safely escaped from Loretta and Eleine.

“Strange. Really strange.”

Licorice looked uncomfortable during the entire time we were exploring Antarctica.

“I had fun with Dear Husband, but why doesn’t it feel like it? Why?”

“I’m sure it’s just your imagination. Maybe you’ll change your mind once we clear a dungeon.”

“No, it must be because it wasn’t enough. In that case, I have to spend more time with Dear Husband.”

[Stop spouting nonsense and look in front of you, bat.]

“Eek, this birdbrain…!”

Licorice glared at Lotte and gritted her teeth. However, Lotte was right. Even though we could travel quickly on Lotte’s back, it wasn’t easy to find Event Dungeons in this huge continent. Licorice, who had the result of the succubi’s exploration in her head, needed to focus for us to finish exploring Antarctica quickly.

“Even Dear Husband… I feel like I’m just a map.”

“Do your best for a little longer, Licorice. When we’re done, I’ll reward you.”

“If that’s what Dear Husband says…”

Licorice complained a little and closed her eyes to focus on the database in her head. Then, she ordered Lotte to turn to the right and fly straight.

When we arrived at a certain point, she faced a giant glacier and tilted her head. Then, she closed her eyes again before opening them back up.

“Dear Husband.”


What she said next surprised me greatly.

“The dungeon that was here, I think it was cleared already.”

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