5 thoughts on “HJC Vol 19 Chapter 157.3 Release” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

      1. Looking at the donate bar I am not sure if donations are wanted. As a person who have donated I also agree the translation speed is too slow. But I would say that even if there was 3 chapters per day. ^.^

    1. >-> You go translate then. Lets be hones, if anyone else bothers to translate, did it just as well and faster. Guess what. We would be reading their translation somewhere else.

      I think we need a school teacher in china to have their students translate 1 chapter each. That would get the speed up. >.> The problem would be that they would all probably be of so many different grades of quality and in different styles that it would make it a pain to read.

    2. Why don’t you translate with the same quality then?

      Zen probably has something going on in his life right now if he’s not clearing the sponsored chapters.
      Real life problems happen to most of us eventually.
      Be glad that he is still giving us any chapters.

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