HJC Vol 6 Chapter 53 Part 3 Release

First release of the day!


Thanks to David Kim from the US for sponsoring the entire release! <3

HJC Chapter 53 Part 3

7 thoughts on “HJC Vol 6 Chapter 53 Part 3 Release” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

  1. thanks for the work 🙂

    i know it have nothing to do here but i’m almost sure you are the same person/group that translate shadow rogue on gravity no? if yes, can you give some news on this project? I don’t really go on gravity much (i just read what i folow with last chapter in favorite cause i don’t like the acceuil ^^) so maybe i have missed some infos but the last time i have see something for SR was to tell that there will be a new planning then nothing :p (the post for chapter 69 ^^)

    good day to you 🙂

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