How is the website performing on the new server? Poll!

EDIT – So after monkeying around for half the afternoon, the BlueHost guys explained to me that the server type that I currently have does not play nice with Cloudflare (which is also why the stats counter got messed up), and recommended that I disable it (which I have).  So we’ll leave at this for now.  At the recommendation of BlueHost, I’m enabling the SiteLock CDN instead, so hopefully it works well.  At least the Stats Counter seems to be working again.  Yay!  I’m deleting the poll now because it does not play nice with the mobile app.

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  1. I’d say almost the same, but since I didn’t get an error since the change and had some before (mainly during the around the time of a new release) I’ll vote that it’s faster.

  2. No more errors, but wanted to let you there’s a caching problem, Ren (cache static content, leverage browser caching).

    An explanation from

    Leverage Browser Caching

    This rule triggers when PageSpeed Insights detects that the response from your server does not include caching headers or if the resources are specified to be cached for only a short time.


    Fetching resources over the network is both slow and expensive: the download may require multiple roundtrips between the client and server, which delays processing and may block rendering of page content, and also incurs data costs for the visitor. All server responses should specify a caching policy to help the client determine if and when it can reuse a previously fetched response.

  3. the speed really depends on the time of access and the amount of traffic… otherwise for someone like me, the speed is only slightly noticeable (and that might just be hindsight)

  4. um good question i need an other option : Preforming the same before the f5-fu combatants took over.

    P.s. what is the error “You are posting comments too quickly. Slow down.” i got it after typing to send the above after just typing it? is there a new speed limit on how fast we can press post?

  5. for me its faster i am following the site for 1 week including today but my opinion might be infuluenced since i had the error in this short time i was here and with new site its working without problem

  6. I went to select it was about the same and then low and behold I got “Error establishing a database connection” So I’m going to say yeah, it’s exactly the same as before.

  7. I went to select it was about the same and then low and behold I got “Error establishing a database connection” So I’m going to say yeah, it’s exactly the same as before. Also got another error when going to post the comment.

  8. After many years of training F5-Fu i have now realised that i can´t use it with mine diantian ( Macbook Air) but i ask you all masters in the world, teach me the Legendary Mac-Fu style

    1. BlackBirdy, the mobile version has been deactivated due to caching conflicts. Try to clear your cache for your mobile browser or otherwise refresh it!

  9. Getting this weird problem where I can’t login saying there’s an empty password field.

    Even after I successfully login, changing a page makes me logout or something. Can’t see the panel at the top after clicking any link.

    1. Sorry, that wasn’t accurate. It only happens if I click “Home” and only shows me offline initally. If I refresh, I’m logged in again. I think it has to do with caching?

      1. i didnt mean it like it was a bad thing lol you usually have a pretty good timetable with everything so if there r more problems its cause everyones online waiting for you to post it

          1. you are the best i work a double today so i came home to chill and hopefully read a chapter and you always deliver nothing but respect for you

  10. I usually access the site on mobile and when you switched the servers I started having issues; the problems stopped when you turned off CloudFlare so that was probably the issue. Also had some trouble registering and logging in just now, but I think that ? said that was a caching problem?

    On a side note: are you completely getting rid of the mobile platform? It is a lot easier for me to use but I can deal if you are.

    P.S. thanks for all your hard work

    1. Kokky, the new CDN was causing problems with the mobile. It should be working now. This site has only been up for two weeks, so do expect some hiccups. Sorry for all the problems, and thanks for the patience! I absolutely will continue to have a mobile platform, which IMHO is a must for a ‘reading’ focused website like this one is. Just have to figure out the proper way to do it. I’ve tossed both Cloudflare and the new SiteLock CDN, so for now, let’s just see how the ‘regular’ host does.

      1. I know someone said this somewhere else but you should probably also disable the comments for Bonus Releases as you did for the index besides your explanation for BR is pretty straight forward. and you might want to put up a general issues thread in the forum to catch everything. Or even a FAQ page (though I personally don’t think you need

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