HUGE Skyfire Avenue Release – Chapters 89-92

Hello denizens of Skyfire Avenue!

Special treat for you today. We will have FOUR – that’s right, FOUR chapter releases through the course of the day screw it, we’re doing it now. This will satisfy not only my five chapter weekly minimum, but also TWO sponsored chapters for your enjoyment.

We start with: Chapter 89: Vacuums and Positron Cannons.     Followed by: Chapter 90: Electro-Squall, Thor’s Starfall    And then there’s: Chapter 91: All Accounted, All is Well    But wait, we still have: Chapter 92: The Man in Black

*Plus a bonus from the author, starting with this one all subsequent chapters (as far as I have translated) have doubled in length! That’s more SA for you!

I would personally like to give a massive thank you to the donors who have sponsored these releases. They are, snazzy nicknames included and in no particular order;

The respected O. ‘h man it feels good to be a gangsta’ Karabiber of Germany! ♦  My boy J. ‘jama-lama’ Laxamana from Australia! ♦ The honorable V. ‘Vincent Price doppelganger’ Perrollaz from France! and Master D. ‘Hater-Annihilator’ Holcomb of the U.S.!

You guys are all totally stupendously awesome, thank you!

SUPER big ups to one in particular, though, who pushed us way over the edge: His Majesty R. ‘k-k-kaaameeehhaaaMEEEHAAA!!’ Kunzi of the U.S.! Due to his donation the current queue will remain at $20 and roll in to next week.

The next five thousand one hundred and ninety words of butt-kicking awesitude are thanks to all of you! See you Monday!

Xiao Lai

10 thoughts on “HUGE Skyfire Avenue Release – Chapters 89-92” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

    1. I just write what the author gives me ;). Cliffhangers are good though, generates interest! I’m more excited to translate the next chapter if it ends on a cliffhanger, personally.

      1. Well I’m not blaming you or anything. Cliffhangers always make a reader and as you said a translator motivation to find out what happens next. 🙂

        =P just was pointing out that cliffhangers are becoming more common here.. heh

        Much love for your efforts on translating this novel!

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