HJC Vol 6 Chapter 51 Part 1 Release

Second release of the day!


Many thanks to Tylor Dobey and Mrow from the US for sponsoring this release <3

HJC Chapter 51 Part 1

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  1. If “regular release” was a little more, there would probably be more sponsorship… As it stands, even after people sponsoring, the total release is less than some other translator’s “regular release”…

      1. It’s not that i don’t like Zen’s translations. And I’m sure it’s hard work…
        But 1-2 chapters a week (3 mini chapters per chapter on average), it’s going to take 4 – 7 years to finish translating this… (well, since we have 51 chapters, 3 – 6 years).
        HJC is already finished, and it’s gona be 3-6 more years, until the translations are finished… Just makes one impatient 🙁

        i dont want to see that another of my favorite novel get dropped because of readers GREEED
        all the novels in wuxiaworld is already super fast

        one of my favorite novel get dropped and the new translator is awful he tries his best but he is still awfull at it my only hope is that he drops it again and let the old translator continue
        i really dont want to see some1 awful take over hjc

        i just get panick since my last experience

    1. Be happy that at least someone is translating this novel. You can’t just compare the translation pace with other translators. You just can’t. Everyone has their own amount of free time.

      PS: Ty Zen and welcome back.

      1. It would be cool, if more than 1 translator can “share” a same novel. Then the speed would be that much faster. And also, the donations would be more (and would be the same as if they didn’t share, or even more).
        And it’s not like after translating HJC, Zen would be out of work; he/she can just start translating a “new novel”. So “multiple translators” per “some novels”, make sense to me.
        WIth the current speed 1-2 chapters (3-6 mini chapters on average), it’s going to take 3-6 more years for HJC to finish; even thought HJC is already written. Even for the author, it took 4 years to write?
        I don’t dislike Zen. I think he should keep translating. He/she’s doing a good job. But we need some changes, to accelerate HJC a little. (Maybe add a translator, i don’t know), just an idea…

  2. HJC…this novel’s got tiny cliffy chapters as it is, if you compared it to other novels….but still 1-2 chapters a week…???
    I don’t know about others but it’s not enough for me.
    So, as a powerless leecher I can only do what is within my scope of power….stop reading these cliffhangery chapters and Tryout MTL.

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