16 thoughts on “HJC Vol 20 Chapter 170.2 Release” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

  1. 1/3 of a chapter a week, a new all time low…

    this is starting to feel like a joke..

    The translation quality is impeccable but the speed of releases is utterly unacceptable -.-

    1. I agree, I love the work done not just because this is one of my favorite books but because there are hardly any slip-ups in the translating but it’s been terribly slow lately. Is the translation caught up are something?

          1. Upload speed needs to be higher or else I will lose interest. It’s hard to follow a story when you only get 4 chapters a month.

          2. well I think there is only 300+ chapters untranslated in this novel, so it is kinda disappointing if this translation speed keeps up.

          3. I have been thinking about it for a while. That it will take years to finish the serie is a good thing in a way. As I see it, I will probably remember this seire a lot more thanks to having to stick with it for so long. >.> I should pick up and finish ISSTH or whatever it was called tho. That one is done, I am just afraid to go back into it. XD Theres also Dolu dalu or whatever. >_> I just kinda dropped everything, for I am so interested and focused on this world.

            I mean, one thing is the story as it is, but I every time I read a new chapter, go lay down and rebuild the world and play around in it. Sometimes I take over the story, sometimes I become a side caracter and other times I am not even in the serie but rathe manipulate things. Or add a new caracter/twist to things. Getting time per chapter really lets me work on that a fair bit.

            While I would prefer a bunch of chapters, if a lot came out fast, I would not be able to focus in as many new changes and details.

            Take this one for example, tho its an older one: Think how things would change if Big Fatty would have come in before. Say he for whatever was in the very shop the equipment drawing dude was in. How would training under this dude have helped him power up? But also, what would be lost.

  2. 1 chapter per week, sponsored bar stuck like that for 6+ months… Seriously if he can’t keep up he should pass the novel to some other translator… This is ridiculous…

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