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  1. This is what they call unprofessional. Not even an explanation and apology for the delays. Felt more like, “I can’t be bothered anymore.” Seems like it’s gonna be repititive in future.

    I’ll mention my gratitude when Zen *feels like it* to follow up his empty promises on his daily chapters

          1. regular… >.> Arranged in or constituting a constant or definite pattern. I think its more regular that he do not keep up the chapters as he is supposed to rather then he in fact manage to do so.
            It is well and good, he may have been sick… or not. But its not like he keept it up and just now failed and due to 1 fail people are frustrated and mad. Not to mention he said he would back to normal… has it been a week yet ago?

        1. the truth is that he owe us like 50 chapters for now coz he often releases 1 intead of 2, of no post at all for various reasons so yes we are quite sick. There a lot of translator who can keep up with translating and poting regulary. Dunno know why Zen can’t?

          1. He is getting payed to do this job as I understand it. Wuxiaworld and us by extention are the costumers. Be it by paying in watching ads or that people donated.

            So that he do not owe people anything is nonsense. He took the job, so he need to do the job. If he keeps being unable to then he should himself step down and leave it to someone who can. Or is it just that for whatever reason translators are just unable to have the same standar as other workers?

          2. “we’re going to bring him back as the translator on HJC… full-time. Our goal is to get to 2 chapters a day on HJC and get this story rocking again.” I take it that means this is now his job. If not I guess it was not all that clear. This, translating chapters. Is his full time job.

          3. Wuxiaworld did as I understand pay for the chapters. I watch ads and I even payed an amount to the sponsor thingy before I learned that he was not able to keep up the transaltions. I do not remember how much it was 5~50$ Its a while ago. All the same yes its his job, therefore he owe us the chapters. Again, thats kinda how any job works. Naturally its a bit more complicated then that but thats the way it works.

            Do you think Wuxiaworld gets their money from magic? I can only think it comes from ads. From donations. And why do people watch ads and donate? It is so they can get to read the series they want to read. >.<' It do not seem that strange or complicated to me.

            Just like a a chef whois not able to deliver, I stopped donating for Zen did not deliver. The thingy got stuck at x$. I guess its 290 $ that its at now. I donated after it was stuck. So I am probably far from the only one. I think a fair few of us got repayed when Zen almost got kicked before. For you know… we did not get given what we where promised. When we are promised something, and its not delivered. Even if we did not pay anything we are not given what we are owed. That we are told and promised something gives us a level of expectation that they have a responsibility to meet.

            I did not ask fore my money back for I was ok with things as long as they where fixing the situation. Even if we would agree that he do not owe the readers anything something I find just plain stupid. Then he still owe Wuxiaworld to do his damn job.

  2. On the contrary cognoscere, he does. You realize he gets payed for translating right? As such it is his job. If you show up late or not at all to your job constantly you get fired and replaced. which is what zen should have been. Sadly Rwx gave him another chance which he is screwing up again. On a side note you realize his pay comes from us reading the novel and viewing the adds that show up on the side of screen or the pop ups on our phones. Technically speaking we are the ones paying him, as such asking him to keep his commitment of at the very least telling us his reason for not posting should be upheld. If not he may aswell be replaced. Even if it takes 2-3 months to find someone else. With his current release schedule I’m sure we would have the same chapters released in 1 month of another translator releasing then 3 months of Zens’ sporadic releases.

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