19 thoughts on “HJC Vol 20 Chapter 170.3 Release” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

  1. what the hell. are u guys even trying to post more chapters, this is just wickedness u spend so much effort translating the newer irrelevant novels yet stall for novels with interest such as this one. I don’t get it, if u guys are no longer interested in translating this series than leave it for someone else pleeeeeease.

    1. Sure, start translating. What is stopping anyone from picking up and translating from this point themselves other then interest? Sure they would maybe have to post it some other place but they could do it. The thing is, there do not seem to be anyone who wants too. Let the dude translate how fast or slow he wants as long as its at least done.

      You could try to learn chinese. It may become usefull in years to come anyway.

      1. Dude what you’re saying is non-sense,they can’t pick up because it’s already being translated (at a snail pace),you can’t just go and rob someone’s else novel… Plus look at the donation,we have 5 chapters in queue (plus the 2 owed from last week which seems to be forgotten at this point)… They should really let someone else translate this…

        1. What you’re saying is nonsense. It happens all the time but it is frowned upon because it is counter-intuitive and usually both parties translating end up dropping the novel being fought over.

  2. You impatient people have to realize that not every translator here is translating as a full-time job. Some of them have other commitments outside of this, and we should be grateful that they even translate anything at all. Not only that, saying that they aren’t trying could serve to further demotivate them. We aren’t entitled to chapters, even if the translators are contracted to release content.

    1. “We” are entitled to chapters as there is a sponsor bar which says that he WILL translate for money. The problem isn’t that he isn’t translating enough per se, but that he never announced anything about a slower pace and on the release schedule page on WW it still says that he will translate 3 normal + sponsored chapters per week. That has absolutely nothing to do with impatience.

      1. Fair, but Zen does release up to 3 chapters (most of the time) per week. We are even lucky that we get more sometimes. I’m just referring to the person above who seems to believe that translators dabble in each other’s projects and that they are all responsible for all of the releases as a collective. And again, we are not aware of the translator’s life circumstances so I think its not best to forcibly demotivate them from translating further. Thanks for replying and helping to clear some stuff up 😀
        I forgot some of the WW contract details and you filled them in.

  3. Thanks! This is without doubt one of my favorite novels and I totally support it. I regret to agree with all comments posted though. Comparing the translation pace with other novels on other sites, updates are unfortunately relatively slow. Nevertheless, I support this novel (and translation circumstances), but I still hunger for more chapters, of course, however, selfish that might be – but isn’t that why we love this novel in the first place?

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