HJC Vol 9 Chapter 81 Part 2 Release

First sponsored release of the week!


Thanks to Julien Wilmet from France, Emmanuel Martinez from Norway, Salman Ansari from the US and Ronald Susanto from Indonesia for sponsoring this release <3

HJC Chapter 81 Part 2

Will be attempting to churn out more releases this week. Apologies for last week where I was slacking a lot =p Mixture of a few birthday meetups plus the Dota 2 Manila Major ate up a lot more of my time than expected heh. Was an amazing run though! <3<3

10 thoughts on “HJC Vol 9 Chapter 81 Part 2 Release” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

      1. i’m kind of fanboying after n0tail since early secret, but with OG it’s really beautiful dota when the drafts work 🙂 and since mad is coaching it indeed looks like they stepped up their drafting… and with crit, miracle and moon the awesome plays come in! but the current top 3 are all pretty nice to watch, including liquid 😀

        1. Yes, Miracle has always been awesome, but Crit has really stepped up his game. Been super impressed with him this major

          I’m hoping Ehome get their game up too. Always been an Ice3 fan as well, for the obvious reason =p

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