HJC Vol 9 Chapter 80 Part 1 Release

Second regular release of the week!


HJC Chapter 80 Part 1

Read what Deathblade said in one of his posts (708 i believe) earlier, and have to totally agree! It’s been happening to me more frequently these days as I can totally think of a phrase in Mandarin and totally blank out on a proper phrase to state it in English.

Is it a translator curse?! Nooooo!

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  1. Since this is coming as a surprise, I’ll take a wild stab in the dark and guess that you’re both native english speakers. Otherwise I think that practically anyone that has learned english (at least to the stage of being comfortable using the language and not struggling) has had a few occasions where they could think of a phrase in english but not in their native language.

    Then again it might be considered like a mini translator curse because I think that the more time you spend studying/thinking in a language the more often things like that happen, so translators should be more prone to this than most people.

  2. Hey Zen ,
    thanks for the chapter!

    and about your little problem:
    it also happens to me from time to time that I unterstand what I read but cant state it in German(my native language ) properly.

  3. That’s because you guys have to think too much to translate so you need to constantly think of words in english. We all have neurons in our brains for words, sentences and the more often we say it or use it, the more tired those neurons or nerves get just like muscles. Think about what happens if you use same muscle constantly for too long.. same idea

  4. it’s not a translator problem, but rather a sign that the foreign language is becoming a proper second language to you. means your understanding of the language’s structure and ways of expression has become really good. i speak several languages, but don’t translate, and i experience the same. brain seems to think it’s enough to remember one version at a time, so the one i find first is what i recently heard most frequently.

    when a translator becomes good enough, they’ll create their own internal lexicon of idiomatic expressions and their equivalents in the other language, as well as other ways of formulating the same meaning. but that takes years of training, or the time to do slow translation.

    if you translate a lot, it might be an idea to create a list of all those expressions with their best translations.

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