HJC Vol 5 Chapter 26 Part 1 Release

Good morning all, here’s one release before I head to work!


HJC Chapter 26 Part 1

Thanks to Joseph Gange from the US, who sponsored this entire chapter! <3

I’ll be releasing a regular release tonight once I’ve finished work (give or take a few hours, as I’m gonna watch this week’s AoS, Flash & Arrow tonight =p)

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  1. (repost)

    Hello, and thank you for your hard work. I have a suggestion completely out of place, but i dont know where else to leave it. So here it is.
    Now that Coiling dragon has ended, i was wondering if you could help Translations Nation translate Swalloed Star made by the same author. their pace of release is exteamly slow, and quite frankly it makes my teeth ache.
    In respect for your work, I sincerely apollogise for leaving such an out of place comment on your page, yet thank you in advance.

    1. Are you perhaps addressing Ren? If so then I second the motion. Even though I really appreciate Zebulin for translating SS, the fact is each chapter release is far apart for such an awesome novel, I also hope someone would help him.

      If you’re addressing Zen then I will just hope that he won’t agree, I rather he concentrate solely on HJC.

  2. many thanks to master zen and sir joseph gange for this chapter….i would love to donate but…i am only a poor leech who this wonderful chinese novel….

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