HJC Vol 4 Chapter 23 Part 2 Release

Sorry for the super late release! I ended up sleeping most of the day away and woke up in the evening! Catching up on my sleep debt I suppose =p At least I managed to get in a half hour gym session before it closed.

Here’s another regular release! I should be posting 2 tomorrow if all goes well, one regular and one sponsored =)


HJC Chapter 23 Part 2

Also, if you guys are interested, there seems to be an interesting writing competition out here. Note that the writing needs to be done in the site itself, not on the Reddit thread.

I’ve no affiliation to it, but if anyone manages to write something to do with Heavenly Jewel Change, and win one of the top 3 prizes with it, I’ll do an additional bonus 3/2/1 chapter prize on top of the cash prize =p Cheers!


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