HJC Vol 3 Chapter 21 Part 1 Release

Go Weiqing! Some progress… at last?



HJC Chapter 21 Part 1

Also, 2 pieces of news!

  1. It recently came to my attention that Shanggong Bing’er should be Shangguan Bing’er! Oops, I somehow kept mislooking it every time! In any case, Ren has worked his magic and fixed them all. All hail to him!
  2. I’ve added a donation button & sponsored chapters for now as I’m on leave in the next 2 weeks +. Hope I can get some support 🙂 As always, please only donate within your means if you enjoy the story!

Thanks to everyone who writes in the comments, even if I do not reply, I read all of them! And it’s one of the reasons I keep doing this as well! <3 <3

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