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    1. And people flamed my post in the forums….
      Not that I have anything against Zen, impeccable translation quality.

      That said…. I hereby pledge my undying virginity of White Knighthood to protect Zen from the scourge that I created with that post in the forums -.-

      The rest of the whiners here only started after I got realllly vocal. Now I am asking you lot to chill the FCK out!

        1. Can’t believe my first post is going to be that…

          Oh, well…

          Zen is actually busy working on another novel. Since February the 4th, if we can believe Novel Updates. It’s called Ghost Emperor Wild Wife. And it’s on Qidian. Yay!

          Since that date, he has translated about 50 chapters. Really short chapters, though. (like 700 words. A third of a HJC chapter)

          Now, we know what is happening. Kinda.

          If you want visual proof without going on qidian’s website, just check the forum : http://forum.wuxiaworld.com/discussion/9525/question-update-on-heavenly-jewel-change#latest

          Edit : So, I don’t think people will chill out…

          1. @Guan Zhong

            The mistake was so easy to make though, that Qidian’s staff made it!

            It was what made me believe they were the same person in the first place since the account “Zen” was linked to HJC there.

            So back to square one…

            Where is our Zen ?

    2. Anyone else find it weird that a translator called Zen starts translating a Qidian novel on the 7th of Feb, around the time where Zen stops consistently translating?

      Hopefully, it’s just a case of mistaken identity… the Qidian novel is called “Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss” if anyone wants to see.

      If someone has more info about this, please leave a reply.

    1. If he could just be botherd do say “hey guys I am still not well.” Informing people. He basically said he would be back to normal a week ago. I think there is a limit to the amount of sickdays you can pull to start with, its not like he is asked to work with heavy trees or anything here. But at least if he keept people informed instead of making everything random again then it would help. But no. He could post 1 chapter but no “I am getting better” or what I think is more likely “I forgot while watching a movie”. But at least something would be nice.

      Surely that was a part of the deal of getting back, that he would be more open and talk to people about what is up? Even if he really is sick I find it hard to not just view him as being back to skipping out and being lazy when he can not be bothered to say what is going on. It almost seems like he would feel a bit guilty or something. “Oh poop. I have used the movie exuse a few times already. Hm… Sick, I can not help it. I have gotten really sick! So sick in fact I can not be clear on whenever a chapter will be out or not!”

      Even if he is not posting a chapter. Just saying something can for sure not kill him. But even so, as I understand it this is now his job. Its well and good to be nice about it. But if you know you are likely to get sick, often get sick. Then you at least have to make sure you do your job while you are well. For limited sickdays or whatever. You can only skip work so many days before it will get rather annoying. And far worse if you do not call in. Then at some point the workplace more or less has a duty to fire you. If you are not calling in sick you would seem to basically just be skipping out. And at that point you really should be in danger of being fired.

      Sure you do not have to call in to work every day. Call in and say you will be gone for a week. But when you then the next week come back, if you then are going to skip out again. You have to call back in. For if not you are expected to come and work.

      One may say that translating is a bit diffrent, but I do not agree. The people reading do have an expectation that he himself is at least in large part in controll over. Therefore he in my view is fully to blame, fully to be criticised when he laze out 1 chapter.

      Maybe I missed the past after he said he would be back to normal. At least he is keeping up better still then he did when he just fully dissapared. But even then he from time to time let a chapter out. I would wish that Wuxiaworld if they are paying him as I understand it they are. That they would consider looking around if there is someone else willing to take over. Someone who even if they are only willing to give out 5 chapters a week, at least would keep that up. And if they can not, that they would have the capebility to tell. “Hey guys, feeling a bit down so I will take it easy and rest today. Do not expect a chapter from me today.”

      You are basically told that you will get some cake every day. And you can expect cake every day. But half the time the chef do not deliver cake. Naturally people get frustrated and mad. Sure people survive just fine without cake. But they are still let down again and again. Maybe they had a hard day and was really looking forward to getting home and relax with their cake. 🙁

      1. Pneumonia can be pretty serious. I can see not updating the post from the hospital bed. And he has largely been updating chapters. While the content of his life status hasn’t really been updated, it’s pretty clear is he trying to be better than he was for before.

        I don’t think we need daily updates, though, of what is going on. As a job, it’s important his employer knows what is going on, not always the customer. And as he isn’t taking donations at the moment, and we are getting chapters – I feel this isn’t a huge transgression to get so over eager on.

        1. The thing is, we have no reason to think any of the lack of chapters have anything to do with being sich at all. You can update people over a phone can’t you? Most places have some internet now. Even if you would be in the hospital I would think that to be the case. Your workplace still need to know that you are not going to show so if you would go to the hospital. Unless you are basically dying you surely can put a small update. Its not like it takes a lot to write “I am sick” or something. And he clearly have been posting chapters… Its just that it seems he can not be bothered to do it every day.

          You may see it as him trying, me too… trying not to be too lazy. We do not need daily updates. But he said he would be back to normal…. and he is… back to not posting what he is supposed to every day. He was good at telling what was up for a short bit then he just stopped. Why? I guess for he started to feel bad about all the exuses he was making.

          Its not always important to tell the costumers that is true. If you work in a store you do probably not have to call any costumer that may come in and tell them the other workers will do whatever job you miss. If the catering service has people that still will make the food that is supposed to go out. Then you do not have to tell the cosumers.
          However in this case we are told we will get 2 chapters every day. I am fine with him not making it. If he missed a whole day from time to time it would not be a big deal. But its just so bloody often. So I am simply asking, if he can not be bothered, if he has too many plans. If he has to spend the day at the hospital one day. That he just tells it when he finds out about it. “I will be coing to the hospital tomorrow. I am not sure if I can get to any chapters. Sorry” and thats it. I am not sure I would believe him at this point but at least that would make it a slight bit less annoying as I would not wait… and wait… and come back a few hours later to find 0 of the 2 chapters I have been told should be there.

          Even if he finds out he will only get out 1 chapter. I would prefer if he could just say so, so we know what to expect. Thats the problem I have. We can never know if we get the 2 chapters, if we get one or if he just laze out. Maybe he could start a twitter thingy and just post small messages ther if he do not feel like posting anything here without a chapter. But this is just silly to me. I do not think I am asking all that much. I do not think I am holding him to some magically godly standar here. As I see it this seems to just be the normal way things should be. Even if he do not tell us. Maybe he could send a sms, something to one of the other people who work with Wuxiaworld to make such updates.

          I want to point out and make it clear. If he simply missed a day once a month or so then I would not be so hard on this. If he did not totally ignore people for half a year in the past I would not see it as such a big deal. Its that its all the time that really gets me. Its great that we get the chapters we are. But I would rather take just 4 if I knew they would be comming out at a steady pase. Maybe he should ask to reduse things to 1 every day if he finds 2 to be too much.

          1. Well, here’s a big thing. Your whole point on him not telling people being the reason you’re upset is nonsense. You’ve openly admitted that you wouldn’t believe him if he did come out and say something was wrong so either way you’d be as mad as you are now. Consider the following sentence carefully, give it a moment to sink in:
            “Oh poop. I have used the movie exuse a few times already. Hm… Sick, I can not help it. I have gotten really sick! So sick in fact I can not be clear on whenever a chapter will be out or not!”

            This is your belief and attitude as it is now. Now you mean to tell me that the reason why you’re angry is because he didn’t let you know? Who do you think you’re kidding with that holier than thou attitude? You’re angry because, unfortunately, he hasn’t been able to give you a release. At least be honest with yourself about that if nobody else. This is fair. It is annoying. Sadly the world doesn’t revolve around you or me and people do have things they need to deal with.

            Your indignation does you no credit however and instead of seeming light righteous fury all I can see is a petulant tempertantrum. Maybe, if instead you’d actually approached the actual problem you were having rather than hiding it behind self righteous excuses I may not have been made to feel this way. However unfortunately you did, sad though it is to see and any credibility you had is lost as a result.

            Therefore I say, good day, rest well and please, think before you speak so you don’t disgrace this community with your behaviour.

          2. The worst part about nlt having a chapter per day is tha we, humam, live with expectancy. In this case, our expectancy is broken down cuz Zen did not post the chapter.

            So, maybe if he (Zen) reduce the daily (week) chapter amout, then maybe, just maybe, the guys won’t be so mad?

          3. Why would I massacre you? I don’t get mad at people for poor English, especially when it’s not their first language and I didn’t notice it the first time I read through the comment before it was pointed out. As for reducing it… I’m actually in full support. I think it would be better to post a chapter a day than post two a day and wind up missing some, using the extra time to build up chapters whilst you’re away so you can hand off uploading to someone else if you need to.

  1. Here is the thing, I’ve been open and very clear that putting zen back in charge of translating this novel is a huge mistake. I’ve messaged him as-well as emailed wuxiaworld about his lack of work ethic and communication. I’ve even referenced that they check the past comments on his bi-daily/weekly/ honestly idk posting schedule. neither replied, i expected as much from translator but from WW, didn’t see that coming. Either WW talked to him/or trying to reach him like last time. OR they just gave up on his lost cause, I’m not sure. BTW for earlier comments, he does get payed. He also makes money on how many views he get son chapters due to getting a portion of the advertising income that you see pop up on your phones or side/top of your screen. So yes he does have a commitment to release chapters at a steady pace that he promised. Doesn’t matter if he gets tips/donations or not. To be honest, him promising ” i will try to release 2 chapters a day” to me was an early warning sign that this unsteady/nonexistent posting schedule will return. He used a play on words to trick most of us. I don’t like the guys work ethic, but he is smart. Knows how to word things right to be able to “rightfully” slack off.

    1. Are we seriously going here again? I’m honestly finding it hard to believe your not a bot. Like for fcks sake it was comments like this that made the comments section a complete cesspool of toxicity before. A huge mistake you say? Its been a solid 3 and half months since Zen came back and for the vast majority his upload schedule has been consistent and now in recent times he has gotten a bit erratic in uploads for health reasons (which he still tries to make up for) and now we are back full circle with people giving him shit? What kind of communication would you like in this situation, pics of him in a hospital bed? Like give people some space geez. I’m not going to act like i know what’s going on with him and for all we know he might or might not be sick at all like you said, but that doesn’t matter. Honestly speaking who hasn’t; hell just last week i took a day off from school just cause i didn’t feel like going and turned in a sick note. There are just times like that for anyone so just let it be whether he is sick or not. And another thing, “try” does not equate to “promise”. They are nowhere near synonymous. So you can’t say he’s been deceiving readers when he never promised in the first place. In Ren’s announcement post of HJC returning he clearly wrote and i quote, “Our goal is to get to 2 chapters a day on HJC and get this story rocking again”, with an emphasis on goal. It was never set in stone nor was it said that it would be maintained until completion of the novel. Its entitled hypocritical people like you who discourage translators and if i was Zen or any of the admins of WW i wouldn’t respond to your emails either. I can already see the people who were triggered before coming straight back now saying the same stuff as you. This type of situation can probably be unironically featured in a top 10 anime betrayals of all time, cause some part of me still doesn’t believe people like you actually exist to just shamelessly come back at first “sign of trouble” or whatever the hell you want to call it. I’m not saying its wrong to criticize others either as thats what this whole damn rant is about, just put some thought into it and don’t say some baseless shit that makes you come off as a ungrateful leecher.

    2. I do mostly agree exept abut the knowing how to rightfully slack off. If he just said to us that he will not post chapters then he could rightfully slack off. I come here every day looking for a chapters. I still expect there to be one even tho I know he can not be botherd most of the time.

      Yes we do not know what is the deal. But that do not matter. That we are not told that he will not be posting has no exuse. Its simply something you do in basically any job. You can not just not do your job without telling. For people are waiting for your product.

      As for him being soliud the first few months. That is nonsense. He was however good enough to say he was lazy and watched movies instead of working. If he could just do that, expect in advance. Then it would at least start to help. But that is not the case. He is simply ignoring his responsibilities here.
      And you can pretend saying that he will try is not a promise. But it is. He has created an expectation. And while it may be a tiny bit slacker then a hardcore “I promise”, people take a “I will try” as that someone will really work on something. The diffrence there is close to non existant.

      The first few monts that keept happening. Its fine to take a day off from time to time. Even more so in this sort of job. But they can not be every bloody week. And as you say. You turned in a sick note. He has to do that too. Unlike school where you may not have anyone directly depending on you, he really need to give tell a while in advance. Say you have a school project that you and a group has to do. If you can not show up with your part. You can not just message them just before the presentation. You can’t just not tell them you will not show. You have to let them know so they can fill the part you where supposed to do.

      And I am rather sure most people would say you really should not fake sick and take a day off school for you do not feel like it in the first place. The idea that people will just skip out like that is the reason I would vote for workplaces being more strict then they are. That you have a limited pool of sick days during a year seems to be good way to do it. For you simply can not have people working for you that do not do their job. Its not called playtime. Its not a hobby. Its a job. It sounds to me that you simply do not put much value on responsibilities. Something that makes me think the old fats of the past who complain about the “youth today”.

      Maybe if you got fired form a few jobs for being a lazy slob, you would change your mindselt about just skipping work. Even more so if you think its fine to just leave people in the dark. Your boss expects you to make a cake that day or something and the costumers come and thers no cake. Then when the boss calls you so you can explain it to the costumers. And the costumers are yelling mad at not getting the cake. You just go “Oh god, like you come off as, like such ungrateful leechers. Like omg, get over it. Its like just a cake, its not like your life depends on it.”
      The boss is mad saying you have to show up for work “Omg, like. Your so demanding. Who do you think you are expecting me to show up to work every day?”

      I get that we all basically live like kings and get spoiled to all hell today. But comon. If you need days off from time to time. You have to talk about that with your boss. If you wana go on a vacation, you have to tell your boss you plan to go. If possible make sure that when you make the deal to take the job, you already have it down that you will take a day off extra every few weeks. That you will take a whole week of to go somewhere once a winter and summer.

    3. Really? Mistake? I mean, there are plenty of translators out there who will give you a chapter every few days let alone for any period give you two a day. He’s sporadic yes however he seems to have made more progress over any period of time than a lot of translators I’ve come across…

  2. Everything aside, it’s the message that he puts along with the updates that gets me. He waits till the last moment before the time between updates changes to 2 days to post, with just the message “Enjoy~”, pretending like there’s nothing wrong. It’s kinda trolly imo.

    1. I always thought it seemed more dead and lifeless. As though the man were tired, annoyed and were aware that his community is going to spend their time sitting there levelling criticism after criticism in response to it rather than saying thank you.

  3. exactly house, thats what it is. complete lack of care. As for nisemons comment, feel free to see my patron (i don’t know if its accessible by pub) but I’ve donated hundreds of dollars to a few different novels. Some of which are much worse then this story, however the translator gives a hundred percent translating and actually gets back to his readers. As far as Zen is concerned, their isn’t a chance in hell that I would ever donate a penny to him. This is 1 of my top 3 favorite novels, just a shame how its being handled. Also, if he has time to post, “enjoy” i’m sure he can add a few more words, such as “still sick” or “not able to translate today”. if by “leaching” you mean reading chapters without paying for each chapter. I would love for you to show me someone who donates for every chapter they read, especially from a translator with such an awful track history.

    1. Firstly, you know there’s a reply button right? It’s right there under their post…

      Secondly… Cool, you’re spending money on other series and not on this… Are we supposed to care? No really, serious question, what does you donating money have to do with literally anything beyond you seeming to try to feel validated in some small way? If that’s a response to his last comment then you clearly missed the entire point of the post which wasn’t related to money but rather to the fact that people need to chill and calm the frig down rather than rushing to spew a load of toxic garbage.

      Thirdly… That last part is a good point, Why not just say that instead of posting the rest of this irrelevant stuff? Also, he tended to do that when he missed a post or needed to go away and do other things when there’s a need for a status update. The fact that he’s stopped doing that is interesting.

      1. I responded to this earlier, at the moment WW owns the license so going off site isn’t going to happen and whilst they have considered changing translator they decided against it. A better way to solve this would be to dial back to one release a day and have it released on schedule from a backlog.

        1. You think he would manage to do 1 chapter every day? The thing is, this seem to not be about his skills. That its too much work for him. At least to me it seems to be about him beeing lazy and that he has horrible work ethics. Therefore while I think it may be worth trying to reduse the chapters, I very much doubt it would help for all that long.

          Its also why I am complaining in the first place. The work ethics part. There is no way he do not know there are plenty of people looking forward to reading the chapters. But he can still not be bothered taking 2min to say he is not going to post anything for a while.

  4. I have to agree with Caimspact for the most part on this one. I can take any kind of delays or missing chapters as long as there is a communication. “Hello, I will not post any chapters today (this week)” “No chapters today, I will try to make up for them(or not).” “Only one chapter today” E.t.c. This whole post took me a few minutes. But it would put my mind at ease and i
    will not check every hour or 2 for a possible update and be disappointed again and again. It’s as simple as that. No one can convince me he CAN’T do it or ask someone else to do it for him, if he is unable to do it himself. That means he is not willing to do it.

    1. … Why are you checking every hour or two? Do you have nothing better to do with your life? I mean, this IS awesome but still, go outside, get some exercise, get a job… Do SOMETHING more than refreshing a site every hour or two waiting for an update.

      1. This is a pointless argument. I do have a life but the expectation that he is SUPPOSED to be releasing chapters everyday keeps me at my wits end no matter what I am doing. It’s like someone promising to meet up with you and leaves you hanging dry and you’re just waiting and waiting. And yeah this novel is that amazing.

      1. Unfortunately, the level of my disappointment at the lack of a new chapter cannot even begin to rival the level of disappointment I suffer reading through this comment section.

        1. If you look back like half a year, you will see me trying to defend the dude a fair bit. This is the sort of complaining you will find in anywhere someone is doing their job horribly.

          At least when there is someone on the other side of that job waitng for the results.

          Is it that its writing spesifically that make you think its ok? Or do you think its ok for everyone to just skip work whenever they feel like it? Is it that people do not pay directly? As said I defended this dude for a fair amount of time. But looking back it really did not make sense to do so.

    1. The thing is, while he did better a little while its not like he did not find an exuse basically every week. >.< At least it feels like it looking back. At least he gave an exuse for a while.

      It just seems he got horrible work ethics.

      1. Does it matter? Before he got sick even when you weren’t getting two releases a day you were at least getting one and where you didn’t he tended to make up for it. It wasn’t long ago that a translator doing a release once every couple or few days was considered rather fast and this is faster than a lot of things I’m following to be frank. He’s not exactly slow and his community isn’t exactly appreciative of that either. I think you’re both shining examples of that.

        1. You know you are talking nonsense right. HE put the expectation up. HE is the one that has full controll over that. I would not complain if there was 1 chapter every 2nd day. IF he could be bothered to in fact do his damn job. If he could be bothed to uphold the expectations he himself creates.

          The thing is, HE said he would be back to 2 chapters again. But HE is the one that just took a big dump over that leaving people to dry. I have said so plenty of times already. That is not something that would be seen as ok in basically ANY other job. So why the hell am I supposed to find it ok here?

          When he have done ok I thank him. I and clearly a lot of others find it extreamly rude to create expectations and then not uphold them. Your friend says he will come meet you somewhere. But he do not show. Your left waiting there like a bafoon. If it happens a few times you may be fine with it. But after the 10th time you will probably start getting tired of it. -.-

          Again this is just something that naturally happens when you act like Zen is. It do not matter if its this or something else. He as I also have said before, create the complaining himself. While you will always have complaints no matter what you do. The absolut most of this is due to him himself having bad work ethics.
          I am not even saying I would be all that much better, then again I did not skip out of my job despite absolutly hating it. However in a case like this, not that I could do this job. But for crying out I would do anything I could to make sure people would not expect more then I could manage to deliver. I am sure there must be a saying for setting the bar lower so you will not create frustration when you fail, but also so when you do better then you have said you will do, that is seen as a great bonus.

          I really can not graps what your mindset is with this nonsense. :/ I keep just saying the same things over and over, but I do not expect anything more from Zen then I do from any other person. I am not holding Zen to a higher standar.

          What I can say is that I do not think I would wish to hire you. For you seem to think its ok to just skip out on work if you had a bad day or something. :/ At least that is what it seems you would be pointing toward to me. Maybe I just missunderstand you or something.

    1. Well some of us could probably look for one ourselves. Look at the option to raise a small found to pay them maybe. It would risk getting scammed tho. >.> Its really Wuxiaworld’s job to make sure their workers manage to do their job tho is it not? Sure they need to get a few complaints first but after that. I am not sure where and how we could get the new chapters from said translator that we would find. But surely it would be possible to work that out. >.> I would not wish to take such a task mainly for I am lazy and bad with people. >.<'

      1. You’d run into the problem quickly enough with WW owning the license for translation and release… Anyone else who did it is actually legally calpable to a breach of DCMA as far as I recall. I believe that is as relevant to Chinese novels as to everything else anyway…

        1. Well sure, one would have to ask whoever owns the original if we could do it. Do WW have exclusive rights to translate it or something? If someone would look into doing it, that would be something they would have to look into I guess.

        2. There was a fan translation where one of us decided to take up Zen’s mantle. He did a few chapters and posted em on WW but they quickly took it down after a bit. They could post it somewhere else temporarily until WW fixes this translation problem. I mean I don’t mind waiting a couple days for every chapter and I’d really appreciate anyone taking time out of their lives to help us out. Whoever he was, he did a pretty damn good job of it.

      1. … Perhaps, instead, come here once or twice a day? Coming here ten times a day or so seems patently stupid, you’ll either see the release down the side or else you’ll come across it in the morning or evening, waiting a few hours rather than obsessing over it like a facebook addict watching their wall isn’t going to kill you.

        1. >.> Well it just so happens that its impossible to know when Zen if he botheres to do the job he has taken. When he puts out a chapter is not possible to tell. And are you saying I would not get a bunch if I came here only 2 times a day?

    1. I would be lying if I said I weren’t finding the fact that it’s been four days since the last update annoying. Still though, I’m willing to be patient and wait, maybe you should as well.

      1. -.- I just do not get you. If you sit at an restaurant, would you be fine waiting 4 hours to get your meal? Or if they forgot you, would you just ignore it? What if they forget you again? Or after forgetting you, still take forever to get your food.
        For that is not normal. Getting frustrated and mad over this sort of nonsense is however normal. And its for a simple reason. Its not acceptable. As I keep saying, people would not tolerate it in any other job. People do not like it when they can not trust others to forfill the expectations they put forward.

        You even admit that it is annoying. So I am not exacly sure what you are playing at. Everyone should be as little annoyed at it as you? How much bs do he need to pull before you start getting a bit mad may I ask?

    2. There was a mass murder in Beijing lately.. perhaps he was one of them. Or the earthquake that hit central China few days ago. Or perhaps Zen was the guy I read on the news, there was one Chinese dude who took a crap for 30mins while playing his phone and his intestines came out. Or perhaps, he just enjoying his reunion dinner getting drunk laughing at us idiots bickering over his lazy days

  5. 2 days ago by MGA translator.

    MGA – I am sick
    February 17, 2018 at 09:06 pm
    Caught a very bad cold or flu, today is the first day. I just took a 6 hr nap… and still feel like crap.

    I will try to post some chapters later, sorry about this.

    That said, I will make sure there are 80chapters posted at the end of this month.

    Martial God Asura
    Yang Wenli

    6 days ago by XXX Translator


    Heavenly People Never Change

  6. instead of saying how frustrated we are (which I very much am) lets have a more realistic approach. Complain to wuxiaworld via email (which i have) so we can accomplish something. I am also curios as to what kind of excuse he will use when he comes back (1-20 days from now). My vote is he will say he was sick or maybe family death. Possibly he dropped his laptop while walking and a car just so happened to run over it destroying all his chapters and laptop. Please do post your thoughts on his future bs excuse.

    1. We have the reason… I’ve posted that higher but the comment is awaiting moderation, don’t know if it’s because it was my first post or because there was a link in it. (link toward the forum)

      Here is part of my post :

      “Zen is actually busy working on another novel. Since February the 4th, if we can believe Novel Updates. It’s called Ghost Emperor Wild Wife. And it’s on Qidian. Yay!

      Since that date, he has translated about 50 chapters. Really short chapters, though. (like 700 words. A third of a HJC chapter)

      Now, we know what is happening. Kinda.

      If you want visual proof without going on qidian’s website, just check the forum” (section prayers to…)

      1. Oh that’s interesting. I doubt he will come out and admit it though. Meanwhile, any other excuse he offers up will seem insincere since unless he was literally in jail, he could at least use cell phone or internet cafe to post something instead of no news like usual.

        Speaking of bets on what excuse he would use, I’m going for the classics
        -Still recovering/sick
        -chinese new years

      2. Upon a few of us looking through things, I does not appear that these are the same people. The account who is posting GEWW is named Zen, and is attributed with HJC on Qidian when they were still re-posting. However, the Zen from GEWW discord has stated that they are not the same HJC Zen. So, he’s not really posting in another site, assuming that the direct communication was not a lie.

  7. no need for proof, what we need is the novel he took on to translate to actually be translated. If he can’t handle both, that fine. It is understandable, just drop it so another person can translate it without lying about fake illnesses while in reality he just doesn’t have the time to translate both.

    1. While I agree, I can’t help but asking myself if Zen even had the right to talk about it.

      It’s WW policy, from what I’ve seen, to try to settle those conflicts in private.

      Just like with Qidian and Gravity.

      Edit : That and he seems to have only started to work on GEWW after his comeback from sickness and hospital.

      1. >.> So its WW policy to not tell if you can not translate more chapters. Its WW policy to leave the readers in the dark as to where the chapters they are expecting are? If they have problems with Zen again in any way. Then all they would really have to do is say there will be a break again.

  8. What alot of you fail to realize is that pneumonia is serious, it can be a quick fix or it can take weeks to get better depending on the person. It can also kill a person if they not taken care of properly, especially when the flu virus outbreak has taken more than a dozen people. Dont take seprate matters and put them together, he was having a hard time before and fixed his issueband was very consistent after… just give the man some time. If you were home in bed sick and people kept scolding you would you work hard for their pleasure? alot of you are unreasonable and ungrateful, you shoold get your hands off the keyboard read something else for a while and most importantly get over yourself. how about saying hope you feel better…

    1. Seems a bit naive to be giving zen benefit of the doubt here given his track record. If it was any other TL I would agree with you but this just seems like zen reverting back to his old ways having learned nothing with his second chance.

      1. If you’ve not been surfing the rest continuously, benefit of the doubt is out the window. He’s been posting on Qidian regularly, even posting a few there today. He’s not bedridden enough to not post on Qidian clearly. He needs to be replaced.

        1. Upon a few of us looking through things, I does not appear that these are the same people. The account who is posting GEWW is named Zen, and is attributed with HJC on Qidian when they were still re-posting. However, the Zen from GEWW discord has stated that they are not the same HJC Zen. So, he’s not really posting in another site, assuming that the direct communication was not a lie.

    2. Yea… I never knew pneumonia was so bad you can not post a small message “I am still sick, don’t expect chapters for a while.” The reason I am “ungrateful” is that the dog can not be bothered to tell the people who are waiting and expecting chapters that there will be no chapters.

      Also I do not buy that he is sick at this point. To me it seems he is just a lazy slob. If it was that he is sick, unless he is basically out cold. Then I see rather little exuse for this nonsense. I keep saying, if this was any other job then he would probably have been fired by now. You can not simply skip away from your job. Even if you are skick you kinda have to call in sick. He deserves all the somplaining he is getting, unless as said he is half dead. And I doubt that rather much.

  9. Oh gosh, the drama unfolds yet again.

    All I’m gonna say is, Zen, we miss you! Hope everything is okay. If it’s not too much trouble, could you give us a update of what’s happening? In the meantime I’ll wait to get back to this awesome story. I’m having withdrawals from ZW’s cheekiness XD

  10. Well, zen isn’t the best translator out there. And this ain’t the first time he has gone MIA. No need to defend him cause he’s not sick i’m sure and is doing intentionally cause he’s doing something else. No need to bash him cause he never reads comments and give a shit about others. Best thing is to inform RWX and see what he can do.

  11. If you want my opinion, at this point I think zen has come up with some sob story to keep “translating” this novel and not be replaced. It might be because he is indeed sick and needs the income or some other reason. However that isn’t our promblem nor WW promblem. Find a new translator and be done with it. I’m sure I’m not the only 1 who has complained to RWX about it.

  12. So unless there is something going on in the background, WW just pulled Heavenly Jewel Change from their active novels listing on the home page. Seems to me that either the series is dropped or Zen has been finally axed from the translation.

  13. So any news guys? Did WW reply to anyone about an update on the future of this novel? I’d rather know its not coming back for a while than checking back everyday for that slimmer of hope lol 30 days and only 6 full chapters… smh

  14. Come on Wuxiaworld, please pay attention to your followers. Just how many times are you going to let Zen burn us… Zen consistently breaks promises to us. Heck I wouldn’t care as much if he was honest and transparent. 2 chapters a day when he returned last time was what we were promised. That hardly lasted a week. PLEASE pull Zen permanently off HJC. I believe I speak for many of us who would gladly pay for a consistent translator.

    I don’t know who I am more frustrated with currently. Zen for bailing again… OR Wuxiaworld for not making any attempt to tell us that they are even aware of the problem.

  15. I wonder if anyone has read the spoiler page and thought about it.


    “Big Bro, it has been more than twenty days, why haven’t they come out yet?” Shangguan Tianyue was clearly less able to maintain his composure.

    This is all a rouse for the immersive story experience. Y’all need to calm down.

    I hope you feel better Zen. Pneumonia is pretty rough to have (saying from experience).

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