HJC Vol 6 Chapter 39 Part 3 Release

First sponsored release of the day! Sorry, it’s rather late, went to watch Star Wars (finally)… ahhh so good! I think I shall go watch it again next week <3 (Please no spoilers in the comments in case any others haven’t watched yet, thank you)

In any case, enjoy this release~ We are finally entering the academy soon!

HJC Chapter 39 Part 3

Thanks to Jake Thygesen, Cesar Padilla from the US, Tamashii from Austria, and Henry Tizzard from Australia for sponsoring this release! <3

P.S. Have read several comments in the previous chapter regarding the ‘Virgin your Sister’ phrase, and Ren also mentioned something about it. I realised that my footnote wasn’t really clear at all.

Basically, xx 你妹 (or xx your younger sister), where xx can be any subject, is a slang that the chinese use to convey derision, as Ren said, something like how we use xx Your Ass in english, and can only be considered a very mild insult at best. The reason I chose to do a direct translation is because Ming Yu actually chooses to treat it literally later as well – and says he insulted his sister. Now, I’m not sure why exactly this is so, but TJSS has done it several times in HJC already, using a term with another meaning and having others interpret it with the more literal meaning. (Truly a pain to translate =p ) In any case, maybe Ming Yu is just sensitive about his sister =p

Hope that clears things up, and I have also updated the previous footnote.

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  1. Sorry, i was disappointing with the new Star Wars movie. May just be the fact that I wasn’t a fan to begin with. I was peer pressured into watch the 3D version. Almost fell asleep multiply time, if you think the movie was worth it, please enlighten me.

  2. I’ve heard it more often as ‘my ass’ growing up, using the example ‘she’s a virgin, my ass.’ I find it hilarious that he took it literally and got upset over it.

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