HJC Vol 19 Chapter 165.2 Release

First regular release of the week!


HJC Chapter 165 Part 2

Sorry guys, was terribly sick for the last few days…

7 thoughts on “HJC Vol 19 Chapter 165.2 Release” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

  1. Being sick is certainly legitimate reason for the ultra slow week, many of us were starting to worry you had been kidnapped or something.

    Please get well Zen… and once you’re fully recovered make up to us the lost chapters =P

  2. I’m certainly not complaining about you being sick and I hope you get well soon, for your own sake as well as for future reading material.

    However, may I suggest stockpiling at least 1 part of a chapter ahead of your release so, if you do get sick, you have something you can release with a notice of, ‘sick may be gone for a couple of days’ so your readers know what’s up?

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