2 thoughts on “HJC Vol 19 Chapter 154.1 Release” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

  1. I wonder if something like this would work. Become an english teacher. Then give your 40 students the task of translating 1 chapter… then a week later boom. You would have 40 chapters that you would only have to go over, correct and such. It would be great.
    Naturaly not all of the chapters may be ready to be released due to not being great. But I am sure a lot would be useble. Say you had 2 such classes that would be 80 students. Say 50 of them manage to make the chapter so well they can be given out.

    50 chapters a week. In a month you would get 200 chapters out or so. In a year you could get 2400 chapters out. What an epic way to translate would that be?

    I doubt such a thing would work. 🙁 But I almost want to try learning chinese so I can become an english teacher just for this.
    I mean, it should be an encouragement for the class too. They would get to see the progression of their work. They would get to see peoples comments on their work. It would be great.

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