HJC Vol 3 Chapter 17 Part 3 Release

My ‘Virgin’ Release on WW! Ok that sounded worse than I expected =p

Anyway, really glad to be here guys! Wuxiaworld was the first site that brought me into the translated xianxia world, and I am super honoured to join the family!

In any case, here’s the next chapter part, the conclusion of their fight =)

HJC Chapter 17 Part 3

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  1. Ive been following mjc and Regardless of what people say and think about the split chapters in mjc, dont listen to them. I appreciate all the hardwork each translators put into their work and for that, thank you.

    1. yeah!
      Just because the author numbers them in that way…
      I mean everyone that reads it knows that the “parts” are actual as long as chapters in every other novel, sometimes i feel like they are even longer!

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