ICDS Chapter 115-116 + Annoucement!

Here are Sunday’s chapters~

Chapter 115, sponsored by Chad H.

Chapter 116, sponsored by Ivannikov S.

My editor, Jay, has moved on to greener pastures and will no longer be editing ICDS. Let us take this moment to thank her for the work she’s done thus far!

With that said, if anyone would like to volunteer to be the editor, shoot me an email at [email protected]!

PS – Editor gotten!

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    1. Gone to greener pastures just means she found a place thats more beneficial to her whether its getting paid a higher salary someplace else or given better conditions or some other reason.

        1. Yeah, he did. It’s called not wanting to pay me for 115 chapters of work. To set the record straight, I thought I would be valued as an editor and get paid for the work I’ve done, because I’ve always worked with translators who did that. Fudge thought he didn’t need to, because he’s never shared his profits with editors apparently. It was a miscommunication that was partially my fault because we didn’t clarify from the start and had different expectations. With that said, I didn’t actually move on to greener pastures, I just stopped here because Fudge bitch-slapped me in the face by saying my editing was something he could do himself if he took the time and seriously devalued the work I did. Love WW, love the series. Don’t love the disrespect.

          1. Whoa, I never disrespected you, though I do apologize if that’s how you felt. I said I appreciated your work, and right, I never thought I had to pay my editors because I never had to before. In fact, I’ve been translating for almost 5~7 years, and I never started even making money until I joined WW to do ICDS. If I had to pay for my editors before, I would’ve been losing money. It’s partially my fault for the miscommunication as that wasn’t what I expected. That said, I hope you realize that the amount you asked for is a lot. I wouldn’t mind if there were a ton of things to fix, but it’s mostly typos, commas, and occasional grammar mistakes. Rarely are there any sentence restructuring to do. I apologize again if you think I was being disrespectful, I really do, and I did pay you (though not the amount you hoped).
            Plus, I thought you were doing it for the early access to chapters + other perks like letting your friends get early access chapters, which was why I readily agreed to you inviting whoever you wanted to the google doc. Again, I apologize for the misunderstanding.

            By the way, Ren (good guy Ren!) has said he would cover the remainder of the balance (the amount you wanted minus the amount I paid), so you will get paid the amount you wanted, but I hope you realize that you’re asking for a lot, to the point that an unpopular series would be losing money to translate… I don’t think an editor should be paid more because the series is popular.

          2. Korean labor

            I mean comon now though fudge, you can’t pay 5$ per chapter? i call bs.

            Jesus just look at the recent chapters ”Typos, grammar mistakes” my ass
            It’s gonna be fun waiting longer for chapter’s and making them semi unreadable cause your greedy as fuck.

        1. You mean like changing the fact that she did get salary from it and well desvered one at that but fudge went ”go fuck yourself” and kicked her?, oh no wait sry she went on to ”Greener pastures”
          cause that’s what happened.

          1. Both are jobs, translators are more rare cos well, not everyone speaks Korean/Chinese, but GOOD editors aren’t very easy to come by either, it’s work either way, passing off work to someone means you gotta pay them for the time you’re getting for free, and a popular novel like ICDS who has had to be CAPPED at 3 chapters a day, with a bloody $60 sponsor bar, is a huge amount of money, money that came from the novel being popular, if editors don’t get a pay-rise for the popular novel they’re editing, why do translators? both come with the same amount of risk depending on the novel you work on, and neither of them are the authors of the novel ._. even if one has never paid an editor before, i hope you do now fudge, it’s all about work ethics, you’re within a business now.

  1. Meatbun Delivery~
    Thank you for the chapter ( ●w●)

    Lol major miscommunication..
    Thanks for the effort you both put through.. hope you’ll take the current experience as an example to learn and not get traumatized from the mistake..

  2. thanks for the chapters fudge 🙂
    thanks for the hardwork so far Jay !!!!
    as for the previous comment about the payment and the rest, I don’t think us readers have the right to say anything about it, nor is it right to do so, since we don’t have all the elements to judge and are external to the story

    nice day to every reader 🙂

  3. Luckily I’m one of the people who don’t care about other people’s drama and just enjoy the work, I mean if I understood Korean I doubt I would even be here, but I still appreciate for the translator and the editors, whoever they are…
    So thanks…

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