ICDS Chapter 128

Hey guys~

Here’s chapter 128!

In case anyone forgot, the 21st of every month is my “rest day” as I talked about back when changed the schedule. Then I realized, I still need to release 6 regular chapters. Since I’m going back to my university this weekend, I don’t know how busy I will be, so I’m releasing the regular chapter today (there will still be 6 this week!)

No sponsored release today though. It will be back to normal tomorrow.


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  1. I did like to know, when will the author made the MC grow up, when a strong fellow dungeoneer call to made a comunity of earth dungeoneer, to team up them so it more easy to share information with each other, and to made it more easy to prevent another disaster, he refuse it because he feel it beneath his pride to follow order, he afraid because he is weaker than hwaya, now he stronger, the strong fellow dungeoneer in fact already charmed by him (not intentionally). But the crisis are raising, he again being asked by other to team up, and lead other awakened personal to save earth, he again refuse, it not concern him he said, it bothersome he said, he said other are childish, but what about him, he afraid to take the responsibility, is that realy how an adult behave, and last, after serious conversation about the future earth, he walk away ignoring other pleading, and have fun hunting wyverin. hmfhh

    1. I would say he’s right about not teaming up with Unknown people saying he should team up out of nowhere, think about it they say something about never haven seen said person in the chapter right? what if said person turns out to be lying and is a demon lord in disguise?

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