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    1. Except it is. In all honesty one chapter a week is a hell of a lot better than an indefinite hiatus, as is the case with a lot of good novels. So, i’d i appreciate it if you all would stop complaining. That is unless you people have the perfect candidate for replacement or better yet you’d like to take up the mantle. Thank you.
      -this post makes no comment on Zen’s work ethics or circumstances to potential people without eyes.

      1. Go to the main HJC page and look at the comments. There are people who literally said that they would like to help with translation… Also, if Ren actually brought this issue to light and made a post asking for applicants to be the new translator(s) for HJC, I’m sure there would be plenty of eager responses- especially if he mentions the sponsor bar being at $300.

        1. You have a way with words good sir, this is exactly the reason why it is so frustrating to see Zen stay silent, as there would be plenty of top quality translators after this novel if it were to be available.

          The only thing that Zen has going for him at this moment, is that his translation quality has always been beyond reproach.

      2. Hiatus of the author or release from xanxia like TDG is different story. About this case, it is actually from translator being silent about it. He doesn’t live up to his weekly regular release including the sponsor without informing the reader. If he drops it, there would be a lot of replacement waiting for him.

    2. I’m of two minds about this. On one hand having only 1 or 2 chapters a week isn’t really acceptable compared to pretty much every other novel on WW.
      On the other he has translated from the start until now so HJC is his baby so to speak.

      In the end I think he should stay translating it but should be actively looking for someone to come along and take over who can do it at a pace he used to.
      I’m sure there are many translators who would love to take over as high profile a novel as HJC. Good money to be made as well for a patreon on it as well.

      1. I agree with Guepeda haha.

        The solution is simple. If Zen can’t keep up the pace, why not just find another translator? If you can’t do something alone, go findo some help lol

  1. this sucks, i don’t think ren is interested in handing this series to other translators otherwise he would have already done it months ago. zen has been notoriously known for ditching his commitment of delivering the promised # of chapters without compensating them unlike other translator here. shame thou because this is a very interesting novel and it will probably take 7-8 years to complete

  2. Are there really no answers ? From anyone ? ZEN ? REN ? PEN ? MEN ? HEN ? YEN ? BEN ? GEN ? XEN ? TEN ? ….
    At least provide us with an answer ! It has been months !

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