ICDS Chapter 165 + Schedule Update

Here’s the Friday chapter.

Chapter 165

Now, onto the schedule change.

Simply put, I’m extremely busy with IRL stuff and there will only be 5 regular chapters per week (until maybe I get an internship lol).

More in detail, I’m juggling school work, clubs, a work-study job, and internship/interview/resume stuff, so I’m quite chased on time. With the increased length of chapters, I decided to lower the regular chapters per week to 5.

Thank you for understanding~

4 thoughts on “ICDS Chapter 165 + Schedule Update” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

  1. Thanks for the chapters. 5 a week is pretty amazing while adding all the other responsibilities you have. Don’t overwork yourself. We’re here for the long run and it won’t help anyone if you burn yourself out.

  2. I “+1” the above comment.

    Good luck with your intership search, I just extrated myself from such a situation.
    Have fun take your time, and we will (very impatiently) wait 😀

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