ICDS Chapter 65 + New Release Schedule

Hey guys, another sponsored chapter is out.

Chapter 65, sponsored by Yong C., Alexander T., Alex H., and Taylor W.

Release Schedule Announcement! 

I realized that summer is ending in a bit over a month and that the releases might get a bit sporadic, especially when I have to move back to my university and do school work. After thinking about what to do, I decided to go with Ren’s old schedule for Coiling Dragon.

There will still be 6 regular chapters every week, and if there are chapters in queue, up to three chapters will come out in any given day. I will rest on the 21st of every month (like Ren did), meaning no chapters will come out.

As for when the chapters will come out, the current schedule is one at 11 AM (regular), one at 3 PM (if in queue), and one at 7 PM (if in queue). Sorry to the disappointed fans, but summer unfortunately doesn’t last forever for a student like me.

This will go in effect starting from tomorrow! I will see you tomorrow at 11 AM.

EDIT: I am in Eastern time zone (GMT -4/-5 depending on daylight saving). Also, no more chapters for today!

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  1. Thanks for all the work you’ve put in and have promised to put in during the future! You’re translation quality, this novel, and you’re dedication are truly at the peak! Thanks!!! <3

  2. i have a dumb question , is there any chance to make this into a anime anytime soon , i really would like to see them fight , and not a regular anime 24 episodes but a longer one to contain information from here and to make a good anime .
    PS : depending on how big it is at least 100+ episode or more , i really think this would be a great hit as a anime .

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