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  1. A fun little game one can play is to try to make sure the next chapters are out before the last once has been pusehed out of Recent Posts. Maybe it could give some motivation?

    1. Wtf maan.. you are wishing someone to die over one chapter of a fictional story.

      Get a life dude..

      I cant understand how people can be so insensitive.

      Zen said he was sick and hospitalized. I hope he didnt fall sick again. Send him your wishes. The guy is trying to do this in his spare time. He is not asking for donations, he does not have a patreon, he translated a lot and spends time from his daily routine to get us this.

      He deserves more respect.

      Zen if you are reading this. I am sorry. I dont know what you are going through, but there are still people like me who love your translations, and have followed you and this novel since the first chapter. If you can please post a line or two, even if it not a chapter, to keep us updated on your situation, it would help.

      If not, then i will wait patiently and check everyday till then. Thank you for all the chapters till now.

      Hope you feel better soon

      1. >.> Why would he not? It clearly would be better for him if Zen died and someone who is able to keep doing their job to take his place. Same for me too really. Why should people pretend they care like you do? If you are going to care so much why not rather care for some starving street rats… I mean children. I rather have my burgers and my candy thank you. My care is basically worth more then $5. If I can not care more then that I would spend $5 on it. Then it surely can not be something I whould claim to respect.

        I dono, I would prefer to not live in lies. Even if it is my own. Its also worth pointing out that from what people are saying, Zen seem to be a sloppy lying bastard. >.> Apperently he has been pulling stuff like this a lot making up exuses. Naturally its hard to know for sure, but people are people and people are shit. Some can manage to be shit while translating more or less every day tho.

        This is also not his spare time anymore. They basically gave him this as a job as I understand it. Then again I may be wrong on that. I do think that was kinda the deal and why he is expected to give out 2 chapters every day now. If I am not wrong on that. Why should this be so special compare to any other job? I can not just keep saying I am sick or have some other stuff to do instead of going to work. At some point I would get in trouble over it.

        I do agree it would help if he at least could give some information instead of leaving us out to dry. Even if you exuse that he is not able to translate, I really do not see how you can exuse him just ignoring the people waiting for the chapters he has taken opon himself to get out to us.

        Maybe it was not said, but I at least kinda felt it was a part of the deal that he would at least keep people informed about stuff. I would also rather have someone else translate if he keeps doing this again and again. Its been something every week now.

    2. Don’t you think that’s a bit harsh? Wishing him dead just so a new translator can pick up the story? Smh. I wanna read the next chapter asap also but not that bad XD

      Zen, do whatever it is you gotta do, get well soon & ignore these people.

      At least it’s not as bad as TDG. Now that is true torture.

  2. I think for the sake of everyone the translator should be changed. It is not we cant symphatize with Zen, but we cant let an unhealthy person to translate for us. It is for the betterment of Zen as this translation will not worsen his health and the readers will not be continously disappointed. Its a win win solution.

    1. So then you guys can attempt to ruin the life of another person through inducing stress, also do you morons even understand how hard it is to pick up a project in the middle with no notes and keep it consistent? Actually learn some project management before you tell people how a project should be managed.

      1. It obviously not me who should learn about project management. Zen is commited to the translation thus no one can pick this translation up. I can handle waiting for a capable team of translation to come, but not a single person who has notorious record in translating to translate. If he cant handle it by himself due to his health problem, just work with a team. Or better yet let another team takes this translation over. If he makes a commitment to the readers then people will want him to honour that commitment. Its like you cant be a director while having a capability of a salesman. Dont overestimate your ability. By this point many people feel that Zen obviously cant do this translation. He gave his word and then he couldnt do it. People are disappointed.

        1. At this point a bunch of self deluded jack*sses are telling Zen that he should die and such so they can delude themselves into thinking that it’ll make chapters come out faster, it would probably take over a year to get a new tl on this if he actually dropped it. Also why the hell would any TL pick up a project with people treating the tl like you and several others have?

  3. Guys, stop crying around!!! I’m sure If Zen can’t post in a certain day is because he has a problem to solve. Damn… he said that he was sick not long ago, did you guys forgot?

    1. He also said “should be able to resume from tomorrow onwards.” >.>

      Zen is dead comfirmed seeing as we have no message of him having stuff to do and no chapters. (Yea even if he is not posting a chapter that he do not post that there will be no chapter is bad enough. If he is sick and have to go to the hospital even, I am sure he could manage to type “going back to the hospital for help”)

      Seeing as Zen clearly is no longer around we need a new translator. As fast as possible please. 2 chapters per day. ^.^ Get on it Wuxiaworld people. No need for anger or sadness over Zen, lets just move on.

      1. If someone else were to pick this up without Zen’s notes they would have to first read through the entire thing taking notes to maintain a level of consistency. For that they would actually need both the time and motivation to do so. Everything you said in this is delusional.

          1. When, how long did it take, how much was already translated, were there noted handed over, was the translation consistent?

        1. They would at worst just quickly read the story to this point to get the idea. And using the original you would have most of what you need rigth there. It would be just fine.

          1. Ok so obviously that problems solved in this utopian dreamworld of yours, now why would any translator actually pick up this project with the pile of crap that tells the current translator to die lurking around waiting for a chance to b*tch about them getting sick or having life issues?

          2. For they would not be useless and would like most normal people be able to do a job? I do not know if you have ever had a job, but you just have to do it. That is somewhat the point of the job in the first place.
            The person would simply need to set things up so they can deal with it. If they can not do more then 1 chapter every 2 days then they would do that. If they get sick or can not do whatever they would call in to work. In this case post a “I can not make a chapter for x”. Or if they know they may not be able to, have their mother, their friend, their partner post that they cant do it for them. Or maybe they would make sure that there is someone else to do the job when they can’t.

            This is stuff most people in the world manage to do just fine. Even I managed to do it. Its not hard.
            Take a simple example. You work as a catering service. You have orders every day and now you get sick. You can not just ignore the order and call them a week later saying you got sick. You have to tell them at the very least that you are sick and you can not do the job. If you call them the same day saying you do not have anyone do make them the food. They may get pissed. For they depended on you to get the job done. And now they don’t get what they where supposed to.

            Probably not going to kill someone. But that do not change that they may never want to use your service again. If you keep messing up. You will be out of a job, for people can not trust you do deliver. They will want someone else who is not useless half the time. Even if the food you make is epic.

    2. The problem with zen is he has not a good track record in translating. This kinda thing has happened before. So you cant really blame people if they are thinking negatively. Anyway, i would say if zen is really sick i hope he gets well soon, but we need to move to another tranlslator whose health is not threatened by the burden of translation.

          1. You aren’t trying to explain anything to me though? You just said if someone gets sick they should be fired.

          2. If someone keeps getting sick so they can not do their job… yes… yes they should be fired. >.> The world is not fair. If you lose your arm, you get fired from the basketball team.

            Nobody would complain if this was the first time he did not keep up what he has said he would. Nobody would complain if they did not have many months, years even worth of experience with this dude. People understand that people get sick from time to time. But if you skip work for you wanted to do this or that a fair few times. You will run out of time the workplace will be ok with you skipping out. It do not matter to the place you work at if you are sick or just faking it. The problem is in both cases that you are not there to do your job.

          3. What are you on about? Of course someone would complain if it was the first time this happened, I’d be willing to bet some of the people complaining here, did in fact, complain the first time it happened. If it doesn’t conform to their deluded world view it is obviously something worth verbally attacking. One of these idiots told him to go die.

          4. And? It just makes sense. Sure he could have pretended to care and all that nonsense. I have more respect for him for saying how he feels about it. Sure there may be a few who would complain the first time. But that is not the case here. People see Zen’s history.

            So what if he would wish the dude would die? You know why? For Zen a random person who is of no importance to him, rather is a problem for he is not doing his job. A job that the person clearly wants done.

            People seem to have a need for lies and dishonestly. I see people blabbering and pretending like they care about street rats starving around the world. But they do not care so much that they would give up anything for the sake of these peoples lives. You seem to think people are and should be nice and care so much for others. I may be cynical, but such ideas to me seem to have its place in fantas stories. Reality is not a magical carebear place. Sure people pretend. We learn to wear masks and play around with smoke and mirrors to the point we fool ourselves.

    3. He needs a team. People who can cover for him while he’s under. I agree with Caimspact… if he’s sick he should keep us posted but twice now he said he’ll be able to resume the next day but nothing. Its been two weeks and barely any updates on either his health condition or chapters. We need to move on and get a team of people dedicated to translating and who can cover for each other when necessary. You can’t have everyone in a group be sick at the same time.

      1. That would be rather usefull. Even if he did the job most of the time by himself, if he could just message someone that he can’t do it and they could take that or the next days chapters. Its not that I do not get that he may want to be the one who did the whole thing tho… But then he need to keep it up. :3

  4. Realmente, deveria ser colocado um novo tradutor na série, além de não serem feitas postagens regulares ultimamente, as que existem estão desorganizadas não sendo possível procurar pelos capítulos no índice da série. Acho que cabe ao responsável pela scan avaliar isso e cobrar que os tradutores mantenham a qualidade no seu trabalho. Desde o fim do ano passado tem havido problemas novamente na Novel.

  5. I’ve said this before he is falling into his old habits again. When he disappeared for nearly 6 months he said he was sick. He went about every couple of days and released fewer and fewer chapters until finally he disappeared off the map. Once he came back it lasted for 2 months before his posts started to be periodical and lacksidasical at best. I think it’s time wuxiaworld finds a new translator and just part ways with zen.

      1. >-< We have been promised chapters. Most jobs, the result is not about someones life. But you can not have people randomly showing up to work only half the time. Things simply do not work that way. Its the same way with small things. If I say I will wash the dishes. If I do not, nobody will die. But I am still a massive ***** if I would not do it.

        People are expecting and looking forward to reading the next chapter. Sure its not a matter of life. But do that make it ok to just go up to some random kid and steal their candy. When their mother comes up to you angry you just go: “oh you are acting like the brats life depend on this candy. Get over it. You overreacting like this is disgusting.”

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