HJC Vol 24 Chapter 226.1 Release

HJC Chapter 226 Part 1


Ugh, was hospitalized last few days for pneumonia, turns out it was much more serious than I had expected. Much better now, should be able to resume from tomorrow onwards.

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  1. Glad your ok, I saw your last post said you were sick and then nothing for 5 days. Looks like it was as bad as I thought if you ended up in the hospital. Feel better soon

    1. I think it is rather normal to say nothing for 5 days or more, if you are sick or hospitalized. Wuxiaworld is the last think you want to think about in this situation 😀

      His priority should be recovery.

  2. shit i was starting to wonder, guess my fears were founded, glad you got to the hospital and are ok eesh.

    got pneumonia about 2 years ago right before christmas, the viral kind, the kind they are supposed to normally hospitalize you for… unfortunately navy medical sucks complete ass and failed to diagnose me properly and i just decided to suffer with it since navy med wasnt going to help me.

    also thanks for the chapter!~

    eventually broke down and went to the ER though.

  3. News! Good to hear you are getting better. ^.^ Not allowed to get sick anymore tho. Get sick again and I will demand 3 chapters per day. So stay healthy if you want any freetime. :p

  4. Glad I’ve waited 6 days for 1 chapter. I know you have real world problems. But you also have a commitment. You getting sick every few months doesn’t make sense. Last time you said the same thing. That you had pneumonia and you disappeared for 5 months. Youve only been back for a 2 months and you’re falling into the same habits that you had. It just gets old when we as readers are giving a commitment and you as the TL breaks it for long periods of time. You said you’d give us 2 chapters a day. That lasted for a few weeks before we started getting 1 chapter releases. Now it’s been 6 days and you give us 1 chapter. If you can’t keep your commitment then don’t TL.

    1. maaaan… be chill… having pneumonia once does not exclude you from getting it again within weeks to month! who knows if Zen maybe is genetically predispositioned from other diagnoses, their treatments affecting the immune system (eg Multiple Sklerosis) and giving way for infectious desease like pneumonia… and while Zen has a certain commitment to his fanbase, if he is not healthy we are f*d much more than having a chapter a week, and no he has no obligation to communicate what ails him any more than he not being able to post the next few days, all hail to some personal privacy.
      with that, @Zen I wish you a speedy recovery and all the best

    2. Harsh as it may sound, it has some truth in it. If zen is unable to keep his health, it is better for other translator to take over this translation. This is meant to keep the quality and quantity of translation as well as the life quality of zen.

      1. Anyone in their right mind would refuse to pick this up because of the amount of work involved in starting from the middle with no notes, it would not improve your delusional self centered little situation at all.

  5. Don’t bother even posting, he never checks posts. If by any miracle he does, he normally deletes comments that are negative or show his shortcomings. All in all Zens’ credibility for excuses is zilch, even if what he says is true in this occasion. He can’t be mad that we think he is lying because his past track record has been nothing but lies and a plain lack of caring for this translation.

    1. Actually, translators get a comment feed (like an RSS feed) of the comments on their chapters, which helps them see comments from not just the current chapters but also previous chapters. There’s a difference between a comment that is “negative or show his shortcomings” and one that is just pure toxic or flamebait. Not deleting the latter would be a dereliction of his duty as the moderator of his comments.

      I don’t know where you live but most places I can think of go by “innocent until proven guilty,” and I doubt you can prove that he is lying.

      1. So him not noticing commentS/ questions for a few months. Where we (me and the rest of the readers) wanted to know what was going on with novel/translator, while he continued to post 1/4 of the promised chapters a week (if any). Showing that he was alive and well. Yet he only replied when the site owner threatened to cut off his paycheck and get a new translater. Sorry if I seem skeptical when he says he was in the hospital for 5 days the promises to get back to translating then disappears for 2 more days without a reason. He will probably show up in a few days with a new bs excuse. As far as the not guilty till proven, if he never pulled this bs before on the past, then I agree. Sadly however, he has done nothing but give bs excuse and disappear for days on end.

        1. He most likely doesn’t get a paycheck. He gets a cut of the ad revenue for HJC, nothing else (aka more views = more pay). But does posting chapters occasionally prove anything about how his health was? Sure it tells us he’s alive but nothing else, really.

          For me, that just shows how dedicated he was, not the other way around: Despite sickness and whatever else was going on he was still able to find time to translate and post chapters every now and then.

          Why would you assume that his excuses are “bs”? Other than your desire for chapters and inroads into his personal life, what gives you the right to do that? I maintain my stance of innocent until proven guilty.

      2. “innocent until proven guilty” yea thats well and good. And when we are dealing with laws that sure should be the case. But you also have this thing called reality. And in reality people are people and people are crap.

  6. Where do we vote for a new team to take over.. when the spring festival (春节)gets nearer, chinese tend to come up with amazing excuses too skip work.. I know this too well, in china more than 10 years

  7. Looks like we are going to be waiting another 4 days for 1 chapter. Starting to feel like we did back when he disappeared for 6 months. Ffs if you can’t do the translations then tell the moderators. You owe your readers more than 1 chapter every couple days especially when you promised 2 a day.

    1. Yeah we seem to be repeating the same old pattern where he gets more and more lazy and then disappears. It always ends up with him being “sick” more frequently or just not communicating at all for days. I get that real life happens etc but maybe try to make up the chapters u missed? Or if your health is that bad maybe let someone else TL.

      1. There’s a reason RWX didn’t go for some of the other translators who applied for the HJC post. It’s hard to maintain a certain standard of translation. It’s especially hard to do so across multiple translators, which is a large part of why poachers are looked down upon (and if you support poachers then that’s another discussion entirely but just know that they decrease overall quality, which is good for nobody except maybe people who should just go and read mtl). The real biggest thing is just that: if you care about speed over quality then go read mtl.

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