HJC Vol 9 Chapter 77 Part 1 Release

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HJC Chapter 77 Part 1

Have read quite a few angry comments of the past two chapters about Shangguan Tianyue, and I have some comments of my own to the naysayers.

I personally don’t like his actions as well, but do remember that this setting, and most stories, are of Chinese culture in the past. We should not use the values of our own today to judge such things. In the past, there were those traditional ‘values’ that make totally no sense to us right now, but you can’t change the fact that they were there. Marriages were all arranged, it was rare or almost non existent for guys and girls to meet up and fall in love before marriage like is current now. Filial piety was one of the core values (and still is, to a certain extent), and listening to your parents was considered the right thing to do, no matter how stupid the ‘order’ sounded like.

Add to that the fact that Shangguan Tianyue is the second, or third most powerful person in the most powerful country in the world, and possibly the most powerful Great Saint Land as well. Hubris would definitely be one of his flaws don’t you think?

Tang Jia San Shao is a great author, and while he may occasionally use a ‘trope’, I have full confidence he will bring the story to greater heights.

I don’t remember the full story or the exact happening in detail anymore since I read it so long ago, but I can definitely guarantee that our dear little fatty will not accept things so easily, and well, adversity breeds character 😉 If everything in the story was smooth sailing, there would be no story!

Cheers, and hope you guys continue enjoying the story!

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  1. We understand that it is not like nowadays but still the lack of back talking fom Bing’er was dissepointing as hell cuz she used to have such a strong character and now shes like ” hm f***in whatever :/ ” you know?

    1. umm… i’m answering to this comment but this is for all the comments that say “why is she obeying the father when the mother is ok with it?” or she is “hmm f***in whatever :/”.
      you know, she just found out she has sisters, met her father and discovered she is from the most important royal family in the world… with all the shock, does she even understand what is going on? i do not think she is obeying her father or ok with it, just… kind of too shocked to think?
      i do agree her character disappeared lately, though,

  2. Still the problem is not fatty, but shangguan bing’er behavior, her mother the parent that raised her accepted fatty, why would she listen to this guy……

  3. yeah, what irritated me more was bing’er. ever since the 2 year training she has been docile as hell. she used to be tough and bold but now she is like a docile housewife who can’t say no or backtalk (they ain’t even married yet). her character just straight up disappeared after the training. its even weirder because the training had nothing to do with temperament. i mean, zhou didn’t change at all but its like bing’er was replaced with someone else.

  4. I grew up in a Syrian family so even though w we no longer do those old school traditions a lot of the values and ideals still hold firm. Especially when it comes to the level of respect you give your parents so I can understand why Bing’er acted so docile.

  5. You tried your best Zen, but as you see a lot of people will never read this story with ant appreciation for cultural differences. They would rather compare it to their lives which to the Chinese would be mediocre.

    And I really don’t know any man from any culture who would take “I banged your daughter already” lying down. He’s lucky he didn’t get beat down just for that.

  6. I wanted to write something but kept erasing it because i couldn’t epress myself well enough ;/
    But just so this isn’t an empty post:Hate the father, still like the novel.

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