ICDS: Chapter 114

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Chapter 114. Avarice Devours Everything (1)

Using skill points, I could raise the level of a skill by 1. According to Loretta, however, every time you used skill points to increase the level of a skill, you would need double the amount of skill points the next time you wanted to raise its level.

It may not seem like a big deal, but it was. The first time it would be 1 skill point, but it would then be 2, 4, 8 and so on. To raise a single skill by 5 levels, you would need 31 skill points. As such, I had decided to save them for when I felt my growth was stunted.

Of course, now was an exception. I currently had 20 skill points. Even if I needed to exhaust them, I needed to make myself stronger.

“First, one into spear technique.”

My spear technique recently became high-rank level 6. With one point, it would become high-rank level 7.

[Spear Technique skill became high-rank level 7! External mana will naturally flow into your attacks without the use of your own mana. The chance of critical hits increases greatly when stabbing with your spear.]

[As you forcefully raised your level of attainment with a skill point, it may take some time for your body to adapt to the skill level.]

I felt like my body was being pressed strongly, like someone was trying to forcefully stuff me with the concept of getting stronger. To be honest, it wasn’t a good feeling. If possible, I wanted to rely on my own strength to increase my spear technique levels…

“No, I just need to completely learn it with my body.”

Perhaps it was the flaw of using skill points. I got the feeling that I couldn’t fully utilize the power of my high-rank level 7 spear technique. Like it said, it seemed I needed some time to adapt. I fell deep into thought. I originally wanted to master my spear technique, but if it was like this, there was no meaning to mastering my spear technique with skill points.

This sense of unfamiliarity and distance would only increase if I raised my spear technique level more, and it would take even longer for me to adapt to the level of attainment a true spear technique master should have. I would at least be unable to fully utilize the power of a spear technique master during the request.

In that case, it was probably better to raise other skill levels. Otherwise, the results might be worse than throwing away the skill points.

I wanted to raise my Elemental Contract skill to contract another elemental, but my Elemental Contract skill was currently mid-rank level 4. Even if I used all my skill points, I could not bring it up to level 9. As such, this was not the best idea.

I had to think of another method. A skill that could have immediate effects with increased skill level, something that I did not need to adapt to… A thought then flashed in my mind like lightning.

Divine Speed.

“Alright, one for now.”

[Divine Speed became level 7. When used, it uses 14% of your mana to multiply your speed by 750% for 1.5 seconds.]


No way. At level 6, in multiplied by speed by 700% for 1 second. The increase was just too big. Plus, just like I thought, this skill didn’t take time for me to adapt to it! This was it! As if I was possessed by something, I continued to use my skill points.

[Divine Speed became level 8. When used, it uses 13% of your mana to multiply your speed by 800% for 2 seconds.]

[Divine Speed became level 9. When used, it uses 12% of your mana to multiply your speed by 900% for 2.5 seconds.]

With the point I used to raise my spear technique level, I had used 8 skill points so far. I still had 12 left. I only needed 8 skill points to master Divine Speed. There was no need to hesitate. I could clearly see the shocking increase every time the skill level went up. I then used 8 skill points on Divine Speed.

[You mastered Divine Speed. When used, it uses 10% of your mana to multiply your speed by 1,000% for 3 seconds. Your affinity to the wind element increases greatly!]

I let out a long sigh. Using 10% of my mana to multiply my speed by 1,000% for 3 seconds. It was worth, no, more than worth the skill points I had spent. Plus, mastering it also raised my affinity to the wind element greatly!

“This… This might even be stronger than all of my other abilities combined.”

I had a 145% base speed increase, which became 1,450% when multiplied by 10. With Divine Speed, the destructive power of my attacks would not be as simple as my speed increasing. Of course, it would be difficult for me to adapt to the speed that was 14.5 times faster. My opponent might have a defense skill or a skill that increased their own speed, so I couldn’t say this skill would be invincible.

Even so, it was clear that this skill would become one of my main skills. It would let me output an overwhelming destructive force, and if it only used 10% of my mana, I would be able to use it without much burden.

Alright, now I had 4 points left. First, I put a point into Peruta Circuit. I suspected that it was similar to spear technique in that putting another point in was discouraged.

[Peruta Circuit became level 6! You can more easily maintain Peruta Circuit during battle. Your circulation speed increases and draws in more mana. While Peruta Circuit is active, rotational force will be added to all your movements, greatly increasing their destructive power.]

[As you forcefully raised your level of attainment with a skill point, it may take some time for your body to adapt to the skill level.]

As expected, it was hard to say Peruta Circuit had grown completely. I had the feeling I was wearing armor that didn’t fit me.

That said, there was a clear difference between level 5 and level 6 Peruta Circuit. It became easier to gather mana during combat and rotational force would be added to all movements. I realized why Peruta was so proud of this technique. It even made me consider raising its skill level again.

However, I held myself back. Whether Peruta Circuit or my spear technique, any more would make it hard for me to handle their change. I was afraid that it might even harm my techniques.

Most importantly, there was a skill I wanted to raise with the remaining skill points.

[Soul Guard became level 4. Your soul’s league grows higher, making you unfazed by standard mental attacks.]

[Soul Guard became level 5. Your soul’s league grows higher, making you overwhelm others naturally and giving you a small resistance against mental and even magical attacks. The chance of receiving critical hits decreases.]

“Huhu, it really is an amazing skill.”

I still wasn’t confident in my mental defenses. What I had to watch out for the most in Luka continent weren’t things I could not handle with my physical ability, but mental attacks! Of course, if I could completely adapt to spear technique or Peruta Circuit, I would have chosen one to put all my skill points into, but that wasn’t the case. As such, I decided to increase my Soul Guard skill.

The result was more than satisfactory. I didn’t think I would even get resistance against magical attacks. As expected of a secret reward. Confirming that my choice hadn’t been wrong, I checked my stats with all the changes.

[Name: Kang Shin Race: Human Sex: Male
Class: Elementalist (Sub – Skill Collector, Tamer) Title: Zeus Rank: Gold 9
Level: 51
HP – 27,650/27,650 MP – 21,860/21,860
Strength – 149(+81) Dexterity – 140(+49) Constitution – 129(+51)
Intelligence – 32(+44) Magic – 131(+69) Charm – 87(+84) Luck – 39(+34)

Normal Skills – High-rank Martial Arts (Lv 4), High-rank Spear Technique (Lv 7), Low-rank Crossbow Marksmanship (Lv 9), Low-rank Gale Track (Lv 2), Mid-rank White Lightning Consecutive Strike (Lv 3), Mid-rank Heroic Strike (Lv 8), Mid-rank Provoke (Lv 6), Divine Speed (Master), Return (Lv 4), Heavy Armor Mastery (Lv 3), Mid-rank Dash (Lv 4), Peruta Circuit (Lv 6), Soul Guard (Lv 5), Dimensional Travel (Lv 1), Deific Manifestation, Death Counter, Riding

Class Skills – Mid-rank Spirit Mastery (Lv 7), Mid-rank Spirit Aura (Lv 4), Mid-rank Elemental Control (Lv 4), Mid-rank Elemental Contract (Lv 4), Mid-rank Elemental Blade (Lv 2), Mid-rank Elemental Tempest (Lv 4), Thunder Beast (Lv 2).

Subclass Skill – Endow Skill, Taming (Lv 1), Spirit of the Collector, Spirit of the Tamer (Lv 1)]

Golden Teardrop (Intelligence +5, Magic +5, Charm +15. Can use Succubus’ Pupils.)
Blood Succubus’ Earring (Magic +15, Intelligence +5, Charm +20. Emits a scent that easily attracts members of the opposite sex.)
Flesh Golem’s Second Finger (Strength +7, Constitution +7. Can use Regeneration.)
Crimson Dragon Scale Armor (All stats +10, Strength +10, Dexterity +10. Effect of Charge type skills +60%. Can use Crimson Roar.)
Red Dragon Felixes’ Cape (Dexterity +15, Magic +15, Charm +15. Immune to temperature-based status effects. Three times a day, it protects its master from unforeseen attacks.)
Crimson Gluttony Spear (Strength +30, Fire damage added to all basic attacks, Can inflict burn status effect.)]

Giant Wolf’s Tattoo (Speed +30%, Attack power of charge type skills +50%)]

[Collector’s Pocket Watch:
1 o’clock: Orc Lord’s Warcry
2 o’clock: Vengeful Spirit’s Wail
3 o’clock: Dark Thunder Explosion
4 o’clock: Dragon Skin
5 o’clock: Diehard
6 o’clock: Undead Roar
7 o’clock: Outburst
8 o’clock: Shadow Blink
9 o’clock: Gigantic]

[3 Event Dungeon clears, 2 Event Raid clear, accumulated bonus stats: 7]

[Current skill points: 0]

[Thirteen title-effects: (Orc Lord Slayer, Wraith Queen Slayer, Dark Ratman Slayer, Giant Ghoul Slayer, Skeleton Knight Slayer, Dullahan Slayer, Lizard Knight Master, Grim Reaper Master, Giant Wolf Master, Wendigo Master, Hermes, Zeus). Accumulated effects: All stats +24, Speed +15%, Strength +15%, Charm +15%, Critical hit rate x2 against skeleton-type monsters, Critical damage +50% against opponents with bones, increased affinity to all elements x2, affinity to the wind element greatly increased, affinity to the lightning elemental greatly increased, can summon Talaria once per day, can summon Caduceus once per month, can use Sky God’s Play once per day, can use Sky God’s Range once per month.]

[Contracted Elementals
1. Peika (Lightning elemental)
2. Ruyue (Ice elemental)]

[Tamed subordinates:
1. Plene (Siren)]

Looking at the long list, I felt strange. The fruits of my 5 years of work were shown on my status. However, they were most likely lacking compared to other Dimensional Mercenaries, who must have spent a long time collecting skills points and stats.

Let’s get stronger so that I don’t have to worry about my lack of ability when I’m trying to go save a friend. I wanted strength that would allow me to freely do as I wished. I wanted strength that would allow me to send anyone flying that tried to kill me just because I was a Hero.

Then, when I was about to use Dimensional Travel, Loretta grabbed me.

“Shin-nim, don’t tell me you’re going right away?”

“I am. I’m leaving Plene behind too. I don’t think her mental attacks would be good enough against the demons anyways, and I can’t let her die.”

“That’s not what I mean. You might not be able to come back for a few days, so shouldn’t you say something to your parents?”


I hadn’t even thought about it, as my head was filled with thoughts about Ludia and Shina. But now that I thought about it, there was class today too! After being contacted yesterday by Ludia, I broke through the 50th floor without even getting a wink of sleep, and even became a Dimensional Mercenary. Whoa, mother and Yua had called me several times and sent me countless messages…

“I’ll… go say goodbye.”

“Yes, you should. Also, remember to put in a good word about me to your mother.”

“No, I won’t.”


I immediately went home and told my family what was going on. Mother and Yua immediately looked at me with doubtful eyes and Walker bluntly said I was lying. However, I didn’t say anything more. Since I couldn’t let them worry about me for nothing, I had just told them that I had something important to take care of for a few days.

Then, I told only father the truth.

“I heard about it too. That Luka continent was in trouble.”

“Yes, father. I became something called a Dimensional Mercenary. I’m going to go help my friends.”

Father was silent for a moment, then reached out and patted my head.

“Yeah, go help your friends. I’m proud of you.”

“Yes, father. I will be back.”

“Don’t come back all beaten up.”

“Of course. I’m father’s son.”

Should I tell Ye-Eun and Hwaya too? No, there was no need to tell everyone about it. I only sent them messages saying I would be busy with the dungeon for a few days, then went back to the dungeon. Loretta, who had gone back to the Floor Shop, blinked her large golden eyes and asked.

“Oh? You came back? I thought you’d go straight to Luka continent.”

“Yeah, I thought I should say goodbye to Loretta too.”

“How rare of you to say something so praiseworthy… Eit, I’ll go for it!”

Loretta flew herself over the counter and dove at me. As expected of an elf, she was incredibly fast. Even while I was flustered, I caught her so that she wouldn’t get hurt. When I let out a sigh of relief, Loretta’s face was right in front of mine.


“Yes! Uup.”

The next moment, I was even more surprised. Loretta had suddenly kissed me. Looking at Loretta’s eyes in front of me, I blinked. I couldn’t understand what just happened. Well, Loretta’s lips and my lips touched…. Eeeeeeh!?

[You received the Queen Elf’s High Blessing. The effect will last for four days. You are protected against all low-rank and mid-rank status effects. You can maintain your consciousness for 5 minutes after falling into a half-dead state. Your luck increases by 100. All members of the Faerie race will see you favorably. Your vitality and magic recovery rate increases greatly, and you will not get tired easily. Your attacks have an increased chance to land critical hits.]

A message rang in my ears, but I wasn’t in the state of mind to listen to it calmly. While I was standing there blankly, Loretta brought her head back and made a ‘mmm’ noise. Her face was red like it would explode at any time. Thinking about the touch of her lips left on my lips, I was unable to say or do anything. Loretta then said in a quiet voice.

“Don’t misunderstand, Shin-nim.”


“I didn’t kiss Shin-nim because I wanted to give you a blessing. I did it because I love you. Got it?”

There were many things I wanted to say. I didn’t know we had this kind of relationship, I don’t remember accepting you, that was my first kiss, etc, etc.

However, this was what I chose to say.


“Good. Then you can go now.”

… For some reason, I felt like I was being tamed by Loretta. No, it couldn’t be! However, because I didn’t initially get mad, talking about it now would be awkward. In the end, I could only use Dimensional Travel while still thinking about her warmth left on my lips. I was the opposite of calm.

My destination was the Luka continent. We would rendezvous at Ehuir Empire’s Imperial Palace.

The moment I used Dimensional Travel, I felt a pain like my body was being squeezed dry. The surrounding scenery melted, as did my body. The entire world became black, then turned bright again. My body was torn to shreds, glued back together, then torn to shreds again.


“Eh? It’s a new face.”

“Don’t tell me, there’s a new Dimensional Mercenary? Haa, I didn’t even notice.”

“He’s handsome…”

After losing my consciousness, I half-opened my eyes from the sounds I heard around me. There were about a dozen people staring at me.

I realized I was lying on the ground and picked myself up. There were knights and magicians lined up in the wide hall I was in. I even saw Ludia who was half-frowning.

There was no doubt. This was the Luka continent.

My first request as a Dimensional Mercenary had started.

Author’s note:
8,000 characters!? Toika, you fool! Didn’t I tell you to control the quantity!?
My apologies, Your Excellency, but the status window took up 1,000 characters. I was afraid of the reader’s wrath, so I increased the amount!

The math in the speed increase might be wrong from my lack of knowledge, so forgive me. Do tell me if it’s wrong.

Everyone, I’ll just say it again. Shin can appoint a new explorer for becoming a Gold rank explorer (this is on top of getting another subclass).

PS – I get the feeling we’ve already gone into Loretta route…
PS2 – Today was the first time Loretta used High Blessing. What could this mean?

Translator’s note:
Toika, at least make your author’s note small… I looked at the number of pages for this chapter and almost fell out of my chair…

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