HJC Vol 5 Chapter 26 Part 3 Release

3rd release for the day! Been a long time since I managed to do so =p


This is a bonus release for a friend’s birthday! Happy Birthday Tina! She does Blue Phoenix over at Gravity, so do go over and wish her a Happy Birthday! It’s an awesome original novel that she writes, and I enjoyed it a lot, so much so that I drop in once in a while to edit it as well. <3


HJC Chapter 26 Part 3

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  1. Thanks for the chapter. Also Blue Phoenix really is an awesome xianxia. I recommend reading it. The writing quality is super good and while the man eats man xianxia themes are still there, it has a nice Japanesey style to it at least in the sense that the people are nicer and that the character are mostly all developed and aren’t just random mooks. I highly recommend it!

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