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        1. I agree. That is why I say the dude needs to stop pretending to have a life and start focusing on whats important in this world. Translating so I can keep reading the fantasy story!

          1. At this rate it would take almost a decade to finish this novel. I don’t want to put pressure on the translator, but if he can tell us anything it would help. So, i would be certain of the future if it is gonna remain like this or not?

          2. I just recently caught up to date with the series, but looking at the dates, there seems to be about 3-4 parts a week. That in itself is pretty good imo.

            I know some of you are trolls, but y’all need to chill and be grateful the translator is even doing this series.

            Thank you Zen, and we look forward to more of your quality works! ^^v

          3. @KingKunta

            yeh i was just saying for joke 😀
            but tbh i tried before donating or getting ppl to donate more to get this story a faster release time, sadly i figure out the Translator does not have the time simply, so it’s not a donation issue,
            so I already lost hope and not follow this closely anymore, i am just reading other novels for now, and when i really can’t stand this one anymore, i will read it on lnmtl site with machine translation, my brain is already used to it reading other novels with no translation or extremely slow ones.
            ( like Grasping Evil having +1160 chap and going but being 37 chapter human translated 😀 it’s really good btw)

          4. @Pedram

            Haha. No worries. Was referring more to the OP actually. 😛

            And noted on Grasping Evil. Won’t start it now until there are more translated chapters. Otherwise it’d just be self-torture!

            Have given lnmtl a look. But unlike yours, my brain isn’t accustomed yet XD

          5. @Pedram

            Me as well. I undertand that Zen has his life (probably). So, if we want to donate, and he can’t translate, I think Zen should “hire” another translator to speed up the pace? I think that there are some good translator around here.

          6. I would expect it to keep going at this rate. Honestly 3-4 chapters a week is not terrible.

            I agree it is annoying that it may take 4-5 years for us to see the end tho. Think of manga that has less story per chapter only gives out 1 per week.

          7. Its not 3-4 parts/ week. It has been 4 days since the last update, the release has been inconsistent since the start of 2017. Moreover, the word count of a single part is much less than compare to a full chapter of other novel! You guys need to stop kissing translator’s arse, he doesn’t do it for free, he gets money for every chapter, he ain’t doing god’s work. If there is a complaint you guys should ask it!

            -All i wanna know whether it is gonna remain like this in future too? or should i just drop it and read LNMTL. BTW, i am also reading Grasping Evil :D, sadly that too has very slow translations ;_:

          8. Feel free to drop it then Rare. -.- My point is that we get way more story here then in a manga. And while per chapter may not be as much as a one of the chapters from the 1 chapter per week noves. As there normaly is 3 chapters per week that is a full chapter. Its not like he is hiding that the chapters are split into 3. -.-

            I do also not see how being realistic about things is kissing ass. I simply happen to have lived in the real world for a bit where people have lives. Stuff takes time.

            Sure he may get payed to do this… But I am rather sure its not his fulltime job.

            If someone else botherd to translate the serie faster, I would be reading that howerver… from what I can ell nobody is doing that.

            When 1 person with a whole life outside of translating is doing a serie, you really can not expect much more then this in my opinon. How long do it take to translate a chapter? At least 5 hours I would think. After an 8 hour job. 8 hour sleep. Frends family. Time is limited. And naturally stuff comes up. Events happen.
            I hate having to wait. I even considered if I should try to learn chinese for its such a pain. (Still wondering about that. Waiting years to read something that is already done. WAAGHG)

            If only I knew chinese. I would go to china, become a school teacher and have my student translate chapters as their homework. WAHAHA… I would already know chinese tho. D:

          9. To be honest if Zen has too much going on to post regularly I’d rather have him drop it so that Ren can get someone else to translate. Ren’s done it plenty before with other novels that the original translators dropped. Or even better if Ren could take it over personally.

          10. I guess if someone else took over that would be fine. >.> But do someone else want to take the job? IF the dude could have someone help him I agree that would be great tho. I do not really know why he do not as it is.
            Ultimatlely I am just glad its being translated at all tho. D: I need my HJC chapters.

          11. I guess if someone else took over that would be fine. >.> But do someone else want to take the job? IF the dude could have someone help him I agree that would be great tho. I do not really know why he do not as it is.
            Ultimatlely I am just glad its being translated at all tho. D: I need my HJC chapters.

            I do wonder… how do these translators find time to read novels themselves?

          12. @Caimspact

            8 hours per chapter, really? I think doesn’t nor 2 hours to translate a sub chapter. I’m translating HJC to portuguese and I need 1h to 1.5h to translate, and I translate by hand.

          13. I dono. >.> I tired finding out how loong people spend on translating and from what people said it was a fair bit more then I believed. The amount of time would depend naturally. Some languages takes longer to translate from/too.

            I just highball it for I do not really have any idea. I do agree if it only takes the dude 2 hours to translate then I do think we should get a bit more.

            I took a chapter and looked at how many words there was. It is about 2000, and from what I understand 250 words per hour is rather normal.
            “The common metrics in my area (IT/manuals) is 2.500 words per day, and that means 8 hrs days. I have had texts where I performed double, or half.” thats something among other stuffs people seem to say.

            You must also add the factor that it may be harder to translate from chinese to english then from english to portoguese.

            Thos one dude here says he translated 5k words in 5~6 hours from english to portuguese. That seems to be over the normal from what I can tell.

          14. Dude, 8hours? It takes 3 hours to translate a chapter and we are talking about parts in HJC which has word count far less compare to full chapter of other novels on this site. A pro like deathblade takes minimum 1 hour and 15 minute to translate a chapter and max 3 hours or less.

            -You need to stop exaggerating stuff for your own convenience. I would also like if Zen would drop it if he is really busy with his real life so that this novel would get attention and other dedicate translator would pick this.

          15. The problem is that i only read novels where translator release regular chapters so that i can get invested into the story and then donate it, but when you don’t even get a chapter for 3-4 days, it starts to get to the point where you are slowly forgetting side character’s name then you are in a big mess.

            -I tend to read my novels when bunch of chapters get piled up so that i can read it in a row specially when it is in between a major arc or a battle arc like the current big cliffhanger on HJC.

          16. I do understand. I have kinda dropped everything else and am sleeping most of the days to get time moving. Looking to see if my next chapter is out 5 timer or so per day. XD

            I could probably finish ISSTH now… But. I am not sure I like the romance in that one. T-T

          17. Wew, thankgod. I am not the only one, dude. I haven’t read ISSTH too because the romance is mediocre, its even worse than Coiling Dragon. My policy is that have no romance or at least have decent romance if you are gonna add it.

          18. I do not mind if theres not great romance. But I do not like it when the main caracter ruins the life of every damn girl he meets. D:
            Its not like I am jelly in any way. I also felt like at least 1 caracter changed personality way too much to become usefull.

            To be honest I was rather meh about harems before I had to read about girls ending up sad and heartbroken so much. -.- Having their life weighted down for hundreds of years. WAH.
            In fact the whole thing made me change my view of the girl who fireballed Fatty.

            Nope I will take chapter 1 Fatty from now on thank you. >..> Well. At least among the girls. Then again, I am supriced how much Fatty have been able to gold back.

            I see it as a great thing for I like most of the stuff more then the romance, but I still wish he got all the girlz. XD
            Whenever we are of the same mind or not, you sure are not the only person.

            I think, while it makes it realistic that not all relationships end up in happy love, I still prefer my romance without too much tears. T-T

          19. Dude, we think so alike. I prefer harem too, i hate it when author adds in bunch of girls falling in love with MC just to have them rejected by the MC, its so cruel and painful to see MC going far away and while the characters are forgotten into the background. The worst thing is when MC has spend more time with side female character than the main female character herself.

            -This is why i only read harem wuxia stories like ATG, MGA, GDK, HJC etc. Its not like i have anything against monogamy relationships, but then don’t add other girls too just have vanilla romance from the start.

  1. Everyone relax. This is not the first time Zen vanished out of thin air. I did a quick skim on the previous comments and I am not surprised that someone else share my sentiments regarding the novel. If Zen is having a hard time to fit translating in his schedule, maybe he should consider to get a partner to cover for him if he can’t translate or drop it and let other translator continue with it.

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