HJC Vol 3 Chapter 17 Part 4 Release

Sorry for the late release! Was trying to puzzle out how to use the footnotes system, and found out it was actually super easy =p


HJC Chapter 17 Part 4


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  1. Hey, just caught up with current chapters! so thank you for this chapter, and welcome to wuxiaworld!

    Also what exactly is the release schedule for this series?

    1. as zen said in a reply… aiming for 1Xday (except sunday)… may be less if something come up may be more if get in the mood…

      also I would like to note those are all FREE chapters (at least at the moment Zen have not put out a sponsoring system… )

      PS: thx for the chap ^^

  2. Hi all, i just started reading this and it already became so addictive. Its hilarious esp with so many twists and turns in the story line. thank you for translating this novel.

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