13 thoughts on “HJC Vol 20 Chapter 171.1 Release” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

    1. 3 chapters per week(not pieces of chapters but 3 Full chapters)+ donations but the que has been at 580% for like 4 months….

      Do not expect anything from this translator, maybe expect 1 full chapter per month since that has been his pace for the past 4-5 months…

      1. True. At the very least he should make an announcement about the slow release pace. I mean, I never saw a post from Zen even engaging the readers. It’s always “Here’s the chapter, bye, until some other time.”… I mean other translators announce when shit goes down and they can’t deliver and almost everybody keeps their cool about it.

        1. Its getting to the point where I want RWX to step in and say stop dragging your fkn feet and DELIVER on what you promise or hand the project to someone else, because Zen is just a joke as of late.

          1. At least someone should go and make a public announcement about what’s even happening with this project because we cearly can’t expect Zen to do so.

    2. There is 5 stages of tl speed:

      1st: ISSTH’ speed;
      2nd: fast tl speed;
      3rd: medium tl speed;
      4th: slow tl speed;
      5th: Zen’s tl speed.

      Don’t be so serious, it is just a joke lol

  1. Can someone from Wuxiaworld at least comment on the whole 580% donations for chapters. I mean if something is going on at least a quick post will help let people know. It makes the Wuxiaworld in general look bad.

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