7 thoughts on “HJC Vol 22 Chapter 177.2 Release” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

  1. MOAR! But seriously take the time you need. We are getting this stuff for free so those who are complaining about the release speed since you got back are either stupid(RWX said goal was 2 chapters a day NOT the necessary requirement.) or over entitled pricks who think they deserve more than you can do. So take your time and get into your groove. 2 chapters a day is more than enough for a regular release so once you get to the point were said 2 chapters doesn’t mess you up we can start getting patreon chapters.

    Also thanks for coming back and translating HJC for us. It would not have been the same with another translator. Best wishes and support to you.

    1. I think at least a few of them are people who did donate and felt cheated so they are a bit salty. But I don’t know that for sure. XD I have a problem trusting people, its easy to just say you donated. >.> And personaly I can not say that my donation back a year or something should result in Zen having to force his life to fit my wishes.

      Then again… I do feel bad every time I have to wait for the next chapter. XD So I can at least to some degree understand the frustration. Trying to be realistic tho.

      1. Not only that, after he came back he said he was going to figure a way to “pay back” the donations, it’s barely a week he came back and he went from a goal of 3 chapters/week to 14. Need to give him time to adjust. People should be glad we have him back and can continue reading this novel with the quality it always had.

        1. You are right Kasbald ! I don’t understand those guys who aren’t just enjoying those chapters. Trying to put pression on Zen?
          I think that Zen is courageous taking responsabilities for past mistakes, facing those haters, don’t asking for donation and in the meantime posting nearly 2ch/day.
          Thx for the chapters…

    2. It absolutely would not have been the same without Zen… I’ve been following his work since near the beginning of the series. Thank you for coming back! This series went on hiatus at the worst point in the story but now its back on a double dosage haha.

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