HJC Vol 3 Chapter 18 Part 1-2 Release

I fell asleep after tl-ing yesterday’s chapter and missed posting it up =p Sorry!

Luckily, I managed to wake up early (despite forgetting to set an alarm), and decided to churn out today’s release before posting both together. Especially since 18.1 was quite a cliff 😉 My official story is that it was my master plan after all… mwahaha!


HJC Chapter 18 Part 1
HJC Chapter 18 Part 2

I might attempt to churn out another one today after work if possible, but it isn’t likely since AOS & Flash will be releasing today =p

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  1. I’d been bravely holding off starting the novel, then it went on WW xD i was delayed by a couple of hundred chapters of other novels, but just read through, up to date, loving it, wanting MOAR, ya know, good leechy activities, thanks for your work so far 🙂

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