12 thoughts on “HJC Vol 20 Chapter 171.2 Release” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

    1. We are officially down to 1/3 of a chapter a week.
      What an utter disgrace you are Zen.
      Clear the que then hand the project over to someone who wont take 10 years to finish the project at this disgraceful release speed.

  1. Can someone from Wuxiaworld at least comment on the whole 580% donations for chapters. I mean if something is going on at least a quick post will help let people know. It makes the Wuxiaworld in general look bad.

  2. Love the story but what has happened over past month and a half with upload speeds? Still 580% in donos also which is a bit foul to the people who supported.

  3. Is it not time for someone to step in and do something about this joke of a situation ?

    Zen has had his que at 580% for over 2 months now, is this work ethic Really something wuxiaworld wants to be known for ? taking money from donations and not delivering the chapters?

    1. Made an account for this
      Read here

      And here

      Some week he did 1-2 chapters instead of 3, you can complain a bit but don’t take it too far.

      Donations are “donations” doing less than 3 chapt for week mean he’s working for free in fact is doing regular chapter and not sponsored chapter, when he’ll do some sponsored chapter he will update the donation bar.

      So show some humanity to the traslators please.
      And thanks Zen for the traslation soo far, keep it going please.

  4. Ready to see that “First regular release of the week!

    Enjoy~” on friday or saturday without any sort of explanation of WHY the releases are so slow and see people complaining about the novel not finishing until 234213423 years and then no chapters until next week ?
    Ready to be so frustrated about Zen who seems to have gotten himself again into his novel addiction or whatever ?

    Well I sure am not.

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