HJC Vol 15 Chapter 122.3 Release

First regular release for the week!


HJC Chapter 122 Part 3

Sorry! Translation will be slow for a while.

FFXV ~~~~ <3

8 thoughts on “HJC Vol 15 Chapter 122.3 Release” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

      1. It kind of seems like the shell of a good game in a way. I think it will probably be worth it after all the dlc is out but I was pretty unsatisfied with the main story line.

      1. I did not run through the story I did the same thing you do and stopped at one point to do most every hunt and quest on the main island but you will be amazed once you progress how blazingly fast they power though the story and how shallow it seems. A Final Fantasy game is not supposed to be a short 15 hour story even with side quests all over. Also the side quests are not some super high quality side quests that make you feel more invested in the world they are mostly just hey go hunt this monster and come back. A few do try to be like the doctor quest or the chocobo quests but they just seem to fall short. I already know I will 100% this final fantasy so much faster then any I have ever done that it is depressing and if you normally full complete them also I think you will understand after you actually continue on with the story. I fully think they neutered the game content to have more dlc and it sucks after waiting 10 years to play this game.

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