HJC Vol 15 Chapter 123.1 Release

Second regular release for the week!


HJC Chapter 123 Part 1

Almost done with FFXV! Not as great as I’d expected, but had a lot of fun! For those who didn’t watch Kingsglaive before playing, I really recommend you do so! Should finish it over the weekend and tl more next week!

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  1. Was looking forward to it when they put up the trailer of FFXIII Versus, I actually bought a PS4 when it was on sale to eventually play FFXV (already had an xbox one), but after watching the trailer of this kinda “sparking boys band game” got a little bit disappointed and didn’t even pre-order, and will only buy it if it’s on sale or something as I don’t think it’s worth it at the current price.

    And thank you so much for the translation, I really enjoy this novel!

  2. Difference of opinion I guess. I’m enjoying it throughly. I’ve just come to accept that happy stories aren’t popular anymore. Finished the main story, but I love the world the game created. Love the combat, sidequest (minus the find X number of things in an area), and dungeons. Did my first post game dungeon. That one sucked, hope the rest aren’t like that though.

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